Trans 2010-05-16: “Across the Sea” (Episode 6-15)


This edition of “The Transmission” tackes “Across the Sea,” the controversial fifteenth episode of Season 6. We share our thoughts, then we turn it over to our brilliant listeners in “You All Everybody.” We discuss our plans for our last few podcasts, then play the latest track from The Others LOST Band. Finally, in the “Forward Cabin,” we hear from a fan who has already seen the upcoming episode of “LOST.” At the end of the show, we include a sweet tribute sent to us by our fellow podcasters on the Lost Podcasting Network. Sniff!

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  • 0:00:19 Introduction
  • 0:01:43 Recap: “LOST” in Eight Minutes
  • 0:07:55 Reaction & Analysis
  • 0:41:05 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 1:17:16 “Never Leave You” by The Others LOST Band
  • 1:20:58 Spoilers: The Forward Cabin
  • 1:25:05 Closing

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78 Responses to Trans 2010-05-16: “Across the Sea” (Episode 6-15)

  1. Daryl In San Diego says:

    What do you make of the odd positioning of Flocke’s body? Did a flood occur? Did the smoke monster “backup the drain” so it all came rushing back out? I just can’t explain that elevation and precarious placement. It was TOO strange. It must have meant something.

    I also am not convinced the light is out, it was just blocked by the smoke monster. The scene quickly cut away after that. I have hear in other podcasts the light was extinguished… naa just blocked momentarily. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

  2. soko says:

    Lost has been a show were we are given mysteries to solve, where every clue is important, where they leave little hints for us to look up on fake Ajira sites, where we have to pay close attention to how each character crosses paths in the past and in the future, where marks on a neck are keys to the story, and where a series of spooky numbers tie in with real life equations. Why are we then chided for paying attention to a clue like these ancient characters speaking modern day American english? I thought that was a clue to the fact that these men were from our time period (with all of the time travel we had been introduced to the first time that theyy showed up). We can read subtitles if we have to.
    We were supposed to ignore the famous picture frame change from the Miles episode so long ago. (That HAS to come up in the finale) We have to ignore the fact that the characters don’t react like real people to to the concept of time travel. No one freaked out when Locke showed up and asked them to come back to the island ( HFC, how’d you get off of the unescapable island Mr. Locke? A wheel? Where’d you end up? traveling through time? HFC!).

    again… I’ll believe that they have planned this out from day one when a question from season one is answered by young Walt in footage that they shot years ago when he was still a small kid. Where is Walt’s flash sideways? In the season finale I hope.

  3. Coolpeace says:

    Daryl in San Diego : I think that the body of ‘Flocke’ (or the original nameless man who then became MIB, Flocke etc. – that who you are referring to, right?) was carried out by frieght train smokey when it came out of the cave of light and just discarded as it continued on its way… Smokey took what he needed from him and threw away his body, like an old rag.

  4. Carol from Boston says:

    I am so excited for tonight. Do you think we need to have a box of kleenex available? I am ready for anyhing. This morning my husband said I have a Lost addiction. I said, “you are just noticing this now?” My whole family knows to leave me alone tonight and Sunday. I told them to book a hotel for themsleves but they won’t take the hint.;)

  5. Lori says:

    Just a little bit in to the podcast and had to comment re: Allison Janney. I wonder if part of why I wasn’t bothered by this episode is that I never watched West Wing. Looking at IMDB, I guess I’ve seen Janney in a few things, but I honestly had no idea who she was until hearing people’s reactions to the episode. To me, she was just “Mother”.

    Just some food for thought…

  6. I am currently backpacking my way across Europe and having a blast. I have to say that during my downtime on my trip I do indulge in the transmission as well, I’ve made time for my weekly fix of LOST. It’ll be sad when it’s all over.

  7. Darren says:

    Love the podcast, love all the different posts… Has anyone discussed who the primitive ‘other’ is, that they intentionally kept masking in the trees, while the boar was being killed? Looks like they went out of their way to hide the face a few times by leaves. You can make it out @ times, not familiar, but just a little odd..

  8. Preston in Michigan says:

    Regarding Mother being a smoke monster – how could that be if she died and left behind a human skeleton? I don’t think the smoke monster is physically transforming into a human body (bullets don’t pierce fake Locke), but rather just taking on its appearance.

    Although another thought I had is that Jacob’s body burns in the fire and there is no skeleton – only ash. And the ash surrounding Jacob’s cabin – what’s that? If it keeps smokey out, then it would seem it may be some kind of metallic magnetic ash (but where did it come from?). Assuming this is the same stuff as Jacob’s ashes, then it would seem that will be used somehow…

    So maybe the smoke monster is a cloud of pure nanites. Maybe Jacob’s body is being continuously rebuilt by nanites inside his body (to keep him young). This may have occurred from drinking the wine. This would also explain Richard. So in that case, Jacob and Richard would still be human, but augmented with nanites repairing their bodies making them never age. Smokey lost his humanity, but his essence or mind is inside the pure nanite Smoke monster.

    The only problem with the nanite idea (and I’m sure its been thought of before), is how would such technology exist so far back in time. The only thoughts I have with that is that it could either be from an ancient advanced civilization (things go in cycles), aliens (probably not a popular idea), or that it is from the future. We know that the island has odd effects with time travel. Perhaps nanites from a future were somehow introduced to the source (exotic matter/energy) and it took on a life of its own on the island where it can flourish. Perhaps the soul or human brain frequency is in tune with controlling the nanites wirelessly.

    In regards to Mother, maybe she was like Jacob (having nanites in her human body) and perhaps is able to control other nanites (in the form of a smoke monster) or they provided super human strength or abilities (think of JC Denton from the game Deus Ex).

    So that’s probably completely random gibberish but I look forward to finding out whatever it is that is revealed. 🙂

  9. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Lori – I’ve never seen West Wing either so I’m with you, I thought she was great here

    @ Preston – I liked your observation that Mother left behind a skeleton and therefore was unlikely a smoke monster. But I think the Nanite idea was debunked some time ago (probably too scify?)

    see YAE later tonight!

  10. Barbara says:

    Not sure if this was already covered — I couldn’t keep up with ALL the comments this week — but was there any discussion of the crosses around the fire at Mother’s camp?

  11. Great episode, as always, Ryan and Jenn.

    The positive comments still didn’t sway me from my initial displeasure with this episode, but they did temper me a bit. While listening I had a couple more thoughts that I’m not sure anyone has tackled.

    – While Desmond’s usage of the term “Brutha” could be explained by his time in the monastery, could this be a red herring clue to show that he is in fact, a descendant of Jacob?

    – What if, Desmond is another “Shepherd” child, like Claire and Jack? If that was the case, could they all be tied genetically to Jacob?

    – I did like how this episode explained the legacy of stealing children on the island as well – could both Alex and Aaron have been candidates at one time? When Widmore told Ben to kill Rousseau, was he carrying out orders from Jacob or the Man in Black at the time? Did they have similar orders concerning Claire?

    Either way, the endgame is going to be bitter sweet – can’t wait to see what they do tonight and on Sunday.

  12. Rick from PR / FL says:

    Hello Ryan and Jen,

    I just wanted to join others in thanking you for all you have done with the podcast, blog and everything else. I just finished listening to this week’s podcast and was very touched by the message from the fellow podcasters. I will miss the show definitively but I am also looking forward to your next podcast.

  13. MT Breeze says:

    @Islandsidhe – I’m with you….my heart is already breaking, too! 🙁

    @Lori and Bonita – I’ve never seen “West Wing” either and had to look up the name to know who Allison J. was after I’d heard she would be a guest last week. I thought she was good, too.

    @Carol – I can’t believe your husband is just now commenting on your “Lost” addiction. We’ll have to form a Losties Anonymous group once the show is over. 🙂

    I can’t believe the end is so near!!!! It’s S-A-D!!!

  14. greenberry says:

    I need a **group LOST hug**

  15. Michael says:

    I’m guessing that the primitives from the ship were real, but they were joined by a few outsiders. MIB Says There are smart men amongst us. So not all smart just a few.
    I’m thinking Darhma scientists that were the first to test the time machine and got stuck in the past. They tried to create the donkey wheel to harness the source and get back home. Mother killed them first.
    Just a theory…… One of about 108 theories I have…

  16. Benjamin says:

    I sent the following email(s) to Ryan and Jen. But as it is really directed to everyone who disliked this episode who put it in the context of a stand alone, I will post it here for everyone to see.


    Hello. This is Benjamin Cooper from Durango Colorado.

    And I love you guys. Thank you so much for all your hard work on the podcast and the community you have created. You have helped strenghten the bond I feel with the show and the lost community in general. And that has simply made my life better these past 1-2 years. Excetera excetera excetera.

    BUT! You guys drove me completely crazy with your last podcast…. I havent listened to the “you all everybody” section of this podcast yet, so hopefully you guys wise up.

    Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand how this episode can be a tad off-putting. But for me, it was offputting specifically BECAUSE of how good it was.

    MIB and Jaccob interacted so well and revealed so much about the island and drew so many parallels to our characters that I began to think that MIB and Jaccob were taking away from the importance of our losties. LIke, when I rewatched the whole season, I would be worried that I wouldnt be constantly asking myself. “if at the end of the day, its all about the game of Jaccob and MIB, then why do these cahracters matter so much?”

    I think everyone who watched this episode, had apart of them who instinctually didnt like it because we worry that it will diminish the importance of what we have seen so far.

    However, I still loved this episode. Still watched it with my mouth hanging open. And still spazzed over it every commercial break with my online Lost buddy.

    And I think the reason for that was I was watching it specifically with the mindframe of asking what this episode meant to our LOSTies. I was constantly drawing comparisons between this episode and last weeks episode.
    And I wasnt able to do that with Ab Aeterno.

    I think everyone who really didnt like this episode didnt like it because they were in the mindset of comparing it to Ab Aeterno. Another episode that is a stand alone. That doesnt really have anything to do with the story at hand.

    This is not what this episode was. This was NOT Expose or Ab Aeterno. And if you judge it by those criteria, it will fail. I think the placement of this episode was VERRY intentional. Everything we just say was extremely important. and I believe we are about to see that tonight.

    Let me explain…. SO many extreemly important comparisons were made between Jaccob and MIB that its crazy. And you guys kinda glossed over them as if they were mealy interesting.

    First. MIB= Hurley. Ya. MIB can see dead people. So you talk about people seeing dead people and move on. NO! They were being much more specific with the parallels between MIB’s ability and Hurley’s ability. I mean. Go back to LA X with the conversation between Hurley and Jaccob. Hurley said “Why wont he be able to see you?” Then, Jaccob replies in an even matter of fact tone “Because im dead”….That scene was almost word per word what we saw between MIB and Claudia. Right down to the facial expressions and the music. Im surprised you didnt get that. But then again, I had just watched LA X. So perhaps im being a little too hard on you. 😛

    Now. How many questions does that bring up? Why can hurley see dead people like MIB can? What does that mean? Do they have a connection or share destiny? And for that matter, how come Sawyer can see young dead Jaccob and not any other dead people? And for that mater, why is Jaccob young when haunting MIB but old when talking to Hurley? Is his ghost regressing in time untill his soul is pure again so it can be reincarnated into a candidate? And for that matter….. I should move on. One answer leads to another question….. and I LOVED that line BTW. It wasnt a tease. it was a statement of fact. Intelligent people will always be able to ask another question. And I personally love that.

    Next, and this one is verry intriguing….. MIB= Desmond. When I saw the light in the cave the verry first thing I was reminded of was the light that we saw light up Desmond’s face. Desmond got hit with that verry same light and was looking for somebody, anybody. To use to help him get off the island so that he could go home to Penny. BUT! more important then that, MIB is “special” And it suprised the frack out of me that you did not talk about that AT ALL! I mean. MIB, as a child, Knows the rather complex rules to a game that he has never seen before. And he knows, instinctually, that it came from people beyond the sea. Even though he has no reason at that point to think that there is somewhere or somebody across the sea….. FURTHER! as an adult, I think it was pretty clear to me that MIB was the “man with the plan” in making the donkey wheel. This was in the 3ed century, tops. How in the hell does MIB know what turning the donkey wheel will do? he has never done it before. And they certainly dont have the complex quantum equations to know how accessing X type of energy in X kind of way will transport them through time and space….. Peoples minds just did not work like that then. So WHY does MIB know these things? Because he is “special” in the same why that Desmond is special. He has subconscious access to all the different versions of himself in all the alternative realities accross time and space.

    So are MIB and Desmond simply different embodiments of the light or energy of the island? Able to see with their heart what they can not see with their mind because the light has shown them things they have not seen in their timeline?

    If Desmond and MIB are “the same” in that they both are part of “the light”, that would explain why MIB cant kill Desmond even thought he isnt a candidate.

    Perhaps all MIB needs is his constant…. That guy really needs to get laid.

    (PS: Jaccob succumbed to mother’s “you dont really have a choice” philosophy. But during that scene, I couldnt help flash back to Desmond telling Charlie “There’s always a choice”

    Next: MIB= Season 1-4 Jack and Season 6 Sawyer. While Jaccob =Season 1-3 Locke and Season 6 Jack. (and Ben to a smaller degree) This one is not half as complicated as the other two. But the comparisons and dynamics that can be found here are endlessly fascinating, and not at all unimportant.

    Next: MIB’s Name. given all I have stated above and all the comparisons that can be drawn between MIB and our losties, is it so far fetched to think that his name is important?

    Ok. Thats all I have for now. I really do love you guys. I just think you were going into this episode thinking of it as a sort of stand alone. Something that might explain the island a little better, but had no deeper significance to our LOSTies in the greater scheme of things.

    And I think that was a mistake. Hopefully you think about the comparisons I have outlined during these next two episodes. And as always, thank you for the great work.


    I completely understand why you ant others felt the way you did. I just think, it being after Ab aterno, people were looking at it with the wrong context. Not really understing how much MIB’s and Jacobs story mirrored so much of what our main losties have been through and will go through… And I think thats why they put it right after “The Canadate” To try to get the fans thinking about it in the greater context of things instead of a stand alone.

    I think their plan backfired is all.

    But I do respect your opinions, love your show, and all you have done for the community. Thank you.

    I suppose its all a matter of context. And I believe that the parallels will become even more clear after tonight’s episode.

  17. Rus from Texas (Lonestare) says:

    If you listen closely, you’ll hear a subtle audio cue just before Mother switches from Latin to English in the initial scenes. I had the audio turned up higher than normal in order to hear it.

    I still did not like Across The Sea, for what it was. Perhaps I may go back and enjoy it more after watching tonight’s episode and the Finale. But I sure won’t apologize for the writers or for having my own opinion – something I notice some people have been doing.

    I had my cable provider come out and tweak my box because we were getting pixilation on the HD channels while watching the last two weeks of LOST. Must be the magnetic forces at work! LOL.

  18. Carol from Boston says:

    You have to watch “Totally Lost” special guest stars “Jacob and MIB” Titus W. and Mark P. It is informative as well as hilarious.,,20313460_20313475,00.html

  19. Carol from Boston says:

    @greenberry – Welcome back. You’ve been missed. Only 700 posts to read, lol Talk about a bad week to be away from the board.

  20. Carol from Boston says:

    @Mt Breeze – my husband knew but he is usually at school on Tuesdays so he doesn’t see how I make the household be totally silent when I watch. So now after telling him he can’t even use the computer when I am watching it, he gets it. lol The kids go to bed and all is quiet. Even my 14 year old has to go, he can read, that is nice and quiet. lol

    So after hearing all my “rules” (I am worse than Jacob) he said “Wow you are really addicted to this show.”

  21. LReene says:

    @greenberry – ****, **** 🙂

  22. LReene says:

    @greenberry – Oooops, there should have been 2 “GROUP HUGS” in the middle of those * in that last post! lol Sorry

  23. greenberry says:

    You All are the BEST!!!

  24. Gregoire from NYC says:

    My frustration with them killing off Widmore — we’re not going to get the SCIENTIFIC explanation I was hoping for. He was really the only person who could provide it. Now I’m afraid we’re going to get more “the light is what is inside of all of us” metaphysical stuff.

  25. paulb, Brooklyn says:

    Sawyer is just so…. Sawyer. After that moment on the beach following the sinking of the sub, that look on his face, he finally seemed to understand. Then around the campfire to Jacob: “I was doing just fine.” Is the con man just reflexively conning himself? I’m not convinced that Jack’s donning of the protector mantle is conclusive. I’m thinking, Tale of Two Cities. Doppelgangers.

    @Gregoire: I’m counting on Faraday reappearing with some scientific mumbo jumbo for us Enlightenment grumps.

  26. Amaia says:

    @Ryan- Thanks for saying my last weeks theory on the podcast. By the way you were right when you said “she”, I’m a girl.

  27. I am still crying waiting for Jimmy Kimmel’s show. What an ending! Fabulous and perfect. I’m hoping that off the island all the couples found each other and lived out their lives happily. Started crying with Juliet meeting Sawyer and really have not stopped yet.
    A truly wonderful show!

  28. Percy says:

    I’d like to think as Mother as another type of entity other than a smoke monster. I realize there’s a good argument to made that should could be another smokey, but hey, it’s possible she could also turn herself into a 60 foot giant fire monster too. I have my own version of her abilities and how they manifest and I’d like to think her powers are something more subtler than those of the smoke monsters.

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