Trans 2008-03-21: “Meet Kevin Johnson” – Episode 4-08


This episode of “The Transmission” follows the March 20 episode, “Meet Kevin Johnson” (Episode 4×08). After reviewing “LOST in Eight Minutes,” we take a closer look at the story. Unwelcome immortality, Libby visions versus memories, Sayid the tattletale, losing Danielle and Karl, what is ‘The Temple’ and who’s behind the fake wreckage? Then, we turn it over to You All Everybody, featuring our brilliant listeners and readers. In the Forward Cabin, looking ahead to Episode 4×09, and a quick note about this week’s filming. Closing out the show, a musical treat from Barenaked Hurley.

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:20 Recap: LOST in 8 Minutes
  • 10:15 Discussion
  • 37:10 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 58:15 News & Spoilers: The Forward Cabin
  • 1:01:07 Closing
  • 1:02:49 “(We Can’t See Lost) For the Longest Time” by Barenaked Hurley

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31 Responses to Trans 2008-03-21: “Meet Kevin Johnson” – Episode 4-08

  1. Mark says:

    Ryan and Jen, Sorry but you missed my subliminal sense of humor with my “Mainland” comments. Sorry but wouldn’t the joke of all jokes (from the writers on us) be that “The LOSTIE/OTHER Island is an actual Hawaiian Island (just one of the lesser known islands in the island chain and maybe not politically part of the State)?

  2. Mark says:

    My prior response would really validate why Michael is asking Tom: “How/Why are you on the Mainland”?

  3. Mark says:

    Sorry Ryan and Jen but I just realized that what I’m saying also validates why we weren’t told all that much about Michael’s rescue … it could have been as simple as Ben giving Michael the coordinates how to reach Oahu … PLUS, the toy boat that Michael and Walt were given could have been pre-supplied with their original US Passports or really good copies of them, since we already know that Ben is really gifted with that type of stuff.

  4. Connie in Alaska says:

    Ryan and Jen-Another great podcast. Thanks! I just had a few thoughts as I was listening to all the great commentary from you and you all everybody.

    It is possible that Naomi used the little heli on the freighter to travel to another vessel or land base where she traded up to a more sophisticated heli.

    “Work to do”-I know not everyone follows all the extra content floating around out there, but in the last Lost Mobisode (I can’t remember that other name they called them), the one where Christian Shepherd tells Vincent to go get Jack, he says “He’s got work to do.”

    The Island may have used Hurley’s unluckiness to get him to the Island, but is using his new luckiness to herd him back. I like that a lot.

    I think Libby is bad and is working for Widmore. She shows up in the most unusual places (Santa Rosa Mental Inst., Desmond’s Starbucks and now Michael’s hospital room). If she was good and the Island wanted to use her she would have survived Michael’s gunshot.

    Finally, what if Widmore is the defacto ruler or King of the Island in Exile, having been usurped by Ben and prevented from returning. I am thinking of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (it is Disney after all). While the old sorcerer is away, the want-to-be stages a coup and tries to hang on to his newfound glory but really messes things up. Widmore is trying to get back to reclaim his throne and clean up Ben’s mess. Hmmm….

  5. LostLou says:

    Great podcast! I just figured out where your Y’all Everybody comments come from. Couldn’t read them all but the podcast must hit all the highlights. One question about your “timeline” – how long does Michael have to recover in the hospital?

    Also, is it just me, but are the Lostees getting more desperate or just dumber? It seems like they have not been thinking things thru this season.

    And thanks for turning me on to Bare Naked Hurley.

  6. Dave says:

    Connie, maybe Libby is bad and working for Ben? After all, the boat that she gives Desmond it what gets him to the island. I would think that Charles Widmore would not want Desmond on the island as it would give him (Desmond) leverage in his relationship to Penny’s father. It’s a lot easier to gain someone’s respect when you have what they want. Also, why would Widmore need the log from the Black Rock?

    Also possible is that Libby happens to be in those two places (the mental institution and the coffee shop) in the same way that Desmond happens upon Jack in the stadium and on island.

    I am a firm believer that Michae seeing Libby was simply a dream and an example of the guilt he feels with respect to how he left the island, and substantiating why he’d want to get back.

  7. LostLou says:

    Today I was listening to some more Bare Naked Hurley. In Charlie Man he uses the expression “you all everybody”. I had assumed that “you all everybody” was some kind of Hawaiian coloquialism. Is Paul Caggegi’s use of that expression a nod to you guy’s or is it an expression you hear on Lost?

  8. jen says:

    LostLou, “You All Everybody” is a song that Charlie performed with Drive Shaft.

  9. Connie in Alaska says:

    Dave-You are absolutely correct about Libby. At this point in the Lost series any theory can be 50-50 which makes it all the more intriguing and maddening at the same time! ;O)

  10. Hey folks at the transmission – thanks for playing my song. It sounded better than I remember, but hey, that’s probably cos you’re on “the island” and the island heals even dodgy audio files.

    I was in Fiji for my honeymoon last December, and I wondered if Michael hitched a lift with the freighter at Denerau? I thought of all the places in the world Lost couldn’t get wrong it would be Fiji, since it’s so close to Hawaii anyhow…

    Anyways, might get to some song writing over this hiatus, since some stories are now told and mysteries have been explained.

    Stay Lost!

  11. Hey Ryan and Jen,

    This is Robin from the Wicked Awesome Podcast. I got to say, the whole idea that when Michael woke up the first time in the hospital was a flashback blew my mind! I bet that is totally what the writers are saying with that and I hope to see more Libby in the future! Or the past!

    I thought I’d drop my theory here on the Transmission’s blog. The sniper at the end of Meet Kevin Johnson wasn’t the greatest shot. It took him a couple shots to take down Karl, and I believe he not only shot Danielle, but a few trees behind her. Now I think it was a mislead to see the burly guys on the freighter skeet-shooting. I think we’ve seen someone else attempt to snipe. Someone who would definitely follow Ben’s instructions to take out Danielle and Alex. This person was seen shooting at Desmond right before he dove down to the Looking Glass with a rifle of some sort. That person is the unstoppable Mikhail! You heard it here first! And I heard you say how that may relate to something you saw in The Forward Cabin(I don’t want to spoil anyone) but I think those folks may be being used for a different scene. There was one person lying in the grass, shooting at them, and I will eat my Dharma Swan Station baseball cap if it isn’t Mikhail.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Will Gettys says:

    My guess is that the bob dylan references were in relation to his 1997 record “Time out of Mind”

    Probly just a little joke.

  13. Launchpad says:

    That Barenaked Hurley song is great! The lyrics are very funny and well done.

  14. Connie in Alaska says:

    Robin-That is an awesome theory and I hope you are right. Even though we slap our foreheads and exclaim, “Isn’t that guy dead YET?!” it’s always fun to see how many times ole Patchy can reincarnate himself.

  15. Shannon White says:

    I think Robin has a interesting theory also! i guess we’ll soon find out.

    hey have you guys ever seen daybreak? they are re-airing that now. i liked it…a little suspense on a sunday lol

  16. Keith in Lewes, England says:

    Hey Ryan/Jen/A’bdy,

    Another week, another great podcast. I’ll be spending my hiatus weeks polishing my superlatives, no doubt…

    Lost is shown on Sunday night here in the UK, so I’m always a little behind on the blog – hence posting here as opposed to the other thread.

    I’m a little confused about the 2 helicopter hypothesis – are we SURE that Naomi’s chopper crashed when she came down by parachute? It could be that Lapidus ran into difficulties like the second time with the other team and she had to bail out, thus getting injured. Whilst a second helicopter/boat could solve this, it all seems rather inelegant given what has gone before.

    Robin – as much as I would love to see the Cyrillic Cyclops make his third (?) return from the dead, I can’t see the writers having him survive a direct blast from a hand-grenade. I think the sniper fire is coming from a team dropped by Lapidus, sadly.

    Ryan/Jen – from your podcast you were speculating about Libby being present in the hotel room. I have worked in hospitals and Emergency departments, and we frequently had clinical psychologists/liaison psychiatrists visit to assess patient’s that had self-harmed. That said, Libby is surely a ghost or a figment of Michael’s imagination in the first flash.

    I better sign off with my most outlandish theory then.

    How about Aaron is actually Jack, as an infant?

    That might explain the efforts made to keep them apart (see the Orchid video), and would make Claire his mother, and Christian his Grandfather!

    Have a happy befuddled hiatus!

  17. Keith in Lewes, England says:

    Another quick thought…

    I wasn’t really comfortable with the idea that the island could prevent Michael from killing himself, as it didn’t fit with some of the harder science based theory we’ve had confirmed so far. However, if you look at Michael’s actions as being in the past, then he couldn’t have killed himself, as he wouldn’t be around in the ‘future’. This fits with Desmond’s experiences in the past in trying to change things, and not being able to.

    This theory clearly needs some work!

  18. Keith in Lewes, England says:

    Final post! I promise…

    According to the lostpedia ( timeline, ‘Meet Kevin Johnson’ occurs on Day 99. That means 9 days until 108 days since the crash. With 8 episodes to go and another ‘purple sky’ event promised by Cuse and Lindeloff, any takers on the season finale featuring a return of the failsafe (or something similar) being used to get the Oceanic 6 off the island?

  19. Nemo says:

    How could Widmore know that the plane crashed at the Island?

    When Michael comes to Tom´s hotel room Tom explains to Michael that the wreckage in the news is a fake, staged by “a man named Widmore” to keep others from looking in the right place where the real plane crashed: the Island. How could Widmore know that the plane crashed at the Island? Even if Widmore has a spy among the Others he could not be contacted because communications were jammed. Or did Widmore stage the real crash? No, I think what Tom told Michael proves that Ben is behind the fake plane crash.

  20. Keith in Lewes, England says:

    I know it’s non-canon, but does ‘Bad Twin’ offer any insight here? Could there be another Widmore?

  21. Preston says:

    I also had the same thought as Keith in Lewes, England:

    The reason Michael can’t kill himself is because of he exists in the future. Which means the future already happened and the past was changed somehow through time travel. So everything since that point is affected by time’s attempt to course correct. When things play out the way they need to, then Michael will be able to die. I think that Ben is able to manipulate people and things because he can manipulate the past, because he understands the course correction effect. So it’s not that Ben knows the future, it’s that in the future he can somehow affect the past. That’s why he knows what will happen (such as the shootings of Karl and Rousseau).

  22. Hey guys–I just listened for the first time–great LOST podcast, for sure. I’ll stay subscribed and thanks for a lot of good recaps and things to think about about “Meet Kevin Johnson!”

  23. LostLou says:

    This just made it to the Headlines of Digg. It’s sort of a Unified Theory for Lost Fans. I don’t buy it but the author shows a vivid imagination, a high intelligence and an excellent knowledge of Lost cannon. The Digg effect has all ready brought the site down but here is a mirror. You guys should enjoy it.

  24. Denise says:

    I love Lost, and its episodes like this one that bring up so many new questions that both drive me crazy and make me want more!

    The major issue I had with this episode is how did Tom get to NY?!? As far as I can tell, he was always around on the island after Michael left. He was around the cages with Sawyer and Kate, he was on the boat when Sun shot Colleen, he was in the room when Jack was operating on Ben, he was tossing a football with Jack when Kate, Locke and Sayid came to ‘rescue’ Jack… Then Locke blew up the sub… So when exactly did he have time to go to NY? Not that the ‘Others’ are a reliable source, but they said that since the sky turned purple, there has been no more communication off the island. Also Ben told Jack (when he was going to let Jack and Juliet leave) that the sub wouldn’t be able to get back… so how could Tom have gotten to NY and back to the island? Thank you bubette for also mentioning this and offering a very interesting theory as to the how, I like it! Now I just need to know the when.

    And how, exactly, did Michael and Walt get, not only back to the states (didn’t even think about the passport issue til reading the other comments), but all the way to NY? Did Ben give them some traveling cash too? How long did it take for them to get home? And how long was he in the hospital? I’m sure that Michael would have been able to use his real name to get into the country and for his hospital stay, because I doubt the world at large doesn’t know the names of every person on the Oceanic 815 flight.

    Here are just a few more disjointed questions/comments…

    – Why would Frank be talking about their mission with Michael, a deckhand? That seemed a little convenient, storywise, not very realistic though… unless Frank somehow knows about Michael… he did seem to be acting a little creepy, then just walked off.

    – If the news was just breaking about finding the wreckage of flight 815 when Michael was trying to kill himself, how did Tom/Ben know about the freighter heading for the island? The flashbacks of Miles, Daniel and Frank all seemed to mention the finding of 815 before they were recruited to the boat.

    – Loved the ‘Execute’ button… not only a nod to the ‘button’ on the island, but since Michael would be ‘executing’ everyone on board with the bomb.

    – Also loved Libby’s comment about the blanket.

    – How can someone who has survived on the island for 16 years (Rousseau) be so stupid as to just stand up and start running without first looking around?!?!

    – Are we sure Desmond has his memory back? He sure as hell didn’t do anything this episode other that look contemplative (and being damn sexy about it too), and follow Sayid around.

    – (My Constant) Why would Widmore give Desmond Penny’s address if she just moved instead of giving him her phone number? Wouldn’t it be easier to change a phone number than to move again?

    – (Ji Yeon) I wondered about the 2 toothbrushes too, in Sun’s flashforward.

    – And finally, how are they to have explained that Kate’s baby (Aaron) is older than Sun’s baby? Are people supposed to think that Kate was 8 months pregnant when the plane went down? Wouldn’t the Marshall have mentioned that to someone? Or are people not supposed to know that Jin (who supposedly died in the crash) is the father of Sun’s baby?

    Man this show drives me nuts… I can’t wait for the season to come out on DVD to watch it all again and pick up the little things I’ve missed!

  25. Noah in Boston says:


    In talking about how Sayid came to work for Ben in the future you mentioned that maybe we saw the event that lead to it in this episode. I don’t think we did because after Ben says,
    “Remember the last time you thought with your heart instead of your gun?”

    Sayid says, “You used her to get me to start killing for you” or something like that…so I do think that we haven’t seen the start of events yet that get Sayid to work for Ben.

    Man this show is crazy.

  26. Keith says:


    Perhaps Ben is talking about his first love (Nadia). It could be that Sayid later learns of Ben’s ability regarding Time Travel.

    So we HAVE seen the events, but Sayid is yet to learn about the link!


  27. Willie says:


    I just found out you guys were podcasting again! ARGH I have missed the season up to this point…but Ill catch up….THANKS FOR COMING BACK GUYS!!


    Not, really, But funny. “The Last 4 Minutes of the Lost Series”

  29. Connie in Alaska says:

    Steve-That was seriously funny! I LOL when Kate looked at Sawyer’s “glistening muscles” and screamed “NOOOO!” Very funny and NOT A SPOILER so those of you living spoiler free, fear not! Miss you all and can’t wait for April 24!

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  31. Jack's Flashback says:

    Steve – Laughing at loud at that “Last 4-minutes of Lost” spoof. The whispers were a nice touch!

    I remember the creamed corn scene from Twin Peaks. In the infamous scene, they cut to the shot of a little kid, who looks just like a mini David Lynch. His hands are cupped and he holding loose creamed corn. They never explained it. I fear there may be a bunch of “creamed corn” in the last episode of Lost. 😉

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