Next: “Some Like It Hoth” (Episode 5×13)

After aligning herself with the minority in being disappointed in last week’s episode, Jen said tonight that she loved “Some Like It Hoth.” We both agreed it was hardly a deep, rich exploration of characters and mythology. It was a generous helping of fan fodder, chock full of little epiphanies and truly golden one-liners to keep us grinning throughout. Wrapped in the comfortable and traditional flashback structure, we finally get some of Miles’ backstory. We cross a few items off the “mystery” checklist. We get a glimpse of the coming “war” and the likely collapse of our survivors’ DHARMA ruse. And at the closing thud, Dan Faraday returns, likely with a hell of a story to tell… in two weeks.

First, the fun stuff. The unlikely buddy team of Hurley and Miles was as great as we’d imagined (and as was hinted during the time travel debate a couple of weeks ago). Miles was the straight man, but still wickedly wry. And Hurley was in top form. From stopping global warming to pre-writing “The Empire Strikes Back,” from possibly bringing us the closest to a “fart joke” we’ve ever seen on this show to his gleeful meddling between Dr. Chang and Miles, Jorge Garcia has never been more funny, and perfectly in sync with “LOST” fans. Was it a bit much? A touch of pandering? Jen doesn’t think so… though I can see how a grumpier fan looking for more forward motion might have felt a bit annoyed.

I thought Miles’ journey was well presented, though necessarily compressed. Tortured by his ability as a child, he grew to exploit it. He was also, like just about everyone on “LOST,” simmering with daddy issues. (Jen and I agreed, young punk Miles was wonderfully depicted.) Bram’s pitch in the black van didn’t penetrate his armor, but Hurley’s “Star Wars” metaphor at the DHARMA van did. And the scene where he sees his father reading to him was powerful. Dr. Chang has consistently been depicted as a grouch (and a “douche”), a reputation that even guarded Miles must have been familiar with. So to suddenly see him genuinely happy, perhaps only when he’s with baby Miles, said a lot. When Dr. Candle comes out to tell older Miles that he needs him? When Miles’ voice falters? Yeah, they got me.

Did Dr. Candle throw his wife and son out, or off the island? I’m thinking no. Perhaps she fled with baby Miles. But from what?

As for the reveals? They were doled out with great efficiency. Miles is Dr. Chang’s infant son. It’s possible to see yourself in the past (but physical contact may still be a problem). Miles wanted $3.2 million from Ben as he was trying, for the second time, to double his money from Widmore. Widmore was genuinely investigating the faked plane wreckage… though whoever was behind it is still unclear. And is that mysterious person or group behind trying to talk Miles out of joining Naomi’s expedition? Because that entity is also behind Ilana’s mission in 2007 (linked by the brilliantly-named Bram).

“The Reconstituted DHARMA Initiative” of the futurepresent is as good a theory as any.

It was a fun ride. But the path ahead looks to be a deliciously treacherous one. First of all, Kate is back to form, flapping her gums and toppling the first domino of doubt that’ll likely lead to our survivors’ expulsion from the DHARMA Initiative. And, yes, Daniel Faraday is back, returning from Ann Arbor as a Swan-assigned DHARMA scientist. How and why he ended off island will be almost as interesting to explore as what he’s ultimately up to. We only know he arrived, broken, in Othersville in 1974, and sometime later got inside The Orchid just as the frozen wheel was discovered. Is he trying to change something? We’re told “whatever happened, happened,” but if anyone’s going to break that particular rule, it’s him.

  • Favorite Hurley moment? His interaction with Dr. Chang where they discus polar bear feces. Favorite Hurley line? “It all could have been avoided if they just… communicated.” No truer words are there for “LOST” — or for just about any dramatic story.
  • I can’t wait for Jack to find his moment, to be “activated” a la Ilana… because his shuffling around is seriously getting on my nerves. The scene where he delivers his intel to Sawyer then quietly walks out left me scratching my head. And his defense of Kate to Roger was pretty weak. What could he have said to chill Roger out? How about, “She had a son, but lost him. She doesn’t ever want to talk about it. She just feels deeply for Ben, and for you.”
  • Lots of numbers in this episode, including (finally) the numbers, being stamped into the hatch. There was the $1.6 and $3.2 million, of course, and the 3:16 on the microwave in the opening scene. Mr. Vonner was found dead in apartment four. They also clearly showed Miles’ older, bedridden mother lived in apartment 7… but earlier it seemed as if she came running from an apartment a few doors down from apartment 104.
  • Music was prominent in this episode, too. Albert Hammond’s “It Never Rains In Southern California” and Captain & Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together.” Plus a reference to Miles Davis. Dr. Chang loves country (hence “Shotgun Willie” in the opening scene of Season 5).
  • Locations: The apartment complex and the taco stand are both in Aiea, makai of Pearlridge, next to Pearl Kai Shopping Center.

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  1. Carol says:

    Bill in Chicago, you crack me up. Great comment.

    Miles question: Back in Season 4, what was with the “device” that Miles used with “talking” with the dead drug dealer. At that time it also seemed like he was talking to a spirit. He asked a question, and the wall started thumping where the money and drugs were hidden. Plus after he took the money he said “you can go now, you are scaring your mother”, sounds like a ghost to me. This does not match up with his current abilities.

  2. Mike says:

    Vag: i don’t think Miles ever saw any orientation videos, i think Hurley was just thinking out loud i believe. I think Miles will be the one to convince Candle to send his wife and young-Miles to the main land.

    Carol: i agree it doesn’t jive with the explanation of Miles’ ability in last nights episode. Perhaps the “device” and all you described was part of Miles’ making money con; like with the father’s cremated son.

  3. ntbtlost65 says:

    ok just for the the purpose of patting myself on the back I knew it was Farady for the final thud. ok I have read all the posts so far and they all say dr. Chang swept up mom and Miles for safety. I did not get that perception. especially the way his mother kept telling him his father was dead.I think either aka “star Wars” his father changed Anakin to Darth Vader” hence the “Star Wars” reference, and she escaped to save her son.or she survived the purge ,but that would have Miles older than a baby hmm. I also think that faraday came back to save Charlotte and he figured out a way .and am I wrong or did Naomi tell Miles during his “Interview” that dead people were walking around the Island since i do not have a dvr i have to go and re -watch on Hulu. Just for the record I loved the scene with Hurley baiting Miles when him and dr. Chang were in the van both baby named Miles hmm

  4. DocJKM says:

    Dear Jen,

    Sorry about placing an extra, and erroneous, ‘n’ in your name on last post.

    I promise, it won’t happen again!

    To forgive-divine.

  5. TVSciFi says:

    # Carol Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 7:16 am

    Miles question: Back in Season 4, what was with the “device” that Miles used with “talking” with the dead drug dealer. At that time it also seemed like he was talking to a spirit. He asked a question, and the wall started thumping where the money and drugs were hidden. Plus after he took the money he said “you can go now, you are scaring your mother”, sounds like a ghost to me. This does not match up with his current abilities.

    You are so right! Another weird thing about that scene, when he goes up to the dead kid’s room, he passes pictures hanging on the wall by the stairs. When Miles comes down the pictures have changed slightly. Just like the picture of Penny and Desmond had changed slightly. I’m thinking now it was more than a continuity error. (Or like when Charlie said he couldn’t swim, but later he could.) It as if time is being changed, but only slightly. Maybe someone messed with time in way that Miles lost some of his ability to talk to the dead.

  6. Carol says:

    Plus didn’t one of the pictures in that house have Eko’s brother Yemi in it?

    I also remember now that in the comic con video, Chang knew they were all doomed and he mentioned the baby crying, I think at that time, he must have sent his wife and son away to save them. He seemed pretty panicked.

  7. meg says:

    Finally! Jack communicates. I like how instead of doing the normal Jack thing he went straight to Sawyer and Juliet to tell them something that could be important. Traditionally he’s been the most guilty of holding back vital information, so it’s nice to see him let go of some of his control issues. I also can’t wait to see what happens to get him into ‘go mode’. Maybe something with Christian or Claire?

  8. DocJKM says:

    1977. Remember sitting in my girlfriends bedroom, and listening to her ideas about what the Star Wars sequel should be like. Hell, I was kickin in my own ideas, too. What a time warp to be brought back there by Jorge. Who actually did it. I hope he’s got that notebook on the next sub to GL!

  9. Bomir from MTL says:

    I too like the idea that Miles will get to talk to Chang and the result will be to send mom and baby out of the Island to safety.
    Miles is set to fight this war alonside his dad…
    Why would this mom refrain from telling Myles about the Island?

    Lets reflect on the third party abducting Miles in 2004 and plotting with guns on the Hydra island in 2007
    Eloise has left the Island and it appears not at the same time as Charles (circa 1992-93)
    Before the purge, was Richard the only Hostile/other able to leave the Island?
    So best guess is Ellie left on the sub too after the purge.
    Widmore knows where Ellie lives in LA. How would he know she left the Island? Because she left before he did?
    Does he know about the Lamppost and the windows for going back to the Island? If he did, I guess he would have tried to use it
    Ellie took over the LampPost from the DI (remember she is an Other)

    When Bram is contacting Miles, it is shortly before he joins the freighter crew (2004)
    Now 3 years later, Bram and Ilana are on A316. It has to be based on the Ellie’s knowledge from the LampPost
    Why did the Bram/Ilana wait till 2007 to use this A316 window ? There had to be other windows of oportunity during these 3 years

    If they were DI, they would have known all the time about the LampPost and that it was operated by someone who was not one of them (DI)
    It seems unlikely that Eloise would help out the O6 going back and at the same time partner with the Bram/Ilana group to take the A316. Seems we have conflicting agendas here…
    Could it be that the Bram/Ilana group sneaked into the LampPost and discovered Eloise findings about this window?
    Whitout her realizing it?
    Could the DI and Elise have both been using the LampPost without each others awareness ?
    They being from a newly reformed DI doesnt seem to add up…
    But still they were flying to Guam on A316
    while seemingly knowing how to get to the Island in 2004
    Again I ask Why wait 3 years to invade the Island?

    Come to think of it
    what the hell would they be invading with guns ?
    Seems like Dharmaville has been deserted…
    Like suggested in a previous post
    this war wil not be fought in 2007…

  10. Bonita (from Atlanta) says:

    @Mike: You brought up how Hawking said they must bring everyone of the 06’rs back trying to repeat the same conditions. This could just be a ruse to get John Locke’s body back (how else could it get there?)

    Personally, though I liked the episode, it wasn’t my favorite. It looks better to me after reading all these posts. Thanks R&J and everyone who posts here for enhancing my LOST experience.

  11. John Fischer says:

    I was thinking about the guys who kidnapped Miles. Pretty mild kidnappers don’t you think? Come with us and learn all you want to learn. Don’t go on the freighter. Sorry, no money. OK, goodbye. Not exactly the way I would imagine that Widmore or Ben would handle the situation. They would not have dumped Miles off on the road, they would have dumped him in the river with cement boots.

  12. chawan_cut says:

    the taco stand is actually Miki’s a cheap plate lunch place in Pearl City, on Lehua Ave. its open late at night. good food.
    did you guys see what was writen on the chalkboard that Jack was erasing? a lesson on Egyptian history of writing.

  13. Julia says:

    Two main questions to present:

    1.) Now we know that both Miles and Charlotte lived on the island while children. Who else can be added on this list? Daniel?

    2) Mile’s bedridden mother appeared to have cancer and using chemo (loss of hair). Could this be related to “jughead” buried on the island and some how she was exposed to the radiation? Is the “incident” related to any of this?

  14. MRPEMSTAR says:

    What was Jack thinking???

    That scene where he was talking to Roger?

    OMG “Kate is a friend of mine”.

    I appreciate him wanting to protect Kate, but has he forgot WHERE/WHEN HE IS?

    I can see a conspiricy brewing!!

    ~ THE Pemstar Initiative ~

  15. NuckinFuts says:

    Hello everyone! Here is an excerpt on a wacky theory of mine from the archives…funny how it started w/ Backgammon & led to Egypt & The Book of the Dead….and some of this may actually be taking shape…

    Subject: LOST THEORY – ( massively edited version to save everyone some pain )

    Nuckinfuts Says:
    May 5th, 2007 at 1:14 pm

    Backgammon : Here’s a thought

    Backgammon has been around a long time, with origins dating back possibly 5000 years. The oldest remnants of any ancient board game ever unearthed however are those of Senet, found in Predynastic and First Dynasty burials of Egypt[2], circa 3500 BC and 3100 BC respectively.
    By the time of the New Kingdom in Egypt (1567–1085 BC), it had become a kind of talisman for the journey of the dead. Consequently, Senet boards were often placed in the grave alongside other useful objects for the dangerous journey through the afterlife and the game is referred to in Chapter XVII of the Book of the Dead.
    Book of the Dead :
    Chapter 125 is probably the best-known segment of the Book of the Dead. It deals with the dead soul’s judgment by Osiris and his 42 judge deities.
    The deceased soul must recite the “declaration of innocence” which is addressed to Osiris and consists of the denial of a series of wrong-doings in order to assure Osiris that he has lived a decent life. ( Remind anyone of Ecko? Ben? )

    And yada yada yada….
    My favorite response!!! :
    1. ¿¿¿ Says:
    May 5th, 2007 at 3:46 pm
    You take the show to seriously man… live your life stop always thinking about Lost… you will finish at the same place then Hurley and Libby

    Well…he’s right. But I really liked this episode and LOST was back to it’s old form. I also love how the producers know that so many of us are looking for Easter Eggs and then for Jack to be erasing the blackboard with all the great Egypt stuff on it…will have to find some screen caps.

    Love the Podcast – Brian / NuckinFuts ~ Atlanta, GA

  16. “I don’t know about you, brother, but every time I walk past that wall, my fillings hurt.” –Desmond. But would this really happen? If I get an MRI, are my fillings going to shoot through my brain. Explanations?

    Good questions about the unanswered mysteries of travel to and from the island. I’ve always asked myself: why a sub? Why not just a boat or plane? What if only a sub can reach an unknown entry point, the inverse of the exit point found in Tunisia? Remember when Ethan said the voyage was “kind of intense.” Doesn’t that sound like Ben & Locke’s experience in Tunisia? In this way, the island could continuosly drift in space/time, yet you would always be able to reach it through the other end of the worm hole.

    I was able to locate the connection between Widmore industries and the Hanso foundation from earlier ARG’s. Rebecca in Copenhagen asked who was writing the checks for the DI–Widmore. In addition, we have the historical ties of Widmore to Ms. Hawking as well as off-island ties through Brother Campbell and the monastery that supplied Widmore with his high end wine. And where do we find Ms. Hawking but in a DI station? I was fully prepared to say that this new force, the DI itself, served Widmore except that this idea seemed to be contradicted by Bram’s group setting itself up in opposition to Naomi’s expedition. There can be no doubt though that Hawking, whoever she’s aligned with, provided the critical intel that allowed the statue worshippers to join the plane to Shambala. @ Bomir: I think they needed to do more than just hit the window, I think they needed to bring the island something it really wanted in order to get there.

    Defend the island.

  17. NuckinFuts says:

    @ Mike :

    Mike Says:

    April 15th, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    1. Rousseau says before they take Alex from her she sees a “pillar of black smoke” and “whispers”. Which we don’t see or is even implied in this episode. Also, why wouldn’t Rousseau tell Sayid back in season 2 that Ben took her baby all the way back then, instead she just calls him “one of them”.

    – If I remember correctly she did not say this to Sayid when she had captured him. She told this story later when she had seen Aaron. Perhaps she was setting up a plan to take Aaron at the time she said this…using the black smoke and grabbing him like she did. However…I remember she actually caught Ben in her net trap and yet, even though she knew he was actually the one who took Alex, turned him over to 815ers but insisted that he would lie for a long time and he was one of “Them, The Others”. Don’t know why she wouldn’t torture Ben herself?

    2. Also, the Widmore and Rousseau time lines are way off. So Rousseau landed on the island 16 years from 2004, which is 1988. She was 7 months pregnant at the time. and her child was taken shortly after Alex’s birth. So that places this event around 1989-1990. Widmore told Locke he’d been looking for the island for 20 years since his exile. That was roughly 2004-2005, which means he was exiled around 1985, which is roughly 3 year before Rousseau arrived on the island.

    – I think Widmore says “Nearly 20 years”, but not sure. I also thought Locke was told this after he turned the wheel…and it was in 2007. ( The 06 had been back 3 years ). This 3 years minus a little less than 20…call it 19 1/2 make Alex an infant when he was expelled…although she is a child in the swing. However it may have been a little after Alex was abducted when she made the recording. I can’t remember if she said she made it before or after Alex was taken and her team died. She does not mention a baby in the recording and talks more like the team had just been wiped out.

    3. Ben, when he stole Alex, would have probably been around 21-25 years old at the time, given he is assumed to have been 10-12 years old in 1977. Why the heck didn’t they just hire a 20 year old to play Ben? would it have been that costly?

    I guess they had already bought that crazy rat’s nest to put on his head. Haha…

    Hope this helps a little…let me know what you think – NuckinFuts

  18. MLE in Colorado says:

    “doesn’t this make us wonder who ELSE is dead?…” Yes Kevin- I caught that- when she said there are a lot of dead people on the island and I, too, was wondering does she mean all the dead Dharma folks in the ditch? does she mean dead-men walking? she says it to him like its a dead body that Miles can communicate with who will tell him what happened and that leads me to believe she meant dead people who are not walking around but who are in a ditch or some such places.

  19. Knives Monroe says:

    I think Miles is the one that tells his dad to keep his mom and his child (him) safe. This makes sense. Who knows, maybe thats his destiny, or at least why he’s there.

    It would make sense. Obviously Candle loves his wife and child, and would do anything to protect them.

    Miles is the one who tells his father to abandon his wife and kid. Brutallity.

  20. paintergirl1 says:


    In terms of the DI going back and forth using the sub, I believe the answer lies in the “Looking Glass” station. Remember, it sent a sonic ping that allowed the sub to travel. However, Ben ordered that those signals be blocked. Then, the FDW got turned. Who knows what result that had on the station. That could explain why Hawking had to use such extreme measures to relocate the island.

    BTW – What’s wrong with Ewoks? I think they’re sweet :).

  21. Albert says:


    I’m a long time listener, first time commenter. I’m a novelist and screenplay writer working on a storyline that includes a number of “anti-heroes.” In getting a better feel for such a character I looked for examples in film, TV, and literature and was surprised to find one “Ben Linius” from Lost listed as an example. Do you folks think Ben is an “anti-hero”? I know a lot depends on the definition, but none the less – what do you think?

    Love the Podcast!



  22. Carol says:

    John Fisher, I watched the episode again and viewed the kidnapping. Why are all the kidnappers masked except Bram? Bram also acted like a cult member trying to recruit Miles.

    I found the episode was just as funny the second time. I really enjoyed this episode. I also noted that for once Daniel was not wearing a tie!

  23. Yann From France says:

    Just a theory on the newcomers.
    Hawkin probably did not help them knowing they had to be on that specific plane.
    They knew that Miles was about to go on a boat to the Island. How? Hawkin didn’t knew about that (or at least we don’t know if she does yet).
    The important thing is: they knew about him and one thing especially… his powers! And they could tell him more about that! So Hurley, Miles, Walt, Desmon (time “knower”) Richard (immortal?)… even Jacob… that is a lot of superpowered people!
    So here are my two cents: What if there are more of them? What if they know what “lies in the shadow of the statue”? How come they claim to “know” who they are and how to fill the void inside? You know what it sounds to me: Dharma (the real one, the one leading to “awakening/awareness”)… and that would explain why they know about Miles father.

    So the last war is not Ben’s others against Widmore’s others… It will be the on going war of Dharma against Others. Science versus Faith.

  24. Michelle in NY says:

    Very minor point here, I know, but I was actually quite impressed with Jack this episode, and really since the O6 have returned to the Island. I’ve always been a Jack fan, but I’ll be the first to say that all the angst and shouting can become… grating at times. But for the past few episodes, Jack has come across calmer, more confident and generally more peaceful than I ever remember seeing him. It’s like nothing is worrying him, like he’s done his part and is completely content to wait and see where his decision takes him. His ego, it seems, has been largely removed from the equation– which enables him, I think, to make the smarter decisions that he made in this episode, like diffuse Roger and report the situation to Sawyer.

    In short, I’m happy to see Jack developing like this, and I hope we see a successful payoff for it.

  25. Carol says:

    Yann, how do you view the show overseas? Can you watch it through the ABC website or do you have to use itunes? Just curious, thanks! Interesting theory.

  26. I have to disagree with Michelle. I’ve always been in Jack’s corner, but his character is completely useless to me right now. Come on, Jack. Do not go gentle into that good night/ rage, rage aginst the dying of the light.

  27. Russell from California says:

    Excellent episode! Much better than the previous two, imo. We got to see a backstory that we haven’t seen, Hurley was in top form (“You’re just jealous ’cause my power’s better than your’s) and the mythology (the Hatch, the “shadow of the statue” code) was woven into the narrative rather than smacking us around, Smokey style.

    @Rich in Cleveland: I have to side with Michelle on this one. I think the writers are being smart to diminish his role because let’s face it, we all were getting sick of him. But now, the way he’s evolving and being less reactive, I think it’s setting us up for his ultimate return in the final season.

    I still believe Jack = Jacob. And I think that opening image of the whole series will come to represent his eventual “awakening.”

  28. Russell from California says:

    I am also casting my vote for “The Reconstituted DHARMA Initiative” idea with Ilana and Bram as the key figures in that movement. It makes sense. The DI members, as Miles noted, were victims of mass murder. It’s only natural that they’re extended network would one day return to avenge those deaths.

    The DI has also been the main group pushing the “sides” argument. With the sonic fence and their logos everywhere, it is obvious that they like to draw lines between who’s with them and who’s not.

    And think about it, the code question is “what lies in the shadow of the statue?” But in 2007 (the present), that statue has been reduced to a four-toed foot so the people who know that must have ties to a group that was on the Island decades ago, say in the 70s.

  29. Yann From France says:

    Sorry Russell but the statue goes way back: when the orchid station didn’t existed… when a well instead of the station didn’t existed!
    Remember: the guys are at the orchid but a well is there instead they help John down. flash. the well is gone but the statue is there… it’s huge and can’t be missed!

    So, those who knows what lies under the shadow of the statue… either are sons and daughters of Island inhabitants (but then how come could it be DI?), either they mean the fallen statue (and the temple lies beneth and we haven’t seen behind the wall but some dharma will eventelly), either (ok third either, who cares) they “know” past present future due to the Dharma Initiative and that’s why they are sure they are about to win…

    I guess a HUGE point will be made about “past present future” in next episode The Variable (and I guess the Ocean 6 ARE the variable)

  30. Yann From France says:

    And just a last thought:
    Remember the comicon video! We have seen Pierre Chang, we know he knows that their all going to day and nothing can change that… but he still was able to send his son and wife out of the Island.
    We know that Faraday told him because he can be heard through the video.
    Faraday will meet one of the Ocean 6 next episode telling him they came to the Island in 2007 and arrived in 1977. So he will make a tape for 2007… maybe telling in which plane to go to the future Dharma. We know by the information given by Pierre Chang “30 years ago” “president Bush” that it is the date it will be send to.

  31. Yann From France says:

    oups: Pierre Chang is going to die… not day obiously! (now if I start to add bloppers with my english mistakes… soon nobody will understand what I mean! And not just because I have crazy ideas and twisted logic)

    By the way: Go on “Dead is dead” commentaries, I want some opinions on my “Ben is a (over)protector of the Island” theory aka Ben Is Not Bad aka B.I.N.B.

  32. Russell from California says:

    Good points Yann.

    But also, we know the Lost writers like to play with words so maybe it’s “lies” as in to not tell the truth. Could it be everyone’s favorite liar Ben who “lies” in the shadow of the statue?


  33. Russell from California says:

    Or his future corpse perhaps?

  34. John in Texas says:

    I’m with Yann that the ComicCon video plays big into this. It was a “teaser” for this season, and I think we’re now seeing it play out. Whether it’s Miles or Faraday, they both could easily have told Pierre what has/will happen. To earlier posts wondering why a reconstituted DI isn’t arriving until 2007, I think the ComicCon video is also relevant.

    The more I read everyone’s comments, the more I’m liking this episode!

  35. James says:

    Since my last posts were rather critical, I thought I would give credit where it is due. I enjoyed this episode, and found it to be a reprieve from this season’s format.

    Ryan said it best when he called the flashback structure “comfortable.”

    Some great comments on this episode I want to address:

    Rich in Cleveland
    Love this notion that the Empire Strikes Back has more meaning, that it might resonate with a meta-story that the Dharma or some other group could be fighting their own empire.

    Joshua in Sacramento
    An amazing theory that explains so much

    Jason in Tulsa
    Great comment about Australia and Risk. I totally remember that line and always thought it meant something.

    Rebecca in Copenhagen
    Interesting about the Lost Experience and Rachel Burke. I didn’t follow that story line, but I hope that there is more to the numbers and Hanso then only that.

    Circle of Trust?
    Interesting to think there is an elite group within Dharma.

    Looking forward to more theories…

  36. HeyKir in NYC says:

    I can’t remember who said it, but I loved the idea that grown Miles interacting with baby Miles causing the Incident!

    Love the show Jen & Ryan! My friends and I have Lost night and get together each Wednesday, play some RockBand, make dinner together while listening to the Transmission and then watch Lost. Thanks for being a part of our lives!!

    Cheers from NY!

  37. Ilias says:

    Ok, at thud the first thought that came to my mind was “convoluted”.

    I like Hurley and Miles, they are funny and a joy to watch. But I have my problems with pacing and development of the overall story. This story did not have anything really to do with last week’s episode in terms of story flow. It kinda feels like every week we are watching a different, separate, story linked by trivial secondary stories. I mean consider that Ben, Locke, Jin, Sun, Sayid (and yes Rose and Bernard) do not appear in this episode at all. Jack is not the same one we know. It is impossible to keep up the flow of the story this way. These characters ARE the story and they are rarely together and now they are only seen every other episode or so.

    Sure some questions were answered but this info was info that we more or less knew/guessed and at least for the moment seems to be peripheral to the main story.

    About the third group, it made me thing about something that Ben has repeatedly said a few times in the past. He said that they are the good guys, does that mean that there are three groups? The losties, the others and the “bad” ones? I assume that he did not mean the Dharmites because he said that in present time i.e. after the purge. So is this a third as of yet unknown group of people related to the island? If so is it not a little late in the overall story arc to do so? hmmmm…..

    What is up with Jack? He seems so resigned and passive. I understand staying cool and at a certain distance but he seems to be a totally different person and also insignificant, did I miss something?

    Of course skipping next week will not help the story flow either…..

    I still believe in Damon and Carlton so I am not giving up but some venting is good from time to time. 🙂

    As always thanks guys!

    So long,


  38. Yann From France says:

    On who are the “good guys”…
    Apparently Ben thinks the “Jacob’s team”, people who are on the list are “good guys”… and it seems they think so once they are “taken” to the temple. Cindy and the children are an exemple, Rousseau’s boyfriend Robert.
    And apparently being a good guys means: having no problem seeing a fellow inprisoned for no reason or killing your girlfriend while telling her that everything is aOK.
    But Richard said: once you go there you lose your innocence.

    So I think if your on Jacob’s list your a good guy. Otherwise your a nuisance… killing you is the best way to deal with you. Ben was not a good leader according to “Friendly” Tom because he did order him not to kill the losties.

  39. bluedog1121 says:

    In the scene with Juliet, Sawyer, and Jack, Juliet’s shirt is a flaming bright RED.

    It’s the only thing with any color that stands out during the scene.

    Hmmm, unfortunate color choice, Juliet! I say her days are numbered.

    One question for Ryan and Jen! What are you guys going to do during the hiatus? I know that I for one would love, love, love, love for you do do a rewatch for either season 1 or 3. Your season 2 shows were so great, and I’d love to get your thoughts on those seasons as well. 🙂

  40. Mark says:

    Can the future be changed, as Hurley believes? … or, is Miles correct? – that whatever happens has already happened and nothing can be changed.

    Plus, what about Penny and Desmond? Why is there such as long delay in their part of the story?

    Finally, Miles seeing his dad reminded me of Field of Dreams, where Kevin Costner’s character gets to meet his “dead” dad.

  41. Carol says:

    A thought, is there a main character that doesn’t have father issues? We don’t know about Juliet’s or Desmond’s parents, but it seems like everyone else has a father that they have issues with or that died when they were young. Does this make all them vulnerable to Jacob?

    Also wondering if anyone remembers what the symbol looks like that branded Juliet an “other”. Does anyone have a screencap? Have we seen any one else with the same tatoo?

  42. paintergirl1 says:

    I think we are to assume father issues are a must.

    Did anyone see what book Dr. Chang read to little Miles? It’s “Me and My Polar Bear.” Classic!

  43. Russell from California says:

    good catch paintergirl.

    As for the theory about Miles getting too close to baby Miles and causing the incident, I can definitely see that being true. The way Chang says “incident” without going into detail might suggest that it is something personal to him. And also, the whole video with the bunnies had to be done for a reason so it would make sense that Chang would become obsessed with figuring out how to prevent this from happening.

    Also, I think we’re going to find out next week that the Variable is Desmond. I think the Variable is going to be this season’s Constant and we will learn from Faraday why Desmond is special and how him and him alone can do these that alter the future.

  44. John Fischer says:

    Bluedog said “In the scene with Juliet, Sawyer, and Jack, Juliet’s shirt is a flaming bright RED.”

    I think you may be right on target there.

  45. Bryan says:

    After reading your synopsis, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one getting irritated with Jack. He’s so deadpan now, I just don’t get it. It’s either very clever writing and acting, or Matthew Fox really has tired of the show and he’s just going through the motions.

    Either way, it’s really annoying. I figured that Jack would be trying to figure things out when they got back to the island yet he seems to be just fine with cleaning classrooms and shuffling around with that sedated look on his face.

  46. Carol says:

    In an interview Matthew Fox said his character is now letting the island guide him. He is not going to try to control everything. He is going to wait and see what the Island wants from him. He is becoming a man of faith. I think he is relieved to have Sawyer take all the responsibility.

  47. To what extent do you think the complete reversal in Jack’s character is a response to fan outcry? We know there was a lot of hate for Jack’s charcter and we can clearly see from the Miles/Hurley dynamic that TPTB monitor and respond to the vox populi. Some even speculate that Lost is conceived as one giant feedback loop. If this is the case, it shows why pandering is not a good idea. A test pattern has more life than Jack does now.

  48. Harpo in NY says:

    I have not seen anyone else mention this, and if someone did, I am sorry to repeat, but I think Naomi is lying to Miles when she says her employer wants him to go to the island to speak to the dead and locate their killer (Ben). Widmore would not really need someone to guide him since he knows the island so well, and in fact, Keamy finds him easily without input from Miles or anyone else. Either she is not referring to Ben as the “mass murderer,” as Miles puts it, or they want him to communicate with the dead for some other reason.

    Thanks Ryan and Jen, the blog and podcast are great.

  49. Michael281 says:

    @Russell : Yeah, the Variable would seem to be a nod to the Constant. And I want to know what’s up with Desmond now! 🙂 But I wonder at Desmond’s ability to change the future. All we have to go on is Faraday saying that. He spoke to Desmond on the island years ago, but he didn’t exactly change the future as one might expect. In fact, there was no change at all from our point of view. All we really know about Desmond being unique is that you can tell him something which he’ll totally forget and then suddenly remember years later. 🙂

  50. arbitrary says:

    bah, watched again and I was wrong about the room numbers, would have been better my way ;p wanted to admit my mistake though!

    @Michael281 that’s not unique, my husband does that all the time ;p

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