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Each season of “LOST” has a distinct personality. From the story arc to the tone, pacing, and — of course — a new storytelling twist. The sixth and final season of “LOST” brought us the last act of the island story, as well as the confounding “flash sideways.” With the entirety of the show now behind us, we’d like to know: How did you like Season Six? Which episode was your favorite? Which tested your faith? Do you have a favorite character moment, or plot twist, or scene? Let’s look at the journey from “LA X” to “The End” in our traditional season-in-review show!

Please comment below, send an e-mail to, or call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808. We plan to release the podcast on Sunday, June 13, 2010, so we’d love your feedback by Friday, June 11.

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  1. greenberry says:

    @ Islandsidhe ~ great post! I, also, will enjoy watching again from the beginning, and reconnecting with all the characters

  2. Delton Parker says:

    Overall I enjoyed the ending of the show, but there was something nagging at me that I couldn’t put my finger on until I re-watched Season 6 on my DVR.

    I am know let down by the first several episodes that revealed the temple and its inhabitants to us. It seems now that they had to explain the temple to some decree and de-mystify it. After watching the overall scope of season 6, I know believe the template like many things was just a Jacob construct (because of the pool of water) and overall not very important..

    I.E. The water turned brown, Sayid drowned came to life with the impression he was a zombie or a MIB slave, when it reality he still had the old free will he always had and his wasn’t so filled with darkness as we thought…

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, because it had been driving me crazy.

  3. aaron r says:

    @greenberry you asked a while ago if anyone had more thoughts on Widmore and Eloise. actually, the question of Eloise is one of my only strong complaints about season 6. after she got past a certain age, she really seemed to be on the inside, if not actually in control, of whatever it was that was going on in relation to The Island. she probably started to look into things seriously around the time that she killed Miles. whoever or whatever she was, she clearly had strong ideas, deciding when people were ‘ready’ or not, and helping the Oceanic 6 get back.
    Widmore, i think, toward the end felt he was doing something good. he seemed to genuinely pause when Sawyer openly doubted that Widmore was doing something good. probably not at first, when we first see him on the island – when he had hair – he seemed to be out for himself. since he made an enormous amount of money, he probably stayed that way. the way he treated Desmond in the flash-sideways, friendly and warm one time then harsh and demeaning the next time they talk. sounds like a pro to me. his job at the end, i guess, was trying to make sure Des would be able to pull the plug. but i think right at the end, he felt he was doing something good.

  4. aaron r says:

    @Russell in Raleigh wow dude, that was pretty good about BP. except i don’t think i’d want to watch Lost with these guys. i bet they talk while its on.

  5. steve says:

    What software developers who are good with diagramming software do to try and figure out LOST.

  6. Meedan says:

    Season 6, in retrospect was a season of superbly executed reveals and answers.

    Repeat reviewing, which for me will be when the entire set is out on Blu Ray, will be revealing yet again as further ends are tied up.

    I agree with the many posts answering the question posed in the last podcast about the island being shown underwater at one stage. This was clearly a reveal that the sideways world was something “else”.

    I’m chuffed that people are asking more about Widmore, at last.

    Widmore has so far been underestimated. His plan came to fruition. His last resort of Desmond did his job, allowing unLock / smokey to be killed. Jack restored the cork and the island was saved.

    Widmore clearly knew this was the endgame, before even Jack and unLock. What did he whisper to unLock prior to being shot by Ben?

    Whatever it was it led unLock to change tack, abandon likking all candidates and instead focus on destroying the Island. Did Widmore tell him he could not leave the island without destroying it? Hence, he can not be allowed to leave, as if he is successful, it must mean the island has been destroyed.

    So Widmore knew what needed to be done. The question is how? Widmore claims that he was invited by Jacob, that he made him see the errors of his ways. So this was Jacob’s plan? Or is there more to Widmore? Does the island’s time tavelling ability come in to play, with Widmore?

    Talking of time shifting, could that be the xplanation for the Hurly bird and polar bear?

  7. Stefani from Mass says:

    @Amaia – didn’t know that ABC puts up the credit footage. Thanks a bummer… shame on them for making me think something else.

    I do have a question though… what was Miles’ purpose in the majority of the story (other than to be a Sawyer substitute for one-liners). I really expected him to have some type of ‘Dharma Pit’ moment, or ‘Jacob/MIB/Adam & Eve’ moment – but it didn’t really happen… Ideas?

    Also, someone explain to me how Frank survived? I know someone had to pilot the plane, but that seemed a bit of a stretch.

    Finally, who did Juliet shoot in the boat during the flashes? Was also waiting for that resolution… assumed it was someone from Widmore’s camp (like Zoe?)

    Fire away…

  8. greenberry says:

    My thoughts about Miles = his history was a way to show an example of someone who had a previous connection with the island, and to illustrate that his dad (Pierre Chang?) was a caring husband and father, and he was also important for his gift of hearing the last words of the dying

  9. docjkm says:

    Season 6 – Tremendously entertaining (with the possible exception of anything involving Kate).
    – Underutilization of Ben
    – The realized mythology of the island was underwhelming given the setup.
    – Acting remained very solid, and exemplary for the tube.
    – Buildup to finale was excellent.
    – Emotional payoffs were extremely effective in the sideways altverse.
    – Finale was a let-down in the final 5 minutes. That is a story telling observation, not a reflection of my spirituality. And, having said that, the finale painted the entire season 6 altverse as cheap and manipulative. Extremely disappointing and a telling departure from the immensely inventive writing we had come to expect. Fortunately, when correctly viewed the finale only deflates the altverse, and thus season 6, while leaving the remainder of the best show ever on television intact. I’ll say this, the writer’s admiration (oft stated) of Stephen King was on full view here as he is perhaps the master of modern day storycraft with sh*t*y endings. Enough.
    – My opinion makes it difficult to really believe the arc setting that occurred with ABC during the writers strike. Season 6 seemed more a retrospective homage to the foregoing, and in ‘tieing things up’ seemed more like a music video of the real series. I really would have liked to see what could have been done with ‘overs’. Too late now. I’ve said here before that I HATED Season 3 prior to a front to back rewatch, and now consider it to be either the best season, or tied for the honor. It will take a significant amount of time for me to see if I do change my mind about S6… it’s possible.

  10. Bonk monkey says:

    Ryan and Jen,
    long time listener. Love the show. I believe that the man in black was born dead. I was wondering if the writers have said anything about this? If you look back at the birth the second baby was almost black. This would also explain why he can see dead people.

  11. greenberry says:

    the scene with Sawyer and Kate at the police station sizzled

  12. rose city desmond says:

    thank you Ryan and Jenn

  13. Yann From France says:

    @Delton: The Temple showed how the Others got it all wrong! They are the one who said that Sayid and Claire were “bad” when “tested” (is it just me or did this test sounded a bit like the E-meter? Now that I think about them). They resorted to mind control (the Room23), genocides…
    I really think that Jacob really had no part with them and Richard was just a “recruiter” taking “flawed” people from the outside world to give them a second chance on the Island (but never knowing more than that), leading to wrong people (the best liars usually, a bit like politic) taking charge. That is why the “Jacob sent me” was such a big deal for him.
    The Temple was a nice conclusion about the Others, I think.
    @aaron r: I think it is clear that Eloise knew everything from Daniel’s journal since almost the first thing she said after sending back the Oceanic6 (and Daniel probably wrote about them when he came back to the Island) was something like “now for the first time I don’t know what will happen”. When she connected with her son in the afterlife I think she “flashed” right there and decided to spend some time with him and that is why she reacted such violently with Desmond.
    Widmore said it all to Desmond: he had a “wrong” life losing his love, his daughter, friends… And was hoping to redeem himself, I think that with Penny “gone” and no Charlie he will have a hard time “moving on” unless Ben and him are able to reconnect (one of the reason Ben stayed probably)
    @meedan: I am with you, I think Widmore told mib that he could be free if Desmond removed the Cork while Jacob probably told him to do that in the first place in order to kill him… I think Widmore sacrificed himself to reach Redemption (and not to be stuck on Island)
    @Stefani: Miles (with Juliet) has been an anchor to Sawyer. A good friend who allowed him to settle down. And that was also shown in the Redemption world. Overall Miles has been a very fun character.
    Frank used life-jacket to submerge faster and I guess he woke up when nearly drowning himself (it has this effect usually)
    We didn’t see how Widmore and Zoe came back from the Hydra Island and I guess your assumption seems to be the best one (since they are among the few people who didn’t knew about who was on the other boat and could have thought that mib was in it)
    @docjkm: Underutilization of Ben? I have to disagree!!! He seemed like one of the most prominent character of this season!
    The “setup”? I have to wonder how the mib can be seen on hieroglyphs, the Tawaret statue etc… I think a bit “more” should have been addressed there but… well now it is over!
    And now my personal observation: Redemption season was great! The Redemption world was a great idea and very fulfilling to watch… I am looking forward to the blu-rays BUT I think this season was a bit too much “self containing” and forgot to address (apart for the “emotions”) the previous seasons. I said before the season started that I feared that the first 3seasons mystery would not be addressed (and I hated the “freighter” folks bringing their mythology because I knew they would address that more that the previous ones) I think I was right but nether less a great and fun season to watch. I am glad it is over because I fear they would have gone “X-Files” like with their mythology if they had kept it going.
    And I would like to say something far more important than that: I had a lot of fun coming on this blog! Talking with you guys! You have been the high point of this season!

  14. helen b says:

    Hello Ryan and Jen

    First of all let me say how sad I am that I will not be able to hear your musings on lost. I feel like I am losing a friend! I will ensure i listen to popspotting to get my fix.

    I began my journey with lost just watching the tv progamme and loved it. I then heard about the ARG and started following Jay and jack who then talked etensively (and somtimes gushingly) about you guys. At the time I was preganant with twins.

    Over the next few years I became a mother, had a year at home, returned to work and took on a promotion and throughout this whole life changing event – Lost was my constant! When it ended on that fateful morning (5am in the UK!) it felt like a chapter of my life had closed.

    My only critisism was that I never really felt like the seasons connected well and I see the show as 6 seperate shows with the same characters. To me the final show explained season 6, with some reference to the past.

    However, I am as a dedicated fan, going to watch it all again from the start and see if it all ties up!

    My thanks again for your dedication to organising and explaining lost – It absolutely enhanced my experience of the show.

    Helen B – Suffolk UK.

  15. greenberry says:

    Thanx for all the insightful ‘Widmore’ stuff, Meedan & Yann and YAE!

  16. Jimbo says:


    Why didn’t MIB let the Losties blow themselves up in the plane that was rigged with C4 by Widmore? Or was MIB also a pilot and he needed the plane to fly himself off the Island?

    After the Dharma Initiative found the Island, how were they able to bring arge amounts of supplies and building materials to the Island? Could they readily use boats and planes, rather than subs to go thru the wormhole in the ocean?

    When Kate was in LA after actually leaving the Island, she got a phone call and there were whsipers telling her to go back to the Island. Since the whispers were identified as dead people on the Island.. did Island dead people have cell phones?

    When Jack saw his dad in LA after escaping the Island, was his dead dad really MIB? Or if it was Jack’s imagination, how could Jack be telling himself things that he didn’t already know? We know MIB couldn’t leave the Island.

    How could Jacob leave the Island in order to find and touch his candidates? Didn’t Mother tell her boys they couldn’t leave the Island?

    When Jacob was dying he said “they’re coming.” Who was coming?

    Comments and attmpts at answers are appreciated.

  17. Meedan says:

    I am entirely convinced, unlike the dissatisfied folk, that there exists an explanation for the vast majority of the questions being posed.

    For example, the Hurly bird, polar bear, what happened to Walt, Kate’s horse etc. I am slowly arriving at answers after careful consideration, but I’m sure this process will be facilitated by a re-watch. I’m not saying I have all the answers or I ever will, just that I can see a lot of them being answered.

    The only questions that are not answered are those that can’t or rather shouldn’t. E.g. what exactly is the cave, life force, who created the island?, the ancient Egyption references, time travel etc. These aren’t answered as to do so would entirely detract from or destroy the premise. It is better left to us to interpret.

    What do people want – a fully fledged explanation of time travel? An explanation of the mechanics of the afterlife? It wouldn’t work. You have to draw the line somewhere, and the writers have done a tremendous job getting the balance right. I am happy (with your help) to join the dots, have epiphanies, and be left to contemplate the more philosophical implications.

  18. Amaia says:

    @Stefani from Mass- Yeah, thanks to ABC not only you but many people as I read thought the Ajira plane crashed. It would have been really cruel. Mny other people thought that was the Oceanic 815 and the losties were dead from the beginning so ABC got a lot of people confused.

    About Miles, well he, Daniel, Charlotte and Frank were connected with the Island. Miles because he was born there (another point for my theory about the pregnancy issues) and his dad was Pierre Chang, Daniel because his parent lived on the Island, and Charlotte because she lived on the Island when she was young. Frank’s connection was that he was supposed to be the Oceanic 815 pilot.

    So, why was Miles there? Well, Widmore sent him but we don’t really know why him. Maybe knowing Miles ability to listen to death people’s thoughts, Widmore sent him just in case he could listen to any interesting thoughts of the people who died on the Island. Or, maybe Widmore thought about the possibility of someone killing Jacob and decided to send Miles to the Island to listen to Jacob’s ashes as he finally did. Maybe Dan, Charlotte, Frank and him were candidates too.

    How Frank survived? I was going to say it seems impossible that after being hit with a door with that strengh someone can survive, but the losties survived a plane crash so, maybe Frank lost his conciousness but recovered it because of the water and he was able to go to the surface.

    And finally, I think Juliet sho to Ilana and company. Ormabe she shot to Danielle and her team.

  19. Amaia says:

    @Meedan- I agree with you, like I said in another post I really believe we can fnd a good explanation to almost all the unsolved misteries. we learn a lot of what hapened on the Island, for example, back in season 5.

  20. greenberry says:

    Am loving our new QUILT ~ May the LOST discussions continue!!!

  21. greenpea says:

    I feel sorry for you, because you have to defend a show that ends with huge gaps in logic, reasonability, and significant lack of answers of the most interesting puzzles and riddles that were created by the writers.

    I know you didn’t write the ending. But by now, you have to believe that many die-hard fans who spent hours debating the most interesting Lost questions are sorely disappointed.

    Peace and my wish for your success in your next endeavor. Thank you.

  22. Kathy says:

    I have given myself weeks to assimilate my feelings and thoughts regarding the Lost finale, due to mixed emotions after viewing same.

    The finale was both deeply emotional, and yet, unsatisfying. I too cried,..sobbed, emptying my box of Kleenex by the conclusion, especially the Jack/Vincent scene. By that time, I was sobbing out loud. Needless to say, I love dogs, and that scene, in particular, recalled images of “Lassie”, one of my childhood favorite television shows.

    However, as the credits rolled, I became aware that I was not gratified, mentally. In fact, I felt cheated.

    I have loved Lost, like many other fans, and watched all episodes without fail, from season one, to the finale. I have enjoyed the interactions with other fans attempting to discover clues to the ultimate answers, which Darlton led us to believe, would be forthcoming, at some point in the series.

    For me, Darlton left too many unanswered plot lines. I understand that the television format requires a great deal of tweaking as to time, funds, available actors, etc., but for them to be intentionally vague, and to outright deceive the viewing audience, in order to perpetuate their ‘run’, is intellectually dishonest, at best.

    I doubt I would feel this way, if not for Darlton’s own statements to interviewers. The last podcast I listened to was just prior to the finale. When Darlton were asked questions, even simple self-explanatory ones, the distinct impression I received was one of self-importance, and disdain for the audience, which, in my opinion, was patently apparent.

    No one enjoys being condescended to, especially the fans who have supported Darlton’s and have contributed heavily to their success. Yet, that is exactly how I felt, and my judgment has not changed to date. As a matter of fact, I feel even more confident of same, due to Darlton’s refusing to discuss Lost with their fans, and their skulking off into obscurity, for however long they deem necessary. Darlton will not discuss Lost until they feel safe from ridicule, and contempt, which may be years, or never.

    I believe Darlton are excellent in character development. That is how they hooked me, in the first place. I loved Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Ben, etc. They were, indeed, flawed but that is what made them appealing to me. All I wanted was to be told a good, interesting story, with a satisfying ending which would meet the expectations that were promised.

    It is apparent that Lost was not Darlton’s story, but the story of the fans, posting on numerous message boards, blogs, etc. I never wanted, or desired, a story written by fans, but I did want a story told by the now “suspect” intellectual genius’ referred to Darlton. I wanted their story! What I got was unexpected, tasteless pablum.

    I had no qualms in that Darlton repeatedly stated that they wanted to tell it their way, but in my estimation, they failed to do so, in telling it ‘our’ way. A conglomeration of mental stew, which for me, was unappetizing.

    I have learned my lesson. The next time I watch a television series premier which has the feel, and look, and imagery of a major movie production, I am turning it off, and picking up a good book. There was no way to effectively fulfill expectations in a television production of this magnitude. It is financially impossible for television. We saw the uproar by the producers, after the initial airing of episode one, with a major firing within their ranks.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that we were promised a bill of goods, one so beyond anything that we had ever seen before, in television, that we joyfully bit! I do not blame the fans, but I do hold Darlton responsible for my displeasure, and dissatisfaction. We were served a dish, cold,…without merit, weight, or even honest apogee.

    I chose to believe the writers incessant promises of resolutions, coherence, and premiere storytelling, which I now realize was taken, by me, erroneously. For that, I am at fault. However, I have awakened,…my eyes are now open! I say, “Never again.” Writers must be held accountable for their work, as we all our in our chosen professions. Me thinks Darlton has some ‘splainin’ to do!

    I will not be purchasing the DVD, Blue Ray, or other items that may be marketed toward Lost fans, in the future, with more questionable promises of answers, or resolutions, which may, or may not be there. As far as additional storytelling with regard to Hugo and Ben, no thank you. At this point Lost is quickly fading from my cherished memories, with regard to entertainment. As a matter of fact, it turned out that in many ways Lost has left me feeling neither happy, nor sad. But then again, that is the way of Darlton. I guess I fit the bill for W.C. Field’s statement…that there is a sucker born every minute…. :(.

  23. Carol from Boston says:

    I have to catch up on all the posts, looks like the board has been busy. I don’t know if this has been posted yet, the epilogue with Ben and Hurley will give answers to the dharma food drops and what happened to Walt. Although it will be fun to find all this info out, I don’t want to have to buy the complete set to see it. It would have been nice to have it be part of the finale.

    I think it is great to get some answers but I don’t think we should have to pay for them. I realize that maybe adding the epiloge may have taken away from the emotional impact of the ending so a nice 1/2 special this summer would be nice, I think they would make more money in advertising if they did that instead of adding it as an extra that people will just put on youtube anyway.

  24. Carol from Boston says:

    @Jimbo – Kate was dreaming about the phone call and the whispers and Claire, it didn’t really happen.

    re: Jacob – I think he meant the candidates were coming back from the past to the present. The implication being maybe Jacob was dead but there were more coming to take his place.

    re: mother – I think she only told MIB that he would never leave the island, and he never did.

    My question is why did Jacob and MIB’s mother only come to MIB and what did she hope to accomplish by telling him the truth?

  25. Carol from Boston says:

    @Yann – Dogen said that Jacob personally recruited him.

    I agree I see no real purpose for the freighter and the temple folk. They were just time wasters. I understand the sayid set up and the set up for the impact of MIB killing them all, but it could have been done faster. I also see why MIB was willing to let them leave by Sundown, free will (he never got the choice) and they weren’t candidates.

    Fan fiction time – if MIB and Jacob never existed (I wish!) what would have been a better explanation for the island and the plotline for season six?

    I would have loved one more episode in Dharma times showing some more answers about the hatches and the experiments etc.

  26. Embie says:

    @Carol – is it possible that Jacob and MIB’s mother was an apparition devised by Smokey? Is Smokey possibly older than we think?

  27. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Take the great Albert Brooks movie “Defending Your Life,” for example. It doesn’t attempt to explain the mechanics of the afterlife and even includes a comic reference to how we wouldn’t understand even if we were directly told (Rip Torn caught in the rings of doubt.) But it did have an internal logic that functioned and finished beautifully. The germs and encryptions of the answers to Lost exist in the canon, but for tempermental, artistic and, God forbid, perhaps even commercial reasons, they weren’t delivered.

    I thought Kathy’s comments above expressed very well many of the frustrations I’ve felt about the conclusion.

    How about this mystery, which I haven’t seen much mention of–why did the smoke monster sound the way it did? Why was there an almost mechanical feel to its workings? Perhaps we can infer that the resounding horn was the plaintive cry of Samuel’s disembodied soul as it fled the field to return to its harrowing confines. But really, that’s just a poem of my speculation. And why the ticka-ticka of subdivided plumes of smokey?

    On the other hand, Lost remains a living entity as a result of these ambiguities rather than something frozen in marble for the ages. Maybe that was Darlton’s aim, but I would have preferred the promised epiphany of the completed puzzle to this final test of faith. Perhaps that was ultimately the point–they put us in Jack’s SHOES for the moment, to eexperience doubt and to be forced to make a choice about whether you believe in the island or not.

    Defend the island.

  28. Carol from Boston says:

    @Embie – I wondered that myself. I thought MIB’s mother had a sly quality about her.

  29. Meedan says:


    I can not and do not wish to dismiss out of hand the issues that a lot of people have with the story and its conclusion.

    But equally, I can not see how a lot of the questions could have been answered directly, without Lost becoming convoluted. I was not privvy to the writers’ interviews and any expectations they set, and this seems to be the issue for many.

    Explaining the smoke monster’s clicking sound is not a huge priority for me – it is as relevant as asking why it was black. What is interesting is what and why it is, and that is the debate I want to hear.

  30. Nancy in Hopkinton says:

    My biggest unresolved question is about Charles Widmore. In Season 5 he sends a group of mercenaries to the island to capture (kill) Ben. In Season 6 his focus is on MIB as the terrible danger to the world. Why did he change his focus or am I missing something?

  31. Michael Harper says:

    Not sure you guys have seen this, but i thought it was a great video. ( I have to say you guys have had a great podcast and i’ve fairly constantly listened to it throughout season 5 and 6 and yall were great to have to help.

  32. Carol from Boston says:

    @Nancy – Jacob came to Ben after the freighter blew up and told him he was needed to come back and help Jacob fight MIB.

    p.s. I live about half an hour from Hopkinton, my husband has run the marathon many times. Beautiful town.

  33. Jimbo says:

    @Carol.. thank you for sharing your insight concering my questions. Appreciated.

    What if Lost had NOT answered these questions?
    1. Who is Smokey
    2. What does Jacob look like
    3. Why does Richard never age
    4. What are the Whispers
    5. Who was Christian Shepard on the Island
    6. Why did the plane crash
    7. Why did the DI no longer exist on the Island
    8. Why does the Island need protection
    9. How was Ben able to call up Smokey after his daughter died
    10. What was special about Desmond

    If these questions were never answered.. would we still feel the same about Lost? Would our own self-made answers satisfy our curiosity?

  34. Carol from Boston says:

    @Jimbo – No our answers wouldn’t help us, some of those key questions needed to be answered.

    I never thought that smokey was really a “who” it was more of a “what” to me, so that whole reveal was a great shocker. That Ben was able to call him up so quickly made me think more about how much smokey had been manipulating Ben perhaps posing as Jacob.

    I really have to get my act together re: this week’s podcast, I’ve been so busy I haven’t really had time to reflect about the season as a whole. I did just watch the end of Lighthouse again, and the conversation between Jacob and Hurley revealed some important details now that we know the ending. “Wallace” was never really important, Jacob wanted Jack to know about the lighthouse and that he was being watched and that his purpose on the island wasn’t coincedence it meant something and he had to figure that out for himself. re: who was supposed to be coming to the island at that time, was Jacob trying to help Widmore get there?

    Gotta run but hands down the best part of this season was YAE and The Transmission! I had more fun with all of you than even watching the show. As a mom, a person can start feeling like they are being listened to (as evidenced by my kids not really listening to me, lol) so to have my voice heard on this board has meant a lot to me!!

  35. greenberry says:

    @ Michael ~ Thanx, that was great to see the visuals with that! ~ that musical score instantly turns me into a running faucet of tears ~ it’s so beautiful and moving!!

    Watching that reminds me of what I love about LOST, and why I long for more ~ Season One is so magical, delving into our Losties pasts ~ I would have loved more detailed back or future stories, such as Sawyer meeting with his daughter Clementine. These characters are so vivid and memorable. Both Season 5 and Season 6 seemed to largely rush through the character moments.

  36. greenberry says:

    @Carol ~ LOL about “getting your act together” re: LOST ~ Yes, absolutely reviewing LOST is the most important thing in your week!!! (alert your work, family, and friends at home)

    “The Transmission” LOST fans RULE!!!

  37. Amaia says:

    @Jimbo- There are main questions which needed to be answered and I’m happy with what I got. I understand why many people is disappointed but if the characters didn’t know the answers to everything, why should we? We wouldn’t be discussing right now why could be this or why could be that.

  38. Embie says:

    @ Carol – absolutely the Transmission and YAE have been so helpful and validating – the answer to what the whispers are, in my house, is my husband and son making fun of me for spending so much time with this! Especially annoying during a rewatch where I’m listening carefully, on headphones, and I can still hear them!

    @ Jimbo and Amaia – I am quite pleased with the questions left unanswered. Life is complicated and sometimes magical and sometimes difficult and very often full of mystery. Death, well that’s just another big mystery. Most television is boring because ends are neatly tied up to make the casual viewer satisfied. What I really loved about L O S T was the many questions, and the relatively few real answers – in fact, there’s so little we can trust about what characters say – Michael said the whispers were the voices of those like him who are unable to move on. But is that true? “Mother” said that Jacob doesn’t know how to lie (in contrast to the BIB) but we know some things he said just were not true.

  39. Carol from Boston says:

    @Embie – remember my old rule – silent Tuesdays, the kids go to bed early!!

    BIB? did you mean MIB?

  40. Carol from Boston says:

    @Greenberry – so true about this being more important, lol, but tell that to my kids that have playoff games, sports banquets, recitals, school show etc. This real life stuff is interfering with my virtual life too much. haha.

  41. greenberry says:

    Yes, there were “rules” around here on Tuesdays too!

    My question(s) for D/C would be:

    1) If Jack would have been killed off in episode three, would he have still been the central character in the show (perhaps in another realm)?

    2) And, was the sideways (non-living) verse used in Season 6 decided upon at the conception of the show, or only the final scene where they all gathered once dead?

  42. Coolpeace says:

    Hey YAE! How are you all doing? Still alot of back and forth – good.

    I came across the following comment on’s blog

    The poster basically gives a plausible non spiritual answer to the question about what the Island is – I thought some of you would enjoy reading it.

    “We live together so that we don’t have to die alone.”

    I also wish to give you a link to an analysis of “The End” by a TV blogger (Tubular) whom I was following and reading for most of the season 4 and 5. I subsequently, wished to become more participatory for this final season and join YAE here with my comments and so only now have I gone back to read her take on the final episode – and I liked it and wanted to share it with you.

    Here is the link:

    @ Carol from Boston : I too will get my act together, perhaps tomorrow and give my thoughts … the podcast is this weekend… I thought I had more time !!

  43. aaron r says:

    @embie and Carol hi guys. it was a little bit back, but i always thought Mother was just another version of the Smoke Monster. if Smokie was the ‘security system’ for the Island, it stands to reason that whoever put the Island in place and set things up arranged for the Smoke Monster to be there from the start. whatever that might have been. her telling the Boy in Black that he couldn’t leave the Island was setting him up to eventually take her place. other wise the Smoke Monster could only manifest itself in Smokie form, not as a human.
    at least, that was my impression.

  44. Aloha,

    Ryan and Jen I hope you are well.

    I just left you a message on the Lost line and I want to leave one here as well.

    In response to my call that you played on your last podcast (Which I really do appreciate.), I just wanted to address your questioning of the Lost Horizon connection. Here is a snippet of my latest and possibly last blog entry that summarizes both Lost and Lost Horizon:

    “The plot of Lost is basically this: A group of people, including one individual in particular, survive a plane crash in a remote, seemingly hidden locale, where mysterious and magical things such as the curing of terminal diseases and injuries can occur, and where people can appear not to age. While there we learn that the survivors of the crash did not arrive there by accident, but were in fact brought there for a reason by an ancient mystical leader. This man has protected his magical realm for centuries for the sake of preserving mankind from it’s own destruction. He has foreseen his own death and has chosen one of the survivors to be his replacement. The replacement is skeptical and initially resists the idea that he is there for a reason and flees from this special place only to realize his mistake and desperately struggle to find a way back. He does and becomes a believer himself. That survivor does in fact take over the job and become the new leader tasked with protecting this place for the sake of mankind.

    The plot of Lost Horizon is…well…Exactly the same thing.”

    So this is just a simple version of it, but if you do take the time to delve into it a little deeper on my blog,

    I give page numbers and other direct references to 3 of the 4 Lost Horizon books and it is hard to deny that Lost is a larger scale modern variation on the same tale. That is not to diminish Lost’s uniqueness. I just feel credit should be given like it has to the even less related books on the Lost book club.

    Thank you for your time now and throughout the years.

    Aloha and Namaste,

    Dr. Chili Abrams

    Senior Scientist – Utopian Social Studies – The Dharma Initiative

    P.S. I am looking forward to Pop-Spotting

  45. Ryan says:

    Coolpeace, I cut the cut-and-paste from Movieline. It was a lot of content. People can and should go to the link to read the whole thing. Movieline should get the traffic for all the work that went into it!

  46. Coolpeace says:

    @ Ryan : Sorry, you are right of course.

    Oh and you linked the link directly to the actual comment … I have to learn how to do that.

    Thanks Ryan 🙂

  47. Islandsidhe says:

    I just wanted to share this really excellent analysis of the finale – and the series as a whole – that was posted on SL-Lost:

    I feel like it really captures why the finale, and the series, has had a great impact upon some of us, answers or no. It also explores how the major themes of the show have indeed been present throughout the series.

  48. chris in seattle says:

    hello again all-

    i have taken a bit of time to reflect & come to terms with what we saw.

    i still have a lot of issues with the nature of the sideways world, but more and more i am coming to terms with where we ended up.

    sure, i may quibble on the mode they went in getting to the ending, but the ending itself is. it is a final point of departure from which we can leave on. it also provides the chance to engage our fantasies & wonder what else came to pass.

    as a whole season 6 is taking me more time to absorb & reflect. we saw so much come & go. major characters pass on, and some had meaning, some had memorable moments, and some just went.

    it was as unpredictable as any season so far. there were moments of real beauty when it came to the acting and portrayal of the characters. while we didnt see old locke as such, we saw o’quinn sparkle as the ruthless & mystifying VILLIAN. and when he smiled in the church, he had that wonder we saw in the first season.

    all in all it was a good season. did it deliver as the FINAL season? thats still too early to tell. i wonder what would we would have thought all year long, had each episode not carried the weight of the countdown to the end? i know i viewed it with a lot more interest & expectation. never before did i expect anything but being baffled from LOST, until this year.

    so perhaps that was my error in hoping for something different. and as much as i am frustrated by it, kudos to the creators.

    it was a good season.

    @coolpeace-i agree. back & forth is good. glad its not over yet!

    @shawn-lost horizon sounds really interesting, at least as a comparative undertaking.

    just started on watership down…wow. what a striking similarity to our LOSTIES. i am hoping it lends understanding to where we ended up this season.

    all the best to everyone out there still working this one over, for good and bad.

  49. Embie says:

    @Carol – BIB boy in black

    @Aaron – yes, I remember that discussion re smokey. Something made me remember Claudia appearing to BIB when Jacob couldn’t see her. Since smokey has taken the form of dead people other times it seemed possible, even likely, that Claudia’s ghost could be smokey.

  50. Embie says:

    In the finale Christian tells Jack something like “there is no now here.” thinking back over season six this explains so much that was confusing such as:
    – how the timelines or days worked out between LAX and the stories we were shown involving Locke, charlie’s accident with Ben, Jin and Sun, the concert at the museum, etc.
    – how Locke could survive being hit by s car, thrown in the air, landing hard, and have only a few scrapes to show for it

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