Yahoo! has jumped into the podcast directory fray with a pretty sharp setup. You can find “The Transmission” listed right here. Works with iTunes (via .pcast) and the Yahoo! Music Engine. Ratings and comments welcome!

Also, “The Transmission” made its iTunes Podcast Directory front page debut today. Number 12 in the iTunes Top 100 Podcasts list, too!

[ The Transmission featured in Television ]

We even got a link from AOL’s snazzy “Lost on ABC” page, alongside many of our favorite fan sites.

Thanks, everyone, for your support. I’m sure we’ll stop getting giddy about this stuff eventually. In the mean time, we’ll be sure to let some pressure out of our heads now and then!

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  1. Nick says:

    Take a look at, a flash movie (I believe it’s flash) randomly goes through a series of numbers and then shows an invalid IP message… shows the orientation film from the ‘Orientation’ episode, and a login prompt. Not sure what the password is, but the username may be the numbers with dashes inbetween them. gives a brief history about the foundation, and more information about the history of cloning and cloning in general. The first paragraph only scratches the surface as to what happened on the island and where inputting the numbers may fit in.

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