Trans 2008-05-18: “There’s No Place Like Home”


This episode of “The Transmission” takes a look at “There’s No Place Like Home,” the twelfth episode of the fourth season of “LOST.” We recap the episode in eight minutes, then spend some time discussing it in greater detail. As a bonus, Ryan discusses pieces from the episode that ended up on the cutting room floor. Then, we turn it over to You All Everybody, featuring our brilliant listeners and readers. In the Forward Cabin, we preview next week’s episode and the last days of production for Season 4.

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  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:01:17 “LOST” in 8 Minutes
  • 0:09:15 Discussion
  • 0:40:16 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 1:02:00 News & Spoilers: The Forward Cabin
  • 1:04:54 Closing

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37 Responses to Trans 2008-05-18: “There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. Christopher Ghost says:

    Hooray! This came in while I was working. Very civilised time here in the UK, so I imagine pretty late over your way guys. Anyway – good stuff.

  2. Don Livingston says:

    Good podcast as always. I see Jen believes Michael is in the coffin but I have another theory. I went back and watched “Through the Looking Glass” the other day and noticed a couple of interesting lines.
    No. 1 Jack is so distraught over the obituary that he is ready to leap off a bridge but when asked by the funeral director whether he is friend or family, Jack says “neither”.

    No. 2 When Jack meets Kate at the end and brings up the obituary he makes a comment that he thought she would go to the funeral and Kate replies “now why would I go to the funeral” in a tone of disdain.

    These comments lead me to believe that the person in the coffin is Ben. Jack, who is desperate to return to the island, probably sees Ben as his only link or hope of finding the island again. This would explain why Jack is so distraught over the death of someone who he doesn’t see as “friend or family” and who Kate has no desire to pay her sympathies. I can’t explain why Ben would be interred in Los Angeles but I am pretty sure my theory is correct. What do you think?

  3. LostLou says:

    I wish I didn’t have to wait till Sunday morning to listen to your podcast. But I really enjoy it. I think it’s one of the best podcasts there are. So I guess it’s worth waiting for. Thanks again for keeping me company.
    Since you asked for our opinions, I like the idea of having you guys doing something with movies or books. The writers of Lost have provided us with quite the summer reading list and even added some stuff to our Netflix queue. I think it would be fun to put together a reading list. Then we could have a comments section for each book and movie. After a while, Ryan and Jen could put together a podcast based on their ideas plus our comments. Maybe we could even call in. I think it would be great fun not only to discuss books with like-minded people but also to figure out how they might have influenced the writers of Lost or how they relate to Lost.
    Have you ever listened to the podcast, The Signal? It’s based on the TV show Firefly that was cancelled years ago. But they still put out a show twice a month. It has a host and hostess that introduce the different parts of the show and a dozen or so people who do segments. Some just write, some are just the voice, and some do both. I don’t know if putting something like that together would be even more work than the Transmission, I just thought I throw that out and see if it sticks.

  4. cleantone says:

    Just a quick not to say that the file seems to be cut short. Am I the only one? I have tried a few different routes.

  5. BTastic says:

    Great podcast. Ryan sounds a lot like Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob Squarepants), which is great, because he’s hilarious. I’ve seen the episode 14 times (literally) and I still found the recap interesting enough to see it through to the end. Keep up the good work; you’ve just nabbed a new listener!

  6. Matt says:

    Yeah, download seems cut short to me too, as there’s no news seg!

  7. Erlend says:

    Thanks for yet another great podcast!

    As others have pointed out, the mp3 file seems cut short. It’s only 57:30. This means that there’s no Forward Cabin segment :'(

  8. Keila says:

    Regarding Jack saying that the wrote the eulogy 10 months ago, doesn’t add up, since Aaron at the funeral still looks exacly the same age as when they left the island.

  9. AndyS says:

    Since the mp3 is truncated, I was trying to find the aac feed to use without going through itunes. Anybody know what that is? I use a different podcatcher.

    Thanks for the podcast Ryan and Jen!

  10. BTastic says:


  11. Lisa says:

    Good podcast, thanks for the ideas… I do disagree with the idea that Jin is dead, based on what Sun said to her father… I think that he is still alive… I hope, and that Sun is just continuing the cover story… Jin is hopefully on the island working with Sawyer and Locke and Rose and Bernard and whoever else is left… working on what, not sure, but we have 2 more seasons to find out. But I do believe that the visit to the gravesite by Sun and Hurley means something more…

  12. Karole says:

    Here is a theory on one of the things that you two mentioned about Desmond. I think the reason why he doesn’t ask about Claire is because he doesn’t remember having those visions. Ok, let me explain. He turned that key and imploded the hatch, and then he started having the visions of seeing into the future. Then when he gets off the island and starts having flashbacks of the past, he has to connect with his constant (Penny) in order to make them stop. So now that they have stopped, does he remember having the flashbacks or visions of the future? Maybe that’s why he doesn’t ask about Claire. That is just my theory of why he doesn’t ask. What do you think?

  13. Ryan says:

    Oops! Sorry for the incomplete file. I’ve replaced the file, updated the enclosure, and changed the datestamp by a few minutes in the hopes of helping y’all grab the complete, newer version via your podcatcher of choice. If not, just hit the “POD” icon above to download it directly.

  14. Ryan says:

    Since the mp3 is truncated, I was trying to find the aac feed to use without going through itunes. Anybody know what that is? I use a different podcatcher.

    The home on the web for the enhanced podcast is here:

  15. steve says:

    Last-season theory.

    Flashbacks and Flashforwards are more than a gimmick in Lost, they are foreshadowing the end of the series.

    I believe that in the last season the Oceanic 6 will return via Desmond Mind-Time-Travel to various points in the past to set things right. The catch is, they have to let those who died die again. I think they can only change their own destinies and the those of the people still alive in the present. That will be hard for them to do.

    Also, their actions will seem evil to others. For example if Desmond were to swim into the Looking Glass this time, he will kill the women first, but to someone observing this for the first time, Desmond will look like a cold-blooded killer.

    Some (most) of the things Ben does look evil. But if he knows what evil someone else will do if he doesn’t strike first, that sort of makes him a “good guy.” Perhaps both Libby and Anna Lucia were going to something horrible in the future (Libby is probably working for Widmore, after all), so killing them is self-defense. I don’t think he is good guy overall, the time tripping has probably made him a little crazy and things he tries to correct sometimes go horribly wrong, like Alex’s death for example. But ultimately his protecting the island will save all of mankind.

    So I think each of the Oceanic Six will have to face a time-travel trip where they have to make a hard decision that will seem strange and heartless to the other castaways. Can Sun let Jin die again? Can Hurley stop Sawyer from killing Mr. Friendly without everyone thinking he has gone over to the Others’ side? Can Kate rescue Claire and in the process lose Aaron? Will Jack have to kill Locke? Will the other castaways think he’s as evil as Ben, if he does?

    Also, I think there were will be at least one character who wasn’t supposed to die and will be resurrected. I’m thinking it will be Charlie, because he needs to be the one to program the Looking Glass “Good Vibrations” code so his past self can decode it.

    The opening shot of the Lost pilot with Jack on the jungle floor, is really a flash forward. His running toward the beach dissolves into a flashback. The last season will open with a continuation of the flash forward.

    Still, there’s a whole season before the last, so anything is possible.

  16. Keith from England says:

    @Don – I’m with you. The body in the coffin is Ben’s. Ben is of the island, and as such would have no-one to come to his funeral. It would also fit with the distress felt by Jack as Ben is the only one that seems to be able to move to and from the island. Not sure why he’s in LA, but he has been there on business before (perhaps assassinating Nadia?)

    @Steve – I’m with you on the final shot of the whole show – Jack and the Oceanic 6 returning to the island in the only way they can – by returning in time to the original crash.

    What are the bets that the island ends up in the Arctic/Polar region? It would explain Ben popping up in Tunisia in the future having come straight from the island in its new location. Perhaps once the island has moved the device that allows Ben to travel to and from the island loses calibration, hence his confusion regarding dates/times.

    @Ryan/Jen – every week you deliver grade A podcast product! Keep up the good work…

  17. Mykee says:

    Somebody get rid of Jen, she contributes nothing but “oh ya!” and “you’re right..” and stuttering and stalling.

    Ryan does all the talking!

  18. Jen says:

    Um, excuse me?

    Get off the computer and go learn some manners, little girl.

  19. garth says:

    That was a great pod cast!

    It’s been really fun to catch up on the old ones too and remind myself what’s going on!

    I hope we see the ‘others’ camp, what on earth have they been doing with those kids all this time.

    Can’t wait for the next episodes, thanks

  20. Lori in Wisc says:

    Hi Mykee,
    There are so many different podcasts devoted to LOST, I’m sure that you can find one that will meet your needs, and that will make you happy. It is rather rude to come onto Jen’s site and insult her.

    Jen & Ryan – as so many others have already expressed, you have a great podcast, and I think the interaction between the both of you, and the input from each blend together to make an enjoyable and informative hour of LOST conversation.

    The Coffin – I think I am leaning more and more toward Ben being in the coffin. He certainly would have no family or friends in LA, as he grew up on the island. Also, it makes the most sense for Jack to be so distraught at Ben’s death, as he may see it as losing the opportunity to find the island again. I don’t know if he would be so distraught at Michael’s death, and anyone else that I can think of that may be in the coffin would most likely have family or friends to attend the funeral.

  21. My vote for the hiatus is for a HawaiiUP episode… but you probably knew that. Though a Pith of Pop podcast would work for me too. Granted you could give us a surprise, like covering the Grey’s Anatomy finale as if it was one of the Lost episodes… same timeslot for this week and all… that would be a hoot.

    As always, I love the Transmission and can’t wait to hear what both of you come up with for after this season’s ender.

    PS: I really do think you should do HawaiiUP episodes during the summer or other Lost hiatus situations. Not like you have to do a lot of them… just a few… please.


  22. Bryan says:

    I’m laughing at your comment. Not because it makes sense, because it’s so absurd. This is Jen’s podcast. Don’t like it, there are plenty of others.

    I have always thought it was Ben in the coffin and for exactly the same reason. I think you’re spot on.

  23. Uncola says:

    A bit random, but where does the term “sock” for red-shirts come from? I haven’t been able to find an explanation or etymology anywhere.

  24. Redi says:

    Great pod cast. about who the other 3 survivours were, i think jack named boone, charlie and libby because he knows for sure that they’re dead.

  25. Keith from England says:

    @Redi – but wait – Charlie and LIbby have both appeared after their deaths as ‘ghosts’ to Hurley and Michael respectively. Do you think Boon might show up to Sayid?

    Just listened to the official podcast and it seems that the ‘antipode’ theory of travel seems like it is coming back – what was the antipode of Nigeria again? I know that Tunisia is antipodean to mid South Pacific…

  26. NoahZ says:

    So the official LOST podcast mentioned that the replay of Part 1 of the finale next week will feature an extended press conference scene. Maybe some of the things you mentioned Ryan will show up and therefore be canon. 3 hours of LOST. Can’t wait.

    And Jen, we love you just the way you are. You rock.

  27. Connie in Alaska says:

    Uncola-Someone somewhere, it may have been producers Lidelof and Cuse, started referring to the background actors as “sock puppets” because they are generic like a sock puppet and not really fleshed out.

  28. LostLou says:

    I think Boone has also shown up as a “ghost”. I don’t know the name of the episode but it was when Locke was high on something in the sweat lodge.

    Mykee, what are you nuts? Who would want to listen to Ryan for an hour. 😉

    Jen and Ryan, you have my vote for the best lost podcast. I’m hoping you guys keep ‘casting.

  29. Rob from IL says:

    Did anyone know that a NEW episode of Lost was on last week?! Fortunately, it’s available online at and on Comcast On-Demand. 🙂

    You should also know that I’m totally full of it………but what IF…….?


    The show starts off with an Oceanic rescue plane, with 6 extra seats, blowing right through the proper bearings, and then landing on the beach! The rescue team is here! The real rescue team! The plane and rescue mission have been paid for by Widmore Industries (not Penny). The Oceanic spokesperson gets out and talks to Juliet, Rose and Bernard. It’s explained there’s only 6 seats. Rose and Bernard aren’t going. Juliet is giddy that she’s going to get to leave the Island and get away from that little pip-squeak, Ben. Juliet hangs onto Aaron on the beach with her golden ticket. SO JULIET THINKS SHE’S LEAVING, EH? OCEANIC AIRLINES SURVIVORS #1 & 2!?

    Meanwhile, Ben, Locke & Hurley are all at the Orchid….and Ben just got biffed in the face and captured…. That’s his plan. Why didn’t Keamy shoot him? He shot 10,000 bullets into Ben’s house (in one of the worst action sequences since Commando) and didn’t get him. He can biff him, but how about pumping him full of lead now? Or won’t the Island let him (I capitalized Island now….what am I doing?)

    Ben wakes-up tied to a chair with a bloodied face (sounds familiar), and Keamy starts asking him questions. Ben talks Keamy into doing exactly what needs to be done to “move the Island”. Locke and Hurley wait outside, but Locke doesn’t have enough patience to wait for Ben, so he goes in right when Keamy is gonna do his thing, putting a hold on the “moving the island.” Hurley is outside in the bushes waiting by himself. He starts to walk to the Orchid to see what’s going on, slips, falls, and rolls down the hill that leads to the beach where the rest of the gang is. SO NOW WE’VE GOT HURLEY ON THE BEACH TO GET “SAVED.” SURVIVOR #3!

    Sayid & Kate just got captured by the Alpert-Others who don’t where shoes and don’t like Ben anymore. When Alpert agreed to the purge with Ben, he didn’t want to have book clubs and work on having babies on the island. If you need babies, why not just bring them from the “real world”? Why do you have to give birth to them on the Island? So Sayid & Kate objectively talk with Alpert, finding out what HIS BIG PLAN is versus Ben’s. He also explains Locke’s and Aaron’s significance (leaving out Christian & Claire). They agree with it and Alpert figures there’s really no reason for Sayid & Kate to be there anymore. Alpert asks Kate to take care of Aaron, because he’s special. Sayid & Kate go back to the BEACH TO GET “SAVED”. OCEANIC SURVIVORS #4&5!!

    Fortunately, after Desmond, Michael and Jin saw the explosives, they decided that the Freighter was not the place to be. They grab life rafts (larger than the dingy that Faraday is going back and forth in) and get everyone off the Freighter and far away from it.

    Back at the Orchid hatch, Keamy captures Locke and ties him up in a chair too (sounds familiar). Keamy goes back to the “Moving Island” trick and pushes whatever buttons he needs to push…. The Moving Island trick works but it also ends up killing Keamy and all his guys, for some unexplained reason. When Keamy dies, the monitor tied to his arm sets off the explosives on the freighter…and boom…. The Freighter EXPLODES!!!

    Speaking of Faraday, on his way back to the Island, and prior to the Freighter explosion, he finally realizes that the engine runs on gasoline (like most engines) and the tank is only half full. There’s no way he can go back to the Island and pick up more people, so he turns around and heads back for the Freighter, sees the explosion, starts to cry because he thinks he’s killed everyone (including his “Constant”, Desmond), and then he sees the rafts. He goes over to the rafts and says he only has enough gas for one more trip back to the Island, and he can only take three other people or he might run out of gas due to the extra weight. They vote for Sun and Desmond and then there’s a tie vote for Jin and Michael. Michael shoots Jin so he can ride on the boat. Jin’s body falls into the ocean. Now we know who killed Jin. BUT, SO NOW WE’VE ALSO GOT SUN BACK ON THE ISLAND. SURVIVOR #6!

    Sawyer & Jack have just found out from Lapidus (who’s still tied to the helicopter) that Hurley is with Ben & Locke, so they continue onward to find their bud. They tell Lapidus they’ll be back for him. As Sawyer & Jack make their way to the Orchid station, they see Hurley hiding by himself over in the bushes. Just when they’re ready to signal him, Hurley stands up, falls down, and rolls down the hill. They run over to where Hurley once stood and look down the hill to see him lying on the beach. Sawyer make a wise-crack about roly-polys and they head down the hill to the beach themselves. THE RESCUE PLANE IS THERE! BUT THERE’S NO SEATS LEFT FOR SAWYER & JACK.

    Juliet tells Jack that she was not meant to go. Jack fights her and says that he promised everyone he’d get them off the Island. Juliet reminds him that she came to the Island through her own means, so she must leave the Island through her own means. Her work is not done here yet. She hands Aaron to Kate and lets her know that he is very special. No matter what she does, she must raise him to be noble and strong…..and they may meet again. JULIET GIVES HER SEAT TO JACK. Juliet has tears of joy to see Jack and Kate re-united.

    Jack starts to tell Sawyer to take his seat. Sawyer surprisingly says, “I never thought I’d say this, but you deserve this more than I do. We never would have made it this far without you. Take my spot. And take care of Kate. She loves you anyways. And anyways, Rose is pretty hot. Maybe she’ll get sick of Old Man Bernie.” SO SAWYER GIVES JACK HIS SEAT. KATE IS STUNNED. JACK CRIES. JACK HUGS SAWYER. SAWYER GIVES KATE A BIG-ASS KISS AND HUG.


    After the long good-byes are said, the plane takes off with Sayid and Juliet (hubba hubba) on beach along with Rose & Bernard. Faraday & the other 3 scientists are still hanging around, while Ben & Locke are up at the Orchid station. Ben tells Locke he’ll be back in a minute and says he has to use the bathroom in the Orchid. After a few minutes, Ben doesn’t come out so Locke opens the door, and finds it to be an empty closet. Ben has somehow gone on his way to some time or some place. Claire and Christian share Jacob’s cabin. Lapidus is still cuffed to the helicopter after hearing the explosions and the airplane land and take-off. HELLLLLLLLLLP!!

    Locke works his way down to the beach to meet up with Juliet, Desmond, Rose & Bernard. Christian and Claire come down from the cabin, as well. Locke says to Christian, “the Island’s been moved. What’s next?” Christian replies, “Tonight we rest. We have a lot of work to do in the morning. Anyone seen Vincent?”

    They pan across the faces of each of the Oceanic 6, flying away in the rescue plane…..everyone’s face is stone cold with no emotion. They’ve been briefed on “what they’re story is”, “what they’ll get when they return home”, and “what will happen if they don’t stick with the Oceanic 6 story.”

    They cut to October 10th, 2008 at Wrigley Field. The Chicago Cubs are winning against the Chicago White Sox in Game 7 of the World Series. It’s the top of the 9th, with 2 outs, the White Sox are batting, and the batter has 2 strikes on him. Next pitch….strike 3. Cubs win… Everyone in the place goes crazy, jumping up and down…….EXCEPT FOR A GUY SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW WEARING A BOSTON RED SOX CAP. A big guy sitting next to him grabs the little guy and screams, “Don’t you realize what just happened?”, and the little guy replies, “Yes, I do…It’s not as exciting since I’ve sat through this three times.” IT’S BEN.

    The big guy responds, “The Cubs haven’t won it for 100 years!! Are you over 100 years old?!” and Ben replies, “Something like that…..”


  30. Ilias says:

    Can’t say it often enough: A great podcast! I travel quite a lot internationally (I live in Germany) and often I will watch an episode on my iPod during the flight and then hear your comments. The flights are more pleasant that way (I see an irony there somewhere). There are good insights and an entertaining discussion amongst you two.

    For the hiatus why don’t you guys a two-hour/two part podcast for each season up to now. Ok, here is what I have envisioned:

    First part: Summarizing, discussing the season in general.
    Second part: We get to post (or call in) questions, comments, theories, etc. for that particular season
    Third part: Discuss the feedback that you guys received, maybe make a list of the top 5 (or 10, or ?) of questions left unanswered from that particular season.

    We have a good eight months before the start of the next season so if you space it out it can fill the void, at least to a degree. The rest will be refilled by watching some or all of the episodes.

    I like it when you guys include tips and info on the artistic creativeness that Lost has spawned.

    Keep up the great work and take care,


  31. gina says:

    About the idea of alex a viewer gave on the podcast (some other person kidnapped her) couldn’t this be the original’s henry gale’s wife? WEhn ben was lying he said he andhis wife crashed, but only one body was found ( i think) so maybe the wife survived, went insane from the illness AND THEN kidnapped alex. Maybe, Ben found her and that’s how he found out about henry gale, killed the woman and stayed with alex. (maybe not 4 years later, but could be a possibility)

  32. medusa says:

    The Michael-in-the-coffin theory still holds up under the “friend or family” question, since Kate would not consider him a friend after what he’s done – killing Libby/Ana Lucia and now, being on the freighter and assumed to be responsible for the death of Jin and possibly others. Michael is also (admittedly like Ben) one of the few who could get back to the US without drawing attention as a member of the Oceanic 6, as he has done it before and has a fake identity.

    Why do I think it’s not Ben? Because Ben is not going to die before Jack et al return to the island. He’s too important to the story, it’s as simple as that.

    I like the idea that the 3 other survivors were ones Jack knows for sure are dead. I had a similar thought – Boone, Libby and Charlie are all people Jack tried to save, and with the exception of Charlie, was unsuccessful in doing so. Because of this he saw their deaths and would be able to deal with their families and have the appropriate emotions to express his sorrow, without having to lie or put on an act. It works for Charlie, too – although Charlie died later, when he was found after being abducted by Ethan, everyone gave him up for dead until Jack repeatedly pounded on his chest and brought him back to life. There is enough honest memory there for Jack to draw on if and when he’s asked to tell Charlie’s family (brother only?) what Charlie’s final moments were like.

    Compare this to Claire or Jin, who he might assume are dead, but he was not there when they died, so did not experience, emotionally, their deaths, nor have reason to blame himself for not being able to save them.

    Of course it may not be that plotted out. Maybe Jack came up with them as they rushed to create the story simply because when he thought of 3 survivors he was sad and angry to lose, those 3 popped into his head.

    As for the discrepancy in timeline/ages for the Alex kidnapping, we know that Ben was communicating/plotting with Richard Alpert and the Others during his teen years. The “purge” was a culmination of his relationship with them, and I assumed that he spent a great deal of time with them. Isn’t it possible that he kidnapped Alex during that time, and left her with his “other family” in the jungle whenever he returned to his “normal” suburban Dharma life?

  33. Bryan says:

    I just want to be on record as saying WALT is in the coffin. I know the name on the obit appears to start with a J, but Michael and Walt used fake names. It makes practical sense, they can’t keep bring Walt back because he is only getting older and taller, so why not kill him off now. We know that when Jack is in his downward spiral it is a couple of years later, so Walt would be close to full grown. I can’t explain why now one shows up, but I am sure there is a good reason. What do guys think?

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  35. NuckinFuts says:

    I’m on record with you Bryan – It’s Walt.

    I think Michael is gone at this point in time. Perhaps Grandma has not gotten there yet / has been kept away. I think the ‘loud noises’ mentioned in the clip is a sign that this could have been foul play when it seems to me that most people have assumed this to be a suicide. I think Jack looks back and realizes Walt had answers as to how he and Michael got home and knows Walt is special. I think Walt takes the name “John Lantham” or whatever in reverence to “John Locke”…”John” was really his only friend on the island and I think it’s safe to assume that Walt had a hard time making more friends when he got home…seems like his only companion in life was Vincent.

  36. Hey Guys:

    We had an “Ah Ha” moment when you guys mentioned Hurly eating Ben’s crackers from 15 years ago. “Hurly, those crackers are 15 years old.”

    We wonder if there is a story there. Could the island have been threatened in the same way 15 years ago? What is the back story between Whitmore & Ben? Do you think the writers will delve into that back story?


  37. Keith from England says:

    So, you guys are getting the season finale tonight – I am officially v jealous.

    Enjoy! See you on the other side…

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