Trans 2009-07-24: “Comic-Con Day 2”


A short podcast for Day 2 of Comic-Con, checking in with some of our friends. Jay and Jack from The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack and NuDia.TV, Colleen McAllister of ChuckCast and, Ralph of The Lostiles, and Cliff, a.k.a. “The Hybrid.” Coming to you almost live from the vast Sails Pavilion at the San Diego Convention Center.

Also, check out our Comic-Con Blog.

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Photos from Friday:

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One Response to Trans 2009-07-24: “Comic-Con Day 2”

  1. Nancy says:

    Ryan and Jenn, can’t wait to listen to the ComicCon podcast on my boring drive up to Tahoe tomorrow, which will be so much more interesting with your company!
    Many thanks!! Next season I’m going to be more active by calling in. Enjoy yourselves!!

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