Trans 2009-10-17: An Evening with Damon and Carlton


This special edition of “The Transmission” brings you along with us to a special “Evening with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse,” the main event in the Hawaii International Film Festival’s day-long celebration of “LOST.” Special guests included Jack Bender, Jean Higgins, Yunjin Kim, Terry O’Quinn, Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson. The program started with the presentation of two film festival awards, and included a few clips from the show (edited down for the podcast).

“LOST” and ABC do precious few official events, so we were thrilled to experience “HIFF Celebrates LOST.” It was also wonderful to meet several listeners who were in town to enjoy the program with us. Prior to this evening event, there were also three 90-minute “master classes” focused on different aspects of the show, and we can also share the audio from those sessions if there’s any interest.

Meanwhile, our Season 3 rewatch will be pushed back a bit, with our scheduled show focused on Episodes 10, 11 and 12 coming out next week. So you have a few extra days to pull out the DVDs and send in your thoughts. Thanks again for coming along with us for this journey during the hiatus.

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16 Responses to Trans 2009-10-17: An Evening with Damon and Carlton

  1. Yann From France says:

    Youhou! The more the merrier! Give us all you got! 😀
    Thank you so much for this podcast, the hiatus (and the time during the episodes… and even when the show will be over I am sure we will have plenty to talk about! 😀 ) is less hard thanks to you!

  2. Jake says:

    Thanks guys! I always get really excited when I see there’s a new Transmission, especially with a title like this!

  3. Aitor says:

    If it’s not too much work for you, I’d also be interested in having access to the audio of the master classes…


  4. bluedog1121 says:

    If there’s any interest?? LOL Hook us up! 🙂

  5. Carol says:

    Love to hear the other classes. I really enjoyed the podcast. Thanks for sharing. I am always surprised at the great sound quality you are able to get. Must have been fun to be there.

    It’s been snowing in MA today, I’d love to be in Hawaii today. This is supposed to be a big folliage weekend, and instead we get snow. Hearing the podcast made my day.


  6. Matt Murdick says:

    Thanks so much to Ryan and Jen for sharing that special evening for Hawaii and LOST fans with us!

  7. Terry says:

    I’d love to hear the audio of the other master classes if possible!!

  8. says:

    Hi Ryan & Jen,

    THANKS for providing this great Lost podcast. It’s just proof that you guys have the best Lost podcast, period.

    I’m looking for this one on iTunes, but don’t see it. I will download from here instead.

    Thanks again!
    Best Regards,
    Mike R.

  9. thinbluemime says:

    Ryan & Jen, Thanks for the podcast from Hiff and the Flickr pics. Can you help me identify the people in the 2 pics below, from your Flickr page? I have searched the net and Lostpedia, and still am unable to positively ID the Lost crew with the question marks. Thanks!
    ?????? – ?????? – John Bartley – ?????? – ??????
    ?????? – Robert Kyker – Roland Sanchez

  10. Ryan says:

    thinbluemine: Moderator Katherine Nichols of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Location Manger/Associate Producer Jim Triplett, Director of Photography John Bartley, Production Designer Zack Grobler, and Construction Coordinator Michael Crowe.

    Moderator Andersen Le of the Hawaii International Film Festival, Propmaster Robert Kyker, Costume Designer Roland Sanchez.

  11. thinbluemime says:

    Ryan, Thanks for the quick reply, it is really appreciated. Some of these behind the camera folk really do contribute a lot to Lost, and it is good to have names and faces coordinated.

    BTW, Jen and Ryan, you guys put so many smiles on my face during your reporting from Comic Con the last two years. I watch your twitter page frequently and really do appreciate all you do. Thanks Again!

  12. Lorne says:

    I also wanted to give a huge thank you for this special episode and all your episodes. It seemed like it was an awesome thing to attend, and bringing us the audio was awesome!

  13. Nicole says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo!! Please post the other sessions. What fun to have actually been there. Thanks again for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated!
    Aloah from Chicago

  14. Jorge says:

    Yeah I was kinda bummed out that they ran out of time and only were able to get to 3 questions from the audience.

  15. Ilias says:

    Hey guys it has been a long time since I last contributed but with Ben, life has gotten much more complicated. We have not been able to watch much on TV but I have not missed any of the podcasts that you put out there.

    Before I forget I meant to comment on iTunes page but I am not allowed to comment on the US version (although I can subscribe or download any of the podcasts, I wont comment on this). Anyhow, I did leave some comments on the German site for which I registered.

    The three episodes in the re-watch list for this week are varied. Tricia Tanaka is not one of my favorite episodes, it was much better than the Tatoo episode that preceded it but still. That meteorite thing just bothered me, it still does… They could have found something more realistic, looking at Hurley when he arrived home it had the feel of one of those cheap comedies. There was one moment though that I loved, when Hurley hugs Sawyer, Sawyer visibly softened. Also, the Roger skeleton is now in hindsight more tragic than the first time we watched it, especially since all three Sawyer, Jin and Hurley all met in the 70’s.

    Enter 77 used to be one of my favorite episodes, it was an episode that remembered well because at the time it felt that it actually moved the story forward. Watching it again just confirmed that it was an excellent episode with a lot of information and a great flashback, albeit a tragic one. It was also the first episode where for me Locke seemed to be different, I guess the change was gradual but this episode and him knowingly blowing the building was the definitive turn for his character. It also seemed strange that once they got in Locke just left them and started playing chess! Sorry but playing games in a situation like that seems rather odd very odd.

    Watching it again the first thing I wondered was how did we go from Radzinski to Mikael! Also, the title “Enter 77”, somehow sounds like 1977 the year of the incident but of course Marvin could not have made the film after the Incident, or could he now? Why is Mikael actually staying at that place and not in Othertown, is this an outpost of sorts? I also find it strange that Rousseau knows so little of the island she has spend the past 16 years on, I was suspicious at the time and it still bugs me.

    The flashback was excellent, although the fact that Sayid spent significant time in Paris but previously did not understand Rousseau’s message in the pilot episode always bothered me a bit, I do not believe that there was any intention on the producers side but just a slip. It also shows that no matter how often Sayid repented he still is that tragic figure that kills and tortures people. So he can shed his skin all he wants but he still is what he always was… …a very hard and mean person that has caused much pain and suffering, Don’t take me wrong love Sayid but if you look at the facts there is only one truth.

    I did not get to watch Par Avion but there was a big reveal in this episode as we found out that Claire and Jack have the same father but I never particularly cared about Claire so this episode was ok for me. I love the msg that they wrote and send with the bird. The episode made it clear that Charlie did not have much chance of survival.

    You guys rock as always, and you have kept me company in the car on the German Autobahn for many hours for that I am thankful to you two.


    PS.: The UK version of S5 is out on Monday, I have pre-ordered my HD version a long time ago and I cannot wait to watch S5 again.

  16. Yann From France says:

    @Ilias: Sayid is mean? You are mean! (joking) If you look at the fact Sayid case is more complicated than “bad people/good people”. Just like Ben (and I posted a long time ago what I fought about “Ben is the bad guy” and when you look at the facts in is not that clear).
    I would say… if Sayid is a bad person then Jack Bauer is a bad person. The new James Bond is a really bad person.

    The first two comments were adressed in the last blog page.
    Mikael is staying and taking care of the “communication”, in a flashback later on we will see he is the one that wrote the files they have on everyone and that he is the one looking at the news around the world and seeking information. I think that he must be trying to fix the signals and stay there in case the station starts to work again.
    The fist time that Rousseau went into the woods, her team deseapered and got brain washed to kill her. Then couple of weeks later a gunned man comes and tell her if she wants to visit the Island she will be killed… I understand that you would want to be the must unnoticed person on the Island!

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