Next: “Dave” (Episode 2×18)

Rose is opposed to husband Bernard’s plan to create an S.O.S. signal, Jack and Kate rekindle old feelings on their jungle trek to offer a trade to The Others, and Locke questions his faith in the island. Comment here, via e-mail to, or by calling the LostLine at (808) 356-0127, by Friday, Nov. 28.

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  1. cat says:

    Wow…another short but really intense performance by Michael Emerson as Sayid catches him in another lie and he admits that he is lying and we have the first reference to Jacob – I remember the first time I saw this and it was such a surprise that the “bearded” guy wasn’t in charge.

    But the most interesting thing in seeing this again is the Santa Rosa connection. We now know that Hurley goes back there, that Libby was there, and that Locke’s mother was there. Also, we have the hallucination connection – Dave, kate’s horse, Jack’s father (on and off the island). The picture of the island above Hurley’s head in the first flash back, the polar bear, the numbers – everything is connected. I don’t think that everyone was in the mental hospital hallucinating but there has to be a larger connection with Darma and Mathew Abbadon. Maybe they recruit at Santa Rosa.

    I don’t know what this all means but I can’t help but think that Libby and Santa Rosa are very important parts of the whole. It just keeps coming back. I don’t think I thought Santa Rosa was as important back in Season 2. I can’t wait to find out more about the promised Libby sightings in the future.

    Do you think it is meaningful that there was no “previously on Lost” intro in this episode?

  2. Cerebral Hypoxia says:

    Okay…so we know that Hurley sees dead people. Was Dave dead? Could “Dave” be Libby’s “David” who named his boat the “Elizabeth?” I wonder if Dave could be the common thread between Hurley and Libby.

    It seems as though the island wants Hurley to return to the island. At the end of “The Beginning of the End,” he says that they need to go back. Could he be the next leader of the Others? We know that only the special people can see Jacob. Ben, Locke, and Hurley can see Jacob.

    Thanks for letting me ramble!

  3. Beckster says:

    Cerebral, maybe there is a connection between Libby, Dave, and David. If there is a connection then there is a connection to Widmore which means that Widmore is connected to Santa Rosa which opens up even more possibilities as Santa Rosa becomes the focal point for Darma and Widmore… brain hurts.

  4. says:

    I love this episode. Evan Handler is always great in everything he’s in. I’ll always remember him as “Shrug” from “It’s Like… You Know.”

    My favorite scene is when Dave is trying to convince Hurley that he’s still at Santa Rosa and everything that’s happened to him (winning the lottery, everything on the island) is in his head. His mocking tone when referencing the winning lottery numbers, the hatch, the button and the fact that a “mega cute blond girl from the other side of the island” is interested in Hurley — is just priceless. It seems to me that the writers were using Dave at that point to speak for a lot of the viewers who were questioning all that was going on and how it all seemed so far fetched.

    Libby’s speech to bring Hurley back from the brink of jumping is bittersweet, especially knowing her fate in coming episodes. And the fact that she was in Santa Rosa at the same time as Hurley is just fascinating. I hope we get some payoff and answers on THAT mysterious connection.

    Thanks again for going through these old episodes. I’ve been enjoying your podcast a great deal. You guys are making the hiatus much more fun! Thanks again!

    All the best,

  5. Bonita says:

    A lot of good stuff in this one. Count me in among those who are grateful to be reviewing these episodes from season 2.
    My comment is a small throw away probably, but wouldn’t it be awesome if Sayid spends that $20 bill – the one with the note “to Jenny from Henry”- off the island and it weaves a connection to Widmore or Dharma or something? On that same note: maybe the balloon brought the food stuff in the past and killing Henry Gale was the first rebellion against dharma? Henry or Jenny could’ve been working for Dharma or Widmore? Or maybe the balloon was a way around the coordinates/time shift problem. Fun stuff to ponder.

  6. LOST108 says:

    I think Dave is Jacob, because Hurley got the numbers from him, he is the one who can see him and the Jacob ‘house’.

  7. Ilias says:

    Hi Guys,

    After the “Lockdown”, “Dave” seemed like a filler episode at the time. The sheer intensity and volume of information that we got on the previous episode was overwhelming.

    The first and biggest issue that came to mind is that Ben, as we now know, is a very thorough person with a plan always ready. So how come he never checked Henry’s wallet or did he? He seemed to be a little lost and bewildered. Now that we know that the island is sought after but very difficult to find, how come Henry made it to the island, is there any significance? Excellent performance from Emmerson. In a twisted kind of way Ben became a much beloved but yet despised character in the show and that is a great feat for the actor.

    Any Hurley-centric episode provides for a much needed comic-relief. This episode was not bad after all. There are two facts that have a lasting significance, the fact that Hurley sees dead people and the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institution. We also again see the problems that Hurley has with his weight and the perpetual struggle with it. Of course what I keep asking myself is why did David only appear then and how come he just appeared so suddenly? Evan Handler is awesome and usually enjoy watching him (especially in Californication).

    Isn’t it ironic that Ana-Lucia was the cool headed in that scene in the armory?

    Last but not least, what happened to the caves? I believe it was in this episode that we last hear about them, although we never really get to see them. It is interesting that the creators concentrated in them in S1 but then nothing. I just hope that we will get the story of Adam and Eve.

    I also checked the episode on Lostpedia and the mention that this episode was supposedly revised after the execs of ABC believed that the initial draft revealed to much. Wow, how much did they change or is it there and we are not seeing it?

    I know time is running away but I surely hope that you guys can make it!



  8. MJ from Midwest says:

    DAVE: That’s right. And when you do wake up, come find me. I’m sure I miss you. See you in another life, Hurley.
    [Dave backs up to the edge of the cliff and lets himself fall backwards, laughing all the way down.]

    Just thought the comment “See you in another life” significant as that is the same line from Desmond to Jack.

    Somehow I think that there is a real Dave and he is like Charlie to Hurley (or Christian to Jack) taking physical form to convey a message. I am thinking that Dave must have a been on the island at one time. They are both trying to get Hurley away from Santa Rosa.

    I don’t buy the whole coma theory however. That would mean everyone in Santa Rosa in Dharma experiment. Or . . . is Santa Rosa a Dharma off-island station. Hmmmmm . . .

  9. Kate says:

    Dave is one of my favourite episodes! One thing I did notice, is when Hurley’s talking about how he killed 23 people on the bridge, that was only meant to kill 8, which are two of the numbers!

  10. MadHatter says:

    Hey guys,

    I feel I should clear up something I’ve noticed you saying quite frequently; that “Sayid seems to be a soldier who doesn’t know how to be a soldier.”

    My problem with this statement is that the military is divided up into different jobs called trades, and although everyone receives basic skills in “soldiering,” the majority of a soldiers’ training is spent learning about his/her specific trade.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t heard anyone mention anything about Sayid being in the infantry. Instead, he should be expected by the audience to have knowledge in the jobs we know about and have seen him in during flashbacks; and so far he has proven very adept in the field of radios and ‘interrogation.’

    It’s unfair and unreasonable to expect him to have skills that he shouldn’t and wouldn’t have.

    Forgive me if it appears that I’m ranting, and keep up the good work.

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