Trans 2009-11-28: Season Three – Episodes 16-18


This episode of “The Transmission” looks back at the next three episodes of Season 3 of “LOST”: “One of Us,” “Catch-22,” and “D.O.C.” We recap the episodes in under ten minutes, then share our take. Next, listener feedback in “You All Everybody.” We announce two new prizes for our January hiatus giveaway (the special edition “Dharma Initiation Kit” Season 5 DVD box set, courtesy Buena Vista Home Entertainment, and a rare item from the pseudo-ARG). We share another song by The Others LOST Band. Finally, we report on the last three weeks of production here on The Island, including an audio clip from the set during a car stunt.

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  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:01:27 “LOST” in 8 Minutes
  • 0:11:05 Discussion
  • 0:36:14 You All Everybody
  • 1:07:12 “Sun Sun Sun” by The Others LOST Band
  • 1:10:03 The Forward Cabin
  • 1:22:01 Closing

Next: We’ll cover Episode 19, “The Brig” (Locke), Episode 20, “The Man Behind the Curtain” (Beb), and Episode 21, “Greatest Hits” (Charlie). We’d love your feedback! Email us at, call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808, or leave a comment below by Friday, Dec. 11.

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15 Responses to Trans 2009-11-28: Season Three – Episodes 16-18

  1. cat says:

    Ryan and Jen, thanks again for a great podcast. I have been following all of them but have not been able to find the time to watch 3 eps every two weeks! I just wanted you to know that I’m sure lots of us are out there! I don’t know why but last year’s one ep per week seemed so easy! Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your efforts and feel very guilty about not getting comments in! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Scrunch The Cat says:

    Hey! Great podcast! Register me to win the bobblehead please!!!

  3. bluedog1121 says:

    TMBTC: I love this episode. Phenomenal. In my top 5.

    Having been sorely disappointed by Lack of Annie in S5, I’m *really* hoping we find out more about her in S6. My crackpot theory is that she was involved with Ben as an adult (maybe even married to him), and died after becoming pregnant. Maybe she was even the first to suffer from the fertility curse. This would echo what happened to Emily Linus, and also perhaps feed into why Ben really did steal Alex.

    Speaking of Emily Linus, I believe she’s the only dead character to show up on the Island whose actual body isn’t on the Island. (Please someone correct me if I’m wrong!) I had this great theory that she was really Jacob taking her form, but then Darlton had to ruin it for me at Comicon by saying Jacob had never taken another form. Smokey? And how, considering there’s no body to either inhabit or model itself after?

    Perhaps Emily really is all in Ben’s mind. Or, more fun to think of, is that she really is Emily’s ghost, just like (I believe) Hurley’s visions are really those peoples’ spirits. A link between Hurley and Ben? They both can see the cabin. Hmmm….

    Oh, and who is Olivia Goodspeed and where was she in S5?

    I can’t believe we’re so close to the end! Charlie! *sniff*

  4. Yann From France says:

    @bluedog1121: I like your first theorie but I think Annie won’t come back.
    Emily Linus, Kate’s horse, Dave… And Walt were not on the Island but were seen by the losties.
    Olivia like Annie has not been seen since… Everyone thought she was a Godspeed but it happears she wasn’t since he si married to someone else. She can be seen on “Misteries of the Universe” a DVD extra (or ABC website). She came back from the Island, why? Broke up with Horace? We will never know again.

  5. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    The Brig:
    I still wonder if there was more to Anthony Cooper’s question than just to goad him: “Don’t you know where we are?” and why bite him?

    How on earth did he (Anthony Cooper) really get there?

    It’s tragic the way Sawyer was so easily manipulated.

    I’m sure someone has this great flow chart of who is against whom. I’d love to see it and what themes are emphasized.

    I think from this episode forward you can find lots of evidence to support the idea that Locke has been “under the influence” of either Jacob or AJ.
    How he Richard ‘guides’ him to manipulate Sawyer, that he tells Sawyer it is Ben he needs killed, how he smiles when he realizes he’s “got” Sawyer on the homicidal path,how he is so cool and patient while Sawyer is locked up with Cooper, the way he and Rouseau interact when she ‘comes for dynamite’, how he explains the Black Rock was a ship with slaves brought to ‘mine’ the Island, the way Ben calls him out on how he is still trapped in the man he used to be.

    The seeds of Ben’s fall are just starting to be planted here.

    The best line uttered in the entire season by Alpert:
    ” We’re looking for someone to remind us that we’re here for more important reasons.” What those reasons are will be the crux of the entire Lost experience. It is what will keep us talking about this show for a long, long time.

  6. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Man Behind the Iron Curtain;
    First let me say, The Wizard of Oz is my number 1 favorite movie of all time..

    This episode accelerates Ben’s fall from Grace if you will. He can’t get anyone to intervene when Mikhail is beaten for example.

    I am glad we are rewatching because I originally thought the blond in the window was his teacher. Ben hears whispers before he encounters his mother AND Richard Alpert.

    One theory I’ve had about the whispers is that they are memories or thoughts that escape the confines of the mind and are broadcast through time and/or space. Certain people can perceive and others can send. Any of the “walking” Dead are thought senders, people that perceive are special and then there are very special people, like Walt who can do both. Hurly and Desmond can perceive with all five senses; sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. But Desmond can also perceive the next dimension.

    I noticed this time how Locke calmly eats while taunting Ben. It reminds me of Last season when Jacob was calmly eating while dealing with AJ>

    In this episode it worth noting how John and Jack both reinspire or reconnect to their followers.

    My last note is that the figure that said ‘help me’ in the Cabin sure looked an awful lot like Anthony Cooper (I don’t have HD and a good screen freeze, tho).

  7. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    oh, ps: how can we doubt that Ben is Evil after the way he killed and left his Dad? Or the way shot and left John?

    Also, I am now wondering if the eye flashed at season’s end, could be Locke’s.

  8. Yann From France says:

    @Bonita: Would you say that Jack is evil? He is the reason why is father drank again, he is the one that made him fired from practicing medicine leading to Christian dying. So Jack killed his father… Yet we have seen how supportive his father always was!
    Sawyer killed two “Sawyers”. Cold blood. Is he evil?
    John thought he was becoming something more with the Island. Made him kill is father. Was John evil at the time or our great hero?
    Adabisi… oups I meant Eko. Killed lots of people in his life. Was he evil?
    Kate killed her step father while her mother loved him. Was she evil?
    Jin did bad things to people in the name of the Park familly. Was he evil?
    Sun was the reason Jin did all that. Got her maid fired when she was young. Was she evil?
    I stop the list but I could go on.

    Now it’s all about “why” people do what they do that make them evil or not. Ben took revenge on his father… ok. But he wasn’t the leader and he wasn’t the one that decided to “purge”. But if he wanted to be part of this “big purpose” that the Others are suppose to take care of, he needed to participate. So he took the last day with his father taking sometime with him before having to kill him. His father being the bastard we know it was quite nice of him I would say.

    Now Ben thinks he is taking care of buisness and John is brought to him. He tries to stay on top of the game because he always did that (but being a leader is not a nice job to get. His people don’t like him. His supervisor don’t take care of him. Is alone trying to do the best for everyone (aka saving pregnant women)). And shot John because being replaced by him would meant that he killed his father for nothing. Being rejected by the Others after participating to “the purge”… And that’s why he brought John to the pit before shooting him.

  9. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Yann You make some good points. It’s all shades of Gray.

  10. FrogWentACourtin says:


    I was thinking, also, that Locke was acting more like Flocke in TMBTH. The way he beats the living snot out of Mikhail, the way he deals with Ben when saying they’re going to see Jacob, etc. Unfortunately, this notion DOES seem at odds with Locke’s trying to kill himself in the skeleton pit after Ben shoots him. But I had the very same feelings, regarding the idea that Locke was actually Flocke.

    aside: Mikhail knows a John Locke.. who was in a wheelchair. I wonder if we’ll see Mikhail in season six…

  11. FrogWentACourtin says:

    make that TMBTC, not The Man Behind the Hurtin’.. ‘o)

  12. MrLocke8 says:

    I thought I heard somewhere (maybe just a fan theory though) that Olivia and Horace are brother and sister, not married?
    I’m also still puzzled as to whether Ben knew that there was someone actually in the cabin, or whether he was (as he admitted to UnLocke in S6) creating an imaginary conversation because he had never seen Jacob. How did he know how to get there, and why did he say the “technology” bit if he didn’t think anyone was there?

  13. Rich in Cleveland says:

    I love the idea of Annie dying while giving birth and being the first to suffer the fertility curse, particularly in the way it would illuminate Ben’s bitterness and coldness. So what if he kills all the men on the beach or everyone on the freighter because he has been forsaken in every possible way by the island: ignored by Jacob, allowed to become ill, and deprived of the only person who ever truly made him feel love or offered hope for the future through her fertility. Very cool.

    @ Yann
    Kate’s horse at least may have been real. Recall Widmore riding into primitiveville on horseback.

    @ Bonita
    This is exactly what I was going to say about having the sense that Locke already is an impostor at this point. The conniving smile on Locke’s face after he manipulates Sawyer seemed odd at the time, but compare it now to the smile at the conclusion of “The Incident” in which we see AJ’s self-satisfaction with his triumph. That’s the same guy! I also think it’s suggestive the way that Locke is mostly unable to kill anybody. It’s not that he doesn’t want to kill Anthony Cooper or Widmore with the carbine or Jacob himself. There’s something about his status as a fallen angel that prevents him from intervening in this way. He can confuse, manipulate, and deceive all he wants, but the humans must act of their own free will.

    Greatest Hits. Another unbelievably great episode. The concluding run of S3, for now, is the pinnacle of Lost. Every flashback in GH draws you deeper into a foreboding emotional state until it culminates with his leaving the ring behind for Aaron. I couldn’t resist a few dust-stirred wipes of the eyes. Each flashback was also great as part of a heroic progression: (1) the call to glory (2) the inheritance of the gift or boon (3) the leap of faith (4) a test of the hero’s character (5) a brief reprieve of love before the hero must face the ultimate challenge, venturing to the underworld for the sake of his people (Charlie went down to “that place.”) They gave Charlie an archetypical hero’s death.

    One brief item that definitely merits discussion is Jacob’s aversion to technology in TMBTC. It’s my feeling that in addition to AJ being able to assume different human forms, he can also use technology, particularly those using any kind of light or sound waves, to confound and manipulate the island’s or even the world’s inhabitants. This is why, for instance, a warning was given not to use the sawn computer to communicate. Your greatest wish or fear would appear there as happened to Michael.

  14. Rich in Cleveland says:

    The anomaly: Locke kills Naomi.

  15. Yann From France says:

    @Rich: The horse has been said Monster during an offical podcast. But it also could have been a real horse (there is one outside the Flame I think) and maybe they just changed their minds.
    About Locke… I really have to write my theory. But how could he not be him if his body WAS in the cargo of the Aljazira flight?
    Locke had not meet Jacob yet and was really reluctant to kill (remember: “your not a hunter, john”) but after this “Help Me” and after he killed his father for this “man” he is now ready to do anything.

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