Blog Rewatch: “Because You Left” and “The Lie”

As proposed in last week’s thread and mentioned in our latest podcast, several blog regulars are organizing a re-watch of the two-part Season Five premiere of “LOST,” which includes “Because You Left” and “The Lie.” As we endure a one-week break during the show’s final season, it should be fun and interesting to revisit the past knowing what we know now.

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  1. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Hey, You All Everybody – thanks for all the great posts you’ve shared duing this ‘hiatus’! Looking forward to Tuesday, very much.

  2. Annietoo says:

    @Bryan – the eye looks a lot like Desmond’s to me

  3. DRDoug from SC says:

    My comment has nothing to do with any show theories. It is an idea that could make LOST an experience for years to come. ABC and Disney are together. Perhaps we could one day see the headline: Coming to Disneyland/Disneyworld on 12/21/2012-LOST the ride. Come ride Oceanic 815 and relive your own plane crash on the island. There would be weapons/explosives/whispers with each rider to score during the ride. You could leave by multiple exits. Even waiting in line would be easy watching old episodes. It could truly be spectacular if it were to come about. Perhaps many of you could send letters of suggestion to ABC/Disney. It would be a great. I submitted it as an Ask Lost question just now for an upcoming podcast. What do you think?

  4. LReene says:

    @DRDoug from SC – Absolutely FANTASTIC idea!!

  5. Bryan says:

    @Annietoo – I agree, and I thought I mentioned that in this post, but it was on the other thread. I always thought it was Desmond’s eye, and with how important Desmond is, I would love to see where that may go. Though I don’t see how they will fit it in to the rest of the season.

  6. Amaia says:

    @Carol from Boston- If you have seen the film greenberry says sure you know who’s the actress. I don’t want to spoil it either, but I can’t wait to see her.

  7. ScottB in DC says:

    from This place is death, Faraday paraphrasing “Impirically, if the Orhcid is where the time displacement started, it makes sense to put it right there……but bringing people back to the island in order to stop the temporal shifts……that is where we leave science behind.

  8. Carol from Boston says:

    @Amaia – I think I figured it out. 🙂 It’ll be interesting to see what part she plays. Only one more day!

    Ordered the 2010 Lost Paleyfest DVD from Amazon. It just came out and I figured if I am going to be obsessed I am going to do it right.

    Paleyfest is a panel with the Lost Cast, it should be interesting.

    I am rewatching season 5 and I forgot about how much they mixed up all the episodes, no wonder why we were confused. Flashbacks, flash presents, time flashes. I wonder if Rose was having hot flashes at the same time. haha.

  9. ScottB in DC says:

    In my ever ending obsession with the manifestations of Christian, when Locke’s leg is broken from the fall to the bottom of the well just prior to the flash, he asks Christian to help him stand up, but Christian says, I’m sorry I can’t do that. We’ve seen the smoke monster as manifestations of Christian, Locke, and Isabella have no problem interacting with the real world. I think he’s unable to because of his proximity to the electromagnetic pocket and the donkey wheel. I think this is an overt clue as to what effect the electromagnetic energy has on him.

    Earlier in the same episode, this place is death, smokey drags one of Rousseau’s team members into the grotto under the temple. Why was that place safe at one time, Ben sent everyone there, yet smokey could enter it then?

    I can’t remember in Sundown, why smokey is allowed to enter the temple. Was it just because Jacob/Dogen was dead or did it have to do with being invited – like the rule having to do with the base of the statue?

  10. Bryan says:

    @ScottB – You bring up an interesting observation. As we know, Ben interacted with smokey in the samn temple location in the form of Alex. My only guess is that isn’t actually the temple itself, but just an outer structure. Regarding the episode Sundown, we know that Dogen was the one keeping the smoke monster out, but we don’t know how. We can assume that he was “touched” by Jacob for this task, similar to how Richard was selected.

    @Everybody – I have been a listener to the show for quite some time, but farely new to the board. Great stuff from everybody and I hope we have lots to talk about long after the series concludes.

  11. greenberry says:

    @ Carol ~ I agree about in rewatch it gets a little confusing about when we know what with all the forward and flash stuff ~ lol re: Rose

    is tomorrow epi 14? tall lady in epi 15

  12. LReene says:

    @greenberry – Yes, tomorrow’s episode is #14, “The Candidate” (Not to be confused with “The Recruit” 🙂 ). The tall lady is supposed to be in episode 15 which I believe is called “Across the Sea”. I think we are going to get a LOT of answers in this #15.

  13. Carol from Boston says:

    @ScottB – what if Smokey couldn’t touch him because he was a candidate or if he touched him, he might not have been able to claim him later?

    Christian was holding a lamp so he had a solid form.

    @Greenberry, interesting info re: ep 15.

    @Scott – I think he could enter because Jacob was dead and Dogen and Lennon were dead. Remember what Lennon said just before he died, about how Smokey would kill them now and Sayid said “I know” and then killed Lennon. (don’t remember the exact words).

    @Bryan – yup, I think there will be plenty to talk about after the show. It will be sad when we put it behind us. I look forward to when my son will watch it.

  14. ScottB in DC says:

    @Carol – oh you’re right, and here I though I found a clue from long ago…..the candidates and what that involves is one of the things that make my head hurt.

    If Kate’s name was not crossed out in the light house, isn’t she still a candidate?

    Ben killed Locke, who was a candidate (and killed Jacob) what are the consequences?

    If the candidates stayed off the island, does that mean the man in black could not escape the island? He was so intent on getting all the candidates back. He was frustrated that Ben moved the island and not Locke, and said something like “since when did listening to Ben ever get you anywhere?!”

    Why did the man in black prefer Locke to move the island? and from a few posts ago, someone made a great point, Ben knew how to break into the chaamber with the donkey wheel, knew it was cold in there, and knew he would end up in Tunisia and not know what year it was. How?

  15. Carol from boston says:

    @Scott – MIB sets up Locke to be a leader. He then sets him up to take his body. Only leaders get to see Jacob so locke’s body gets him in there with Jacob . He can’t kill Jacob, he uses Ben to do it for him.

  16. Bryan says:

    @All recent posts – Rewatching some season one this week and smokey sized up Locke when he was out hunting wild boar with Michael and Kate in the second or third episode. He let him live, and Locke made the comment of looking into the eye of the island. They always had that connection. Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

  17. greenberry says:

    Another Jack/Locke face-off tomorrow ~ good stuff!

  18. NuckinFuts says:

    Hello all… Did not expect this many comments; but good read. Another thing I did not expect was to watch 7 or so episodes of season 5…

    I have a few thoughts … Widmore picks John up after he turns the wheel & wants to protect him. Says he was tricked into leaving by Ben…then Abbadon. Gets shot by by Ben. Both tell John how impotant to their cause he is…then Ben kills Locke.

    A few episodes before Ben tells Jack the story of Doubting Thomas…and how he was originally suggesting that he and the others go and help or stand up for Jesus before he was arrested ..that they may die with him….that he was brave and not remembered for it…later when Ben sees Flocke seemingly resurrected he says that it was one thing to believe but another to see it ….thinking like many of you have said that we are missing something still about Ben…perhaps he knows more still, timelines, destiny, alt universes or was just played by MIB? Thinking, thinking…..

    Funny when Ilana is told by Flocke right after the crash that he was dead…dies she know immediately that he is MIB? Also they are on side island and so Smokie must have been able to cross the water somehow to pose as John.

  19. NuckinFuts says:

    Also MIB/Flocke sure is interested in the passenger list from Ajira and asks a few times… Guess he can’t “sense” who is on island…pretty crappy superpower as Hurley may say

  20. ScottB in DC says:

    They come, they fight, they corrupt, they die…….it always ends the same. Easy enough to understand what MIB means.

    It only ends once, everything else is just progress…… What is the end that Jacob is talking about, is the purpose of the island to keep evil/malevolence trapped there? What is the end game or end goal of the game?

  21. ScottB in DC says:

    Not only is the island underwater, concurrently? with the flash sideways, it’s been underwater a LONG time, algae and coral growths on the 3 toed statue etc. Is this the end of the experiment?

  22. Carol from Boston says:

    @ScottB – Last night Damon said on twitter that they finished editing and they are done with the finale. It made me very sad to think about it, but the one positive is that I hope that when it ends, I finally have the answers to the questions you just asked.

  23. greenberry says:

    @ Rich ~ d’oh! re: one such moment… I am realizing/imagining you were referring to the Jacob/MIB dynamic — two forces competing for minds, bodies, and souls

  24. gene e says:

    Someome lock down those “rules” yet? Anyone?

    Good Genie Rules (taken from the movie Alladin, the definitive definition on the defining of ‘good genie’ rules):
    1) Can’t make anyone fall in love with you. (Dang it! Sorry Kate, I’ll just have to woo you myself!)
    2) Can’t kill anyone. (Ben implies that the death of Alex broke the rules.)
    3) Can’t bring anyone back from the dead. (Sayid, the promise of Nadia or Shannon. Who else? Michael, whisperers, et al.)
    4) Ixnay on the wishing for more wishes. (Dang it! I was gonna spend some on Kate.)

    Bad Genie Rules:
    1) There are no rules.(?)

    Ben/Widmore Rules:
    1) Tit for Tat? Eye for an eye? Daughter for daughter? The rule of no harm to innocent family members?

    Jacob/MIB Rules:
    1) To annoy the hell out of me. (Just a guess.)

    Jacobs self imposed rule was once to not personally interfere. He hired Richard. But at the end… he interfered. Was this ‘the’ rule break?

    My Rules:
    1) Jacob/MIB must die. (Who really needs them? And haven’t they done enough?)
    2) Me and Kate.

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