Enhanced Transmission

Prompted by listener suggestions, we’re experimenting with “enhanced podcasts,” or AAC files with chapter markers, graphics, and links for chapter-capable players (like iTunes and iPods). This will make it easier to skip between segments in “The Transmission.” If you want to get enhanced versions of our show rather than the original MP3 flavor, use this feed in your podcatcher or aggregator.

Chances are “The (Enhanced) Transmission” will come out the day after the original show. Try it out and let us know what you think… is it worth the wait?

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7 Responses to Enhanced Transmission

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  2. koga says:

    I am from Germany and I love the show! Since a friend of mine informed me about podcasts I looked for a good and fun podcast about lost. and WOW I am stunned!
    This thing is the real deal! I love you guys. This LostCast is awesome! 😀
    I heard your “transmissions” and I like them very much. Infact I can’t get enough. So I’ll be back – count on it :-D.

    Greetz from Germany to you Ryan and Jen!!

  3. Quispus says:

    I enjoy your enhanced podcasts by listening using a Treo 600 and TCPMP, but my problem is with your graphics. I only get The Transmission initial image and then no others. Are they all jpegs? I have had success with other enhanced podcasts that use only jpegs.

  4. Ryan says:

    Quispus, thanks for your note. I think those graphics may be bitmaps, or PNGs, come to think of it. I’ll try and get them switched. In the mean time, I hope at least the chapter markers work! The photos really don’t add anything to the presentation.

  5. jeffrey de Guzman says:

    Hi, can i pls ask you how you do segments for podcasting?

  6. Ryan says:

    Jeffrey, to create a chapter-marked podcast, you need to use the AAC format (not MP3) and a Mac. Here’s a good resource on Apple’s Chapter Tool utility.

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