Trans 2009-09-20: Season Three – Episodes 4-6


This episode of “The Transmission” looks back at the next three episodes of Season 3 of “LOST”: “Every Man for Himself,” “The Cost of Living,” and “I Do.” We recap the episodes in eight minutes, then share our take. Next, listener feedback in “You All Everybody.” We share another song by The Others LOST Band. Finally, we report on the last two weeks of production here on The Island, including some never-before-published details from the set.

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  • 0:00:28 Introduction
  • 0:01:36 “LOST” in 8 Minutes
  • 0:09:57 Sponsored by
  • 0:11:22 Discussion
  • 0:40:08 You All Everybody
  • 1:11:58 “Jacob Loves You” by The Others LOST Band
  • 1:14:31 The Forward Cabin
  • 1:25:28 Closing

Next: We’ll cover Episode 7, “Not In Portland” (Juliet), Episode 8, “Flashes Before Your Eyes” (Desmond), and Episode 9, “Stranger in a Strange Land” (Jack). We’d love your feedback! Email us at, call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808, or leave a comment below by Friday, Oct. 2.

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34 Responses to Trans 2009-09-20: Season Three – Episodes 4-6

  1. LostAtSea says:

    Awesome spoilers!

    Thanks so much!

    BUT…what about Shannon?


  2. Knives Monroe says:

    I don’t do taco night!!1

    Just thought this was long over due. Its a tribute video I made for Sayid:

    Lost is amazing. Now after lets hear, this podcast!!

  3. Knives Monroe says:

    Great Podcast as always, I did something I’ve never done before and I heard The Forward Cabin. I am utterly speachless. I won’t spill anything to anyone but… But as Ryan and Jen said, trust them. I will trust the producers and writers. Phew.

    Great Podcast again!


  4. Kendo Jack says:

    Just heard Michael Emerson was finally recognized at the Emmys!! Woohoo!!
    Congrats Ben Linus 🙂

  5. Knives Monroe says:

    Michael Emmerson won the emmy!!! YAY!

  6. notsolost42 says:

    Have you ever considered that the smoke monster killed Mr. Eko because he had killed two of the others on the beach the night of the crash? I think that he judges based on the death of Others. Ben let Alex die but was repentant for his actions, did not do it maliciously and begged forgiveness. He was judged to live. Juliet killed Picket, I believe, and it took Ben, their leader, to make sure she lived and was only branded by her peers. He helped her circumvent judgement by the smoke monster because he, as leader, made the decision about her fate first.

  7. Yann From France says:

    Congratulation to Michael Emmerson!

  8. Yann From France says:

    Amazing podcast!
    Your discussion was AMAZING! Lot’s of interesting ideas and references!
    You all everybody was cool…

    Obviously no talk is allowed about the Forward Cabin, I guess, but it was interesting and it is great to know you have access to all those information… And I have to be amazed again by that… Now a question: Is it possible due to their heavy schedule to film “unused” scene to make us belive things? I guess not but who knows!

    I will do a debriefing of your podcast before the next episodes post…
    By the way: do I post too much? If it’s a problem I will try to make less post.

    Thanks again for this great podcast: the only thought I had after hearing your podcast was: This show is GREAT!!!! I want it back now!!!! (and also a small voice saying: Nooooo it is going to end this year! I wish that this season never starts so that the show never ends!)

  9. MattH says:

    I was listening to the first epdisode of the Season 3 podcasts and was intregued to hear that the code name for Danniel’s charachter during casting was Russell. The reason I found it so interesting is because Russell Farraday is the name the devil-incarnate, Randal Flagg, goes by when he re-materialises on a desert island at the end of the Stand. Interesting!

  10. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    I tried to resist the forward cabin, but alas I am weak.
    Can’t wait.

  11. Mack says:

    Eko committed several acts of violence as a war lord. Although we don’t see exactly what he was doing during those years, it is safe to assume he wasn’t spreading peace and love or running workshops on how to develop successful interpersonal communication.

    His actions got his brother killed. Yet he failed to atone or even admit that he wished he had made better choices with would not have resulted in violent. Eko was using the instance in his youth, saving his brother, to rational everything that happened afterward.

  12. Mack says:

    Eko saved his brother only to get him killed years later.

  13. Ernie Noa says:

    Great podcast. I’m listening along with you. Keep the good stuff coming.

  14. LostNTonic says:

    Looking forward to catching up with the Season 3 episodes and this podcast this week. I’m trying to re-watch ALL seasons before season 6 begins again in January. I’m almost caught up with you all (finishing season 2 and starting 3 tonight). I’ll be back to post more soon.

    One thing I have noted so far in watching the episodes from season 1 & 2 already is that I can see the Jack-Kate-Sawyer dynamic in a whole different light and knowing what’s to come for that triangle of madness I have to say it does seem as if Kate’s true gut emotions have always been deeper for Sawyer and Jack has always been a bit of an after thought, like a security blanket to fall back on. Don’t know how it will all turn out in the end (but I’m rooting for Juliet and Sawyer).

    I can’t wait to hear the Forward Cabin! All the cryptic references in the previous posts have me intrigued.

  15. Christy in TX says:

    Regarding the “judgment” and death of Mr. Eko Vs the “judgment” of life of Ben: I have been listening to podcasts on college courses regarding Greek mythology and culture (due to a feeling that Jacob and DeadLocke *might* be some type of mythological characters we know of) and I learned that in ancient Greek society, “judgment” for people’s actions were based on their actions alone, not necessarily the justification for those actions. So, if Mr. Eko thought he was justified in the murdering, drug-dealing, and impersonating of a priest, it was not likely that the “judgment” would take into consideration the motives he had for these actions and whether or not the motives led to the ends justifying the means. And really, although I love Mr. Eko, I have to say that murdering all those people to save one person would not likely be considered for “The Greater Good” in most modern societies.
    Ben, on the other hand, appeared to be truly repentant for his actions and to realize that his motives were not pure, that he let Alex die in order to not surrender to Keamy (Although, using “The Greater Good” argument, allowing her death likely saved the lives of all the remaining humans on the island) and he wanted Sun to forward his apologies to Desmond if she could.

    I love that you guys are covering season 3, it’s easy to forget some of the subtleties we were once so familiar with.
    I wish I had an ounce of self-control and could skip the Forward Cabin, but I think that just like last year, I will listen to that section until January, when I get a HUGE LOST fix from season 6 starting!

    Christy in TX

  16. bluedog1121 says:

    When you both said you don’t think Juliet and Sarah look anything alike, I had to laugh, remembering the first time I watched the episode. When the camera zooms in on Juliet and we see her face for the first time, my husband said, “Are we supposed to know who this is?” I replied, “It’s Jack’s ex-wife.” My husband thought I was nuts. I don’t think they look anything alike now, knowing Juliet as well as we do. But back then I thought they were so similar.

    Questions from “Not in Portland”: What was Ethan doing in Rachel’s — apartment? hospital? what was that place, anyway? Does Ethan have something to do with Rachel’s illness or pregnancy? Who had the initial interest in Juliet? Jacob? Ben? Richard? I don’t have any good theories, so I’d like to hear anyone else’s!

  17. Yann From France says:

    @bluedog: Ethan works for Ben. We know that Ben has several “field” agent off Island and that they keep an eye on other people (the guy that taped the video of Widmore beating an other guy working for Ben; Tom knew where to find Michael …). I guess before taking someone among the group they do some background search and they follow him around to know him better. Ethan did that to Kate. That’s why we see him so often during this episode. And who would you send to recruit other than Richard? Ben? While Widmore is out Island? I don’t think so… (And we have seen Richard going to see Locke to test him before recruiting (and Locke failed))

    Ethan has nothing to do with the cancer. Juliet solved the pregnancy thing and that’s why she got recruited.
    But most interesting question: Who wanted Juliet?
    Richard: Told Locke that Ben is not addressing the real “issues” of the Island, being obsessed about something else… And what is this thing? The pregnancies! (poor Ben lost his mother this way). So if Richard doesn’t think this is important why would he recruit Juliet?
    Jacob: … Ok I said this before: The lists are not Jacob’s! The Cabin has been used for some time now by someone else. I already expressed my feeling about the choices of leader. Now let’s talk about the recruits… Who are we sure got recruited? Mihail! Does he look like a “good” guy?
    Ben: Obsessed with pregnancy, in love with Juliet persona… I mean, the answer is quite obvious I guess.

  18. Yann From France says:

    Oups… I said Kate while I meant Juliet obviously!

    Just a thought: During first season we see the monster digging out trees… What else could it been DIGGING(!) for? Ok what kind of thing is connected to the monster and that is put underground usually? YEP! The monster was looking for corpses to use all along!
    That is why we have not seen him digg since season 1… He had met John and Eko (and Juliet and Kate later where “flashed” also… 2girls having issues and quite easily manipulable: Juliet with her sister (did she really had cancer a second time? I don’t think so! But nice way to keep her on Island Ben!) and Kate with her mother (back then)).

    The first flash, he knows their memories.
    Now some proof Jacob is not in charge for a long time:
    1_ The purge. Ben kills all his past and his father and have all mighty faith in “Jacob” and the other. 2 good points for AJ. Ben trusts him enough to do his bidding, killing his father and everything might be a good way to make him want to kill Jacob when things won’t go well.
    2_ And this time a real proof and not just an idea… Ok, the monster tried with Eko and failed. Now he goes back to John. He knows John is ready to be used… but he needs to “judge” him as he did Eko last time. How can he do that? Well… Like he did with Ben! Let’s see if this guy is ready to kill his own father to follow Jacob as a leader!

    Now my proof? It’s in a few episode… “”The Man From Tallahassee” to be brought on Island. WHY? The ONLY explanation is “Jacob”/AJ asked Ben to bring him! (who else could ask that to Ben and who else would want to bring him?) And so Tom, while he visited Michael, went to Tallahassee to pick him up.
    Everything fits! (maybe just because I wish it obviously) but I don’t see how they can make all the peaces come together otherwise! (but I’d love to be surprised!)

  19. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Blue Dog stole my thunder. There is something very off about that opening scene. Juliet’s on the beach, suggestive of the island. She passes Ethan in a clinical Dharma corridor and Rachel’s room is hatch-like rather than the bright, upper floor apartment we see later. This again suggests the island setting. But then Juliet pulls back the proverbial curtain and we get a panoramic view of Miami. Dharma has a beachfront bunker with a large bay window on such prime real estate? In addition, the timeline is off. Juliet doesn’t meet Ethan until Alpert introduces them well after she has informed Edmund Burke that she’s cracked the pregnancy problem. Finally, the emotional resonance is all wrong. No longer joyous about her work with Rachel, we see Juliet crying on the beach. She barely acknowledges Ethan in the hallway, if at all. The record that had been playing has reached its end. And the way she handles the little black bag almost has the feel of euthanasia, but at the very least, what she’s doing with Rachel is causing her anguish. Is this a flash lateral? Is Miami somehow an illusion?

    Guys, where are we?

  20. RachelB says:

    Just heard the latest Transmission “Forward Cabin”. omg. What to say. Thank you for those incredible spoilers! I love it and hate it at the same time. You guys are the absolute king and queen of LOST podcasts. Thank you!

  21. Rich in Cleveland says:

    Ok. Ethan instead meets Jules immediately after the news that Rachel is pregnant. I’ll have to wait until we watch “One of Us” again to see if this opening segment could fit in the timeline. I don’t remember any suggestion that Ethan and others had been working with Juliet. However, I do remember that there were smiles all around at the point of Juliet’s departure which doesn’t agree with the emotional distress seen in “Not in Portland.”

    I find Juliet’s personality in the flashbacks of this episode very interesting as well. She’s so timid and lets her ex-husband walk all over her. The part where she’s cowering on the floor while he brazenly entertains a girl he’s auditioning as her replacement is the height of humiliation. So what turns Juliet into the ninja warrior with ice water in her veins, who would have shot Kate in a heartbeat or who calls Jack’s bluff without flinching? She’s calm and composed no matter how intense the pressure. I think she undergoes whatever happened to Ben in the temple because he shares many of these same charcteristics, including his ability to overpower almost anyone with just his whack-it wand. It’s this lost “innocence” that Juliet cries for in the mirror while listening to “Downtown.”

  22. Carol says:

    Looking forward to the next podcast, I watched the first six episodes last fall and could’t face watching them again, I just hated the whole cage storyline. The other plotlines back at the camp were good but couldn’t take Sawyer being beaten for six episodes again. It’ll be interesting to watch the brainwashing of Carl again, now that we know who Jacob is. I’ll be trying to slow mo the video he watches.

    re: Jacob’s list, maybe it wasn’t people that were “good” maybe it was people he knew couldn’t make a difference re: his island mission. Maybe the list was people he just wanted out of the way and protected by the “others” such as children.

  23. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Ep. 7: Ben waking is the creepiest Ben moment, ever. Makes me wonder if the Island have something to do with it.
    Best Line was Alex’s: After Sawyer asks if digging holes is a hobby, “Yep, that and basketweaving. Want one?”

    Ben manipulates Jack and Juliet in much the same way (with promise of leaving the Island), this is how they Bond. Both always doing the wrong thing for the right reasons or is it the other way?- Doing the right things for the wrong ones?

    Lingering Question: What is the true meaning of Karl’s brainwashing? Was this done to all of the others? How long had Karl been on the Island? Did Juliet also go through this?
    btw: Juliet shooting Danny reminded me of Michael shooting Libby, almost like it was something each had to do to get the ‘job’ done.

  24. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Ep. 8
    Best lines, Charlie, “They need shocking amounts of pornography.”
    to Desmond,”We ARE on an island, this is England.” and “This is why we don’t do drugs.”

    Loved the chemistry of Des and Penny. Great transitions from scene to scene throughout.

    Crackpot theory: When the Island flashes in Season 5, it seems to be to pivotal moments eg Clare giving birth, John opening the hatch etc. Maybe these are the Loop hole moments that Anti-Jacob takes advantage of.

    Lingering question: What exactly happened to Desmond when he turned the key? Is this the only “great” thing he ever does?

    Desmond’s time travel reminded me of Journeyman (RIP).

    Was Charles’ humiliation of Desmond part of the plan for him to get back to the Island? Like Hawking trying to dissuade Desmond from buying the ring? Are they (Charles and Hawking) working for the same purpose or on opposite sides?

  25. soko says:

    Rich in Cleveland
    I think that Juliet is more than just a doctor that they tricked into coming there. She may have been indoctrinated into their silly Otherton world in a way that we don’t know yet. That’s why Ben says she will always be one of us. That’s why she is branded. Jack is just manipulated into being there.

  26. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Ep 9. I didn’t much care for it the first time and nearly fast fowarded through much of it, but some things grabbed me this time. Best bits were the on Island stuff. But the juxtaposition of Juliet’s branding with Jack’s was pretty cool.

    Favorite Quotes by Sawyer: “You got a map you’re not showing me, Magellan?”
    “Sure you are, Bobby. Bobby, Bobby the Brady Bunch?” to a perplexed Karl.

    Favorite exchange:
    Jack “I’d be much more impressed with you people if you had a good surgeon.”
    Ben, “Ethan was our Surgeon”

    Big question: Karl “WE give them [the kids they took] a better life. Better than yours.” What does this mean? How? Where (or when) are they?

  27. Rich in Cleveland says:

    “Eagle flying high cleaves the sky” is the literal translation of Jack’s tattoo according to Lostpedia, not the “he walks among us…” interpretation Isabel offers. A misperception on top of a miscommunication. The 5 belongs to M. Fox, but I believe the rest can be attributed to Darlton, so it’s no accident.

  28. Yann From France says:

    Ok… Time is running out so let’s start:

    Waw the 7 and 8th episode are just PACKED with information! How to start?
    The 9th episode will be quite more easy to manage (being the most useless episode ever… but I will tell my opinion latter)

    Episode 7: Not In Portland
    Ethan is keeping an eye on Juliet… Being the Other’s doctor, he is the best suited for this job! Him telling her hello in a dark corridor is just a mind game for the viewers until the revelation that they are in Miami! Richard even reconise that by saying they know about her sister because they have checked on her.
    The must fun part (and in my opinion the best death scene in Lost) is the bus! Another car accident!!! Now it is quite fun but it raises a great question: How? We still don’t know, and I guess Richard may have other “power” than just being ageless… That or the main question of the show: Fate? or manipulation?
    The other big thing for me is the orange juice… Until next season, and appart from Kate, nobody seems to know how they have reached the Island!
    Last thing on Juliet: Used by her leader and wanting to leave the Island whatever the cost… And now? She turned the sub the other way around and she dates Sawyer! What a change!

    Funny that Ben didn’t leave the Island for surgery while he knew about it, and accesses outside since he knew the communications for the sub were jammed and not really broken. Why? Fear of Widmore? To keep the Others under his control (as stated latter)? Stange choice if it leads him to die! And why ask Michael to bring Jack and the others BEFORE the sky turned purple then?

    Ok now the part I liked best: Room 23
    Hanso, DeGroot, “God loves you as He loved Jacob”, “only fools are enslaved by time and space”…
    It reminds me of The Prisonner! The best show ever (for now). But really… who made this video and for what purpose?
    We know it is used to brain wash Karl (and maybe Walt also). So it is used by the Others… then why Hanso and DeGroots are shown?! Why “loved” which would mean that Jacob is an outcast?

  29. Yann From France says:

    Now the BIG one! My favorite episode. The “destiny” episode!
    The rules don’t apply to him… because he is bond by destiny.
    But I am starting by the conclusion. Let’s talk:

    Episode 8: Flashes Before Your Eyes
    Ok. Let’s talk “time travel”. We know 3different time travel in lost:
    _The one where you know, past, present and future because your living your life again (now… and Daniel Faraday machine when he used it on him)
    _The one where your mind goes back and forth and you don’t know when you are eventually (the sickness and Daniel Faraday machine on the rat and on his girlfriend)
    _The one where your personna is moving through time (the skipping record)

    And I just found out how Miss Hawking knows! My problem is: Desmond will tell Faraday how to use the machine in the futur… Then how could Miss Hawking knows what is going to happen BEFORE that event. But because she is reliving her life the same way Desmond is doing now! But she thinks like Farday when he first found out with his machine: Destiny can’t be changed, the universe will course correct. Faraday will discover otherwise only hours before being killed and his mother will never know.

    But more than the mythology this episode is EMOTIONNAL! And the last scentense even more so! Desmond is my no1 character but most of all… Henry Ian Cusick is a wonderful actor!

    Ho I just found out a proof that the “food drop” is not due to time difference (and improve my theorie that it is “dimenssion different”): Widmore pregnancy test! Widmore was still an Other by the Dharma time, he left afterward to build his empire.
    Looking forward for more Widmore/Desmond interaction… maybe we will learn he used him just the way Hawkins used Faraday and that he likes him… Anything is possible!

  30. Yann From France says:

    And now for something completely different:
    Episode 9: Stranger in a Strange Land aka the most useless episode
    Jack Flashback???? no explanation why he wanted so badly this tattoo and what it is suppose to mean! (useless!)
    Isabel that looks like a futur important character… never came back! (useless!)
    The tail section coming to see Jack… you know what? I am sure we will never hear about that anymore! (useless!)
    Juliet “Marked”! I thought it would be used at least during the Dharma stuff so they know she was an Other or something but you know what? (useless!)
    Karl/Kate/Sawyer… Well we know where they are going and going to do! This episode doesn’t bring anything here either (useless!)

    Conclusion… is useless

  31. Yann From France says:

    Juliet “Marked” maybe the explanation why she moved through time while the Others didn’t… Waw! This episode may have just one intersting thing (but it is only a theory)

  32. soko says:

    this was a really creepy episode, both at the time it aired and looking back now.
    They tricked Juliet into coming to the island and held her there to work for them by holding the safety of her family over her head. She would also continue to help the pregnant women because that was who she was. She also knew this of Jack. That’s why she knew that he wouldn’t let Ben die that way.
    This time around I started to think that Juliet was captive in just the same way that Jack was. What she didn’t have, was the bargaining chip of Ben’s life, to play, for her escape off of the island.


    Was old lady Hawking a time traveler as well?
    She’d have to be. The part that plays with my mind is – The Jewelry store was someplace that Des didn’t go the first time that he lived that period of his life, so it wasn’t a place that she would know to find him. How does she know to be there the second time around in order to change his mind? How does she know when? She knew all of Desmond’s plans and how he would factor into the entire story. Was she there just to stop him from changing the past? did it have to do with Faraday’s book? Did Faraday have notes on Desmond? does Desmond ever tell anyone?

    Desmond realizes that he CAN change the past as he did so by accident in the bar…
    but the universe has a way of course correcting… will this be the story of our 815 Losties? will the universe put them back on the island even after Faraday’s plan? (yes Faraday’s plan… not Jack’s)


    But I did remember Bai Ling… nuff said

    the stewardess, the kids… there to watch? I still don’t get that. We have to get the answers to their whole situation. 1 episode that deals with the kidnapped group. Much like the episode that caught us up with the other half of the Losties.

    and.. no thud in that episode.

  33. says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    I really enjoyed watching these three episodes. I think they are proof that Season 3 got waaaay better after the cage match episodes. Here’s my random thoughts:

    Not in Portland:

    First of all, Miami looks a lot like San Diego. I’m going to be in Miami next month, I’ll have to verify it with my own eyes, but when Juliet pulled back that curtain I would have *bet* it was San Diego. Maybe a tip of the hat to ComicCon? Or just that I’ve been to San Diego dozens of times (my Dad lives there) and haven’t been to Miami in 20 years.

    When Ben became conscious during surgery, my reaction was “WTF????? How does THAT happen?”

    When Kate was “re-telling” Jack the story he told her in the pilot over the walkie, it seemed to cement their bond as more “cerebral” than her bond with Sawyer, which seems more physical.

    This is one of my favorites because it’s where Juliet’s character becomes complicated and sympathetic. She has become one of my favorite characters on the show and it started here.


    I loved this episode when it first aired and I loved re-watching it again. This is where time travel was first introduced. This is when we were sure we were not watching just a show about a plane crash. OK, maybe we knew that from episode 1, but this really put it over the top as sci-fi for me.

    This is where we hear for the first time that Desmond is “special.” Gotta love that!

    Mrs. Hawking’s appearance (her first, right?) is really bizarre, but I loved it.

    The Marina scene in which Desmond and Penny have their picture taken – is that a foreshadowing of the big scene in L.A. in Season 5 where Ben threatens to kill Penny and gets beaten to a pulp by Desmond? Watching this episode now, I immediately thought of that Season 5 scene.

    It’s very sad to me to know that Mrs. Hawking’s words are so sure and definitive when she states that pushing the button is the only worthwhile thing Desmond will ever do and that he does not belong with Penny (I’m paraphrasing). She seems so resolute. I hope against hope that she is WRONG about this.

    Desmond’s line to Charlie (again paraphrasing), “no matter what I do, you’re gonna die Charlie” is a Lost classic.

    Was never crazy about this episode, but I didn’t hate it as much as everyone else. The one scene that stood out for me when it first aired and again on this re-watch was the scene with Cindy and the kids looking at Jack in the cage like they were at a zoo. I sure hope they explain what happened to Cindy and the kids and why they were so strange in that scene, but somehow I think that will go down as one of the unanswered questions.

    Well, I’ve been enjoying the re-watch and look forward to the next 3. Thanks so much for the great podcast.

    Best Regards,

  34. sEAN says:

    Your spoilers from “Jay” are Foilers. Christian is alive and Locke is Not in a wheelchair.

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