Trans 2008-05-11: “Cabin Fever”


This episode of “The Transmission” takes a look at “Cabin Fever,” the eleventh episode of the fourth season of “LOST.” We recap the episode in eight minutes, then spend some time discussing it in greater detail. Then, we turn it over to You All Everybody, featuring our brilliant listeners and readers. In the Forward Cabin, we preview next week’s episode and the last days of production for Season 4.

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10 Responses to Trans 2008-05-11: “Cabin Fever”

  1. James M. says:

    Hey guys, glad to hear there are other Lost watching Filmspotters from the Island. 😉

    I heard you drop the “penalty box” reference and just assumed it was a coincidence, but then you came right out and said the “I hear what you’re saying…” line.

    Anyways, I love your show and was really happy when I heard you were podcasting again. Keep up the good work and stay lost.

    James from the Island.

  2. Gayle says:

    MY big question is Why is it that the guy who ran the hatch go CRAZY and had a sickness (remember quanty). Roussea bunch GOT sick and all died except her. Now everyone on the boat is SICK and Going crazy why haven’t the Losties? Is it becuase of their importance on maintaining the lineage, maintaining the protective power of the island. Are these people really the sort of “next generation of people that are to protect the island”

    OKay so I am thinking that this island has “protectors” beyond the others.
    -Say Christian Shepard is one of these protectors and now he is having “visions to his Children about how now that I am dead I need you to protect the island, and maybe Claire realizes that and accepts that and that is why Jack is going crazy and is sick becuase he is fighting that by trying to leave!
    -Okay Jon his father goes against the island and is kidnapped (maybe his father is a part of the island ancestory of protectors) and that is why Jon had to kill his father so that he could be a protector of the island
    -Penny’s father could be a protector of the island and that is why Penny can live her life, once her father dies she to will be tormented until she to becomes a protector of the island. Maybe that reference to him having bad “dreams” and needing to drink is a reference to the island torturing him and wanting him to either be back on the island or die.
    -this would explain why Claire sends Aaron away CLair needs to do her service to the island and die then Aaron will have his rein as protector of the island. He is only a baby and can;t really be that good of a protector he needs to grow so forth.
    -Why didn’t couldnt Jon’s mother die in the car accident? Is their a reason for that?
    -Maybe their needs to be a lineage in your family to allow for your surviival. Prime example Jon was “a very” sick premie and survived, his father it sounds is an older man, maybe one of the older men say Jon’s father who was a protector of the island, the island sees that JOn is now ready to help protect the island so time to off him
    -the island now sees that Jake and Claire are ready to be protectors so off his father
    -I am still sort of confused with other characters such as Rose and Benard, Sawyer so forth
    -Sayid was to become the Tom of the bunch. The follower and maybe the other losties are the same
    Ben kills his father then becomes a protector of the island.
    -Ben’s mate died or/ and didn’t produce, so he kidnapped Alex and raised her. he needed an heir thus being Alex who would protect the island. Ben is mad now that his heir is dead thus him not having someone to be a protector. This changed the dynamic of being protector and or showed that Ben has no real lineage to the island, killing his branch of the “family tree”
    – I can’t think of any other “daddy, momma issues as of now”
    -Also not only are their inferences to smoke and car accidents but what about alcoholism. Alcoholism in the form of Jake;s father, and also Penny;s father, do they know now that their children are to take over? Do they have issues with management on the island
    Maybe Ben isn’t really the full lineage of the island, just a pawn soemone who they sort of “taliored to be them” so that the real ancestories can live in the real world and have a life with their family. the ancestories are having medical issues/ issues in the real world and issues within their family becuase they are not meeting their purpose.
    – two other people that are really important but not really thought out include Hurley and Sun these two both have family issues, and this strong association to the island and this is not explored as much. If not Sun could be Jin however Jin;s father does not have the money or the same features that the other ancestories have however he lives a “very simple” life maybe that is why he isn’t sick and so forth.

  3. Aaron says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen! I have been tuning into your podcast for a long while now, and I must say I really do enjoy it. You might not always be a knee-slappping podcast of laughter and silliness, but you still are funny. You are really good about stating the facts, great at recapping, and it’s always good to hear opinions and thoughts from parents of lost. I wonder how my parents would react if they watched lost, and your podcast gives me clues to what they’d do and say. I also like the name for your podcast sections!

    This might be full of grammatical errors but it is still not hate mail… So it has to be good; right? 😉

  4. Geoffrey says:

    I was just listening to your podcast and hearing you talk about it reminded me of Ben and John’s mothers both being named Emily. I thought about it some more and thought it would have been cool if they were half-brothers. I checked the Lostpedia and it says that Emily was 15 when John was born. She gave him up for adoption and John grew up in foster homes. Emily would then have become Emily Linus when she married Roger (who could have been the boyfriend that was twice her age), shedding the maiden name of Locke. If it not for John’s mother showing up in “Deus Ex Machina” then it would have been possible, I suppose. Unless, of course, the woman that claimed to be John’s mother was an imposter and the real Emily was still dead.

  5. Keith from England says:

    Ryan & Jen,

    Was out running listening to your podcast (as always!) and, whilst listening to the theory about the link between thrid trimester child deaths and the birth of Ben and Locke, it occurred to me that maybe the cause of these stillbirths and maternal deaths is carried from the FATHER, not the mother.

    In other words, any children conceived by men who have been on the island will not make it to term. This would allow Emily (Ben or Locke’s mother) to have become pregnant to someone from the island, thus maintaining a link to the island.

    I haven’t had the time to explore the timeline and story so far to see if this fits, but it would also make sense given Jin was infertle off the island, and became fertile on the island. Unless we have already established that she conceived off the island (!)

    Again, GREAT SHOW!

  6. Rachel A. in Hillsborough, NJ says:

    Ryan & Jen,

    Great Show!

    I have a question: I initially thought that Locke is the new “boss” — but if this is true, then why is Ben still “time travling” and manipulating people in 2005?


  7. I was just listening to your podcast for the episode where Ben’s daughter died, etc. It was the episode where Sayid signs up for Ben’s war… you know where it seems that it is Sayid’s idea. Funny that in this episode after Hurley decides to come along and Ben accuses Locke of manipulating him by making Hurley think it was his idea, that Ben says… that’s something I would do.

    Something to ponder!

  8. NuckinFuts says:

    Move the island? It has to be a spaceship. I will have to look again at the original comic book Hurley & Walt had.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, Ryan and Jen! I love your podcast. My fiance helped me figure out how to get them on my iPod and now I am hooked to yours!

    One thought about John Locke and how often he has been conned or played the fool: if he truly had the destiny to be on the island, and be integral to its safety and future, then perhaps his life has been so full of disappointment because he has deliberately thwarted that destiny.

    So often he has been encouraged to do something, and refused. I had this thought during the scene with his high school teacher, where Locke is told he’s supposed to be a scientist and he protests that he likes manly, outdoor activities. He’s denying his innate talents and pursuing something else. Who knows how much happier his life might have been if he hadn’t been trying so hard to be something else?

  10. claudia says:

    Ryan & Jen,
    Love your podcast first time writing a comment. I have to say that I liked this episode a lot. It had so many great moments. My favorites I have to say had to be the Hurley moments, Specially when the reporter makes the comment about how for being gone for over a hundred days they looked very well nourished and Hurley’s reaction “is that directed to me dude” LOL moment. Keep up the good work I look forward to your podcast following every episode.

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