Trans 2008-03-14: “Ji Yeon” – Episode 4-07


This episode of “The Transmission” follows the March 13 episode, “Ji Yeon” (Episode 4×07). After reviewing “LOST in Eight Minutes,” we take a closer look at the story. The flashforward, flashback blend, Jin’s fate, Michael’s unsurprising return, Widmore vs. Benjamin Linus, meeting Captain Gault, and losing Regina. Then, we turn it over to You All Everybody, featuring our brilliant listeners and readers. In the Forward Cabin, filming notes for next week’s episode, and the currently filming ninth episode of Season 4. Closing out the show, a musical treat from The Others. Don’t miss the 25-hour marathon podcast with Jay and Jack on Saturday, March 15!

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:30 Recap: LOST in 8 Minutes
  • 09:12 Discussion
  • 36:10 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 58:52 News & Spoilers: The Forward Cabin
  • 1:04:35 Closing
  • 1:08:43 “Tempest” by The Others

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15 Responses to Trans 2008-03-14: “Ji Yeon” – Episode 4-07

  1. havasupi says:

    Glad the podcast is back. Was surprised to hear you included a post of mine.

    You shed a light on my view that I hadn’t thought of. If I am right and there is another man in Sun’s bathroom, I don’t think he’s a good guy — I don’t think that Sun wants him there.
    I didn’t even cross my mind that she would hook up with someone so soon after Jin.

    I don’t know who this mystery man is. I thought he might be the 6th. But he is still a mystery to me.

    I didn’t look like the same apartment she shared with Jin so I don’t think that the toothbrush is his in memorium. Seeing the two toothbrushes, the first time I watched this episode, made me relax that Jin was with Sun off the island.

    I did wonder why you saw Sun only call the hospital and not Jin. And later when asked if she wants her family or husband she asks for Jin only.

    At the graveside she says how the delivery was tough on her and in her pain she called out Jin. This didn’t seem right, if she was speaking to a dead Jin. It seemed more likely to me she was putting on a performance to cover her slip of the tongue in the hospital.

    I think Jin is alive. I also think that it is possible there are 2 year of the dragons we are dealing with. In my heart of hopes Sun and Jin have another child in the year of the dragon 2012 and all the continuity slips I caught in the toy store are because we are dealing with 3 visits there and not 2.

    Thumbs up to you guys from Brooklyn.

  2. jarofclay73 says:

    Hi Ryan. We missed you on Friday at KITV but I’ll be looking forward to recapping the 8th episode before the mini-hiatus.

    If you haven’t already done your list of influential albums, please put on the Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” album. It is regarded as one of the finest recordings of the 20th century. And it influenced albums like the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and The Doors’ “The Soft Parade” – two highly influential rock albums in their own right.

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    in response to Jen’s request for the locations of the listeners, I called in and said that I’m formerly a resident of Hawaii, (specifically, Aiea Heights) BUT I now live in a small suburban town in Maryland (called “Brookeville”) about 20 miles from Washington DC … please keep up the podcasting …being in the middle of season 4 puts you in the final stretch, so please stay with your listeners for the rest of the ride.

    ps: I was sworn to secrecy by the Widmore group when I escaped — just joking! … since I wish that I never left!

  4. Ryan says:

    Did we completely not mention the date on the tombstone? Sept. 22, 2004, the day of the crash? Total bonehead oversight, if so. Jen and I definitely went back on TiVo to check, and it’s obviously a KEY clue to why you might think Jin is still alive. We may have just talked about it so much before we recorded that neither of us thought to bring it up while recording. Which is remarkable considering we discussed the Korean characters on the tombstone in the feedback section! Ah, the pitfalls of late-night podcasting. Thanks, Gary, for letting us know we may have missed a pretty big clue in our show.

  5. Munchkin aka MJ in the Midwest says:

    Enjoyed the show. Maybe your best of the season. I happen to be partial to the Forward Cabin. So, please keep nosing about, Ryan.

    Sometimes we tend to over think a character comment. Hurly was probably glad to just be alone when his “Good.” comment was made as there must have been no end to media surrounding survivors. Can’t wait to see how that’s explained – the wrong 324 bodies, wrong pilot and how many days floating in the ocean and looking like you’ve been to a island resort? Oh, yeah. They have been on an island resort!

    Walt = Ben = Jacob. Walt must have the same or even stronger sense of Jacob or Ben wouldn’t be so defensive. He must have moved him off shore to the boat because he couldn’t handle him at the Dhama station. But that would mean a connection to Widmore, unless the Captain (who we can’t trust) is lying and Ben really controls the boat.

    I also went back to review the “Man Behind the Curtain” (something I could watch over and over). I miss the old Lock. There were scenes which showed the vaccine being given to new arrivals (we mentioned this as a possible reason for being sensitive to island effects). So we know that Ben took the vaccine until he went over to the Hostiles. I just see a lot of similarities between Ben and his father (Work Man) and Walt and Michael (now Janitor). I’m and going to make a leap and say that Jacob is the son of someone from the Black Rock (a deck hand). And Jacob needs to be grounded. Maybe the Journal is his constant.

    They also showed Ben and Annie in school learning about volcanos. The teacher points out the island was created by a volcano a long time ago. So there’s our magnetic source. The Black Rock must have been caught in this event. Sorry, if this is old news.

    I think Michael is the 6th Oceanic survivor and he’s in the coffin. I can’t see how Sayid would be an Oceanic 6 and be able to be a hit man for Ben his face with be known worldwide. If he gets off the island with Jack’s group, then he makes a break with them before going public. Maybe he and Desmond take a different path off the island.

    So, Jack, Katie, Aaron, Hurly, Michael, Sun. So they are somehow suppose to get back to the island? Good luck.

    Took the Sawyer nickname test. I am now officially Munchkin. I NOT laughing.

  6. Taler says:

    I don’t remember your names (new listener), but dude, let the chick speak. I’ve enough of you cutting her off.

  7. Matt says:

    Hey Guys,
    Thanks for a great podcast. For some reason this one doesn’t seem to be up on ITunes yet. You may want to check on that. Thanks again!


  8. pgtbeauregard says:

    Jen and Ryan,

    I wondered when Hurley asked if anyone else was coming if he wasn’t referring to Mr Paik, Sun’s father. He was no where to be seen at the hospital or gravesite.

    Wonderful podcast, love your insights on the episode.


  9. pgtbeauregard says:

    You had mentioned on your podcast you wanted to know where we are from – Tupelo, MS

  10. Rob W from Aurora, IL says:


    A. The “People Dying on the Freighter” vs “The Sickness that Russo” explained way back in Season 1 or 2. Are these the same “sickness” or “problem”? Back in Season 1 or 2, Russo described to Sayid (who happens to be on the freighter, so he’s heard about it) the fact that many people died from a sickness. On the boat, Desmond and George Minkowski both seem to have the same problem because their conciousness is moving between different times. However, people like Regina are going through some type of illness where she doesn’t seem to be “all there” and ultimately ends in suicide. It seems more like a sickness than the time movement dis-orientation.

    Is Russo’s “sickness” the same thing that happened to Desmond & George? Is Regina’s illness and suicide caused by the same thing that happened to the people who got Russo’s “sickness”?

    B. Also, I heard this on another Podcast – The Flash-forward Order:

    Every flash-forward that we’ve gotten have been going in reverse order. By the end of the season, the last flash-forward could take place in current time.
    1. Season 3 Final Episode – Jack’s flash-forward was the latest. (Jack with a beard and going down an alcoholic path). (Season 3)
    2. Beginning of the End – Hurley’s flash-forward (Jack was clean-shaven, but starting to drink in the morning. Hurley was in the asylum).
    3. Confirmed Dead – Flash-backs for each of the 4 main supposed “rescue” team people.
    4. The Economist – Sayid’s flash-forward – Any Lostie in there besides Ben?
    5. The Constant – Desmond’s movement of his time conciousness – NOT A FLASH-FORWARD
    6. The Other Woman – Juliet flash-back. NOT A FLASH-FORWARD
    7. Ji-Yeon – Sun’s flash-forward (No Jack, Kate, Sayid in the episode). Hurley shows up all dapper in a suit and well-groomed like he hasn’t been to the asylum yet.

    C. The “We have to go BAAAAAAAAAAAACK” Theory – Since Ben is the only “non-Oceanic 6” person we’ve seen in the flash-forwards and someone died in Jack’s flash-forward and nobody went to the funeral, can we assume (or stretch to believe) that Ben is the one that dies and is in the coffin? Unless someone else pops up on the mainland that was on the island, who else would none of the Oceanic 6 want to go pay final farewells to? Ben could easily be using someone’s ID from the flight manifest.

    Ben could ultimately the one that forces the 6 to leave the island to represent “survivors of Oceanic 815” which would be a smokescreen for other people who “need/want” to stay to do so (i.e. Locke, Rose, etc.). Then after Ben dies, could Jack then realize that they have (or have the ability/opportunity) to go back to the island to either save the remaining survivors or to save themselves from the real world?

    Think it over…………. 🙂


    Rob from Aurora, IL

  11. Ilias says:

    Hi, first time poster.

    I enjoy your podcasts a lot. So here are some questions I am pondering about last week’s episode.

    Why has none of the losties asked Daniel or Charlotte about Michael, he is supposedly the only survivor that has ever made it off the island? It would make sense to ask them if he ever made it. Why didn’t Sun wait for an answer to hear who is responsible for deciding their fate when she directly asked Daniel about it. Why are none of the background losties asking what is happening, it has been three days since the helicopter took off.

    I liked the idea of both flashback and flash-forward in the same episode, I just wish that Jin’s story would actually add something to the story, it does that any of the info in his flashback is relevant to the overall story (although you never know with this awesome show).

    Keep on the great work, great to include and mention some of the creative work that the series has spawned.

    Ilias from Germany….

    P.S.: It is a pity that some of the main characters have been in the shadows as of late but it is difficult to have everybody on every week.

  12. I think we’ll find out that a lot of the plot is tied to Widmore’s war with Ben. Libby is probably a plant by Widmore… whom Michael may or may not have been meant to kill. The plane itself may have been setup by Widmore to be in the right place to crash. At any rate Widmore is probably the heir to what was left of the Darma Initiative off the island, and would have good reason to be upset with Ben.

    The sickness on the freighter is probably the same as what happened on Russo’s ship… just cause Minkowski got unstuck in time, doesn’t mean everyone would have the same reaction… and the freighter is farther out anyway.

    If Michael is the spy and dropped the note to not trust the captain… that would give me good reason to… trust the captain. Michael should have been revealed at the end of the Desmond episode. That would have worked better, since we all figured it out in advance.

  13. Bruno says:

    Hello Jen and Ryan,

    I am one of your listener from France… Yeah it’s kinda far away from Hawaï!
    First of all thanks for your excellent podcast. I have discovered it only 2 months ago but now after every episode of Lost, the next thing I am waiting the most is this podcast!
    I wanted to add a comment about this episode, that was awesome but now I am kinda skeptical about the identity of the Oceanic 6.
    I don’t think that you mentioned on your podcast the theory that I have read somewhere that those who were able to get away were the one that at the end of season 2 were far away from the hatch explosion.

    Yeah, Kate, Jack, Hurley and Sawyer were held by the others while Sayid, Jin and Sun were not far from them in the sea. So I guess they were not exposed to the high level of electromagnetism that occured after the hatch exploded. Except for Sawyer and Jin, they are part of the Oceanic 6. We can assume that contrary to the other losties that stayed at the beach in the season 2 finale they should not be sensitive to the disease if they have the possibility to escape this Island.

    Let’s imagine one of the background losties getting in a plane or a helicopter, they leave the island and BAM they start having mental problem while their conscience travels back or forth in time… and it will lead them to their death. Maybe Daniel will warned the losties that they will risk their life if they leave the island.

    Well the whole point here is that Sawyer may be capable of leaving the Island and so is Jin. I am pretty sure that Jin is really dead. I mean Sun is really really sad at the end of Ji Yeon and so is Hurley. They can’t fake this kind of feelings. I guess that the fact that the date on the grave is the date of the crash is part of the lie that the 6 has to make to protect those they left behind. But we can assume that Jin was killed during the showdown between “the freighties” and the “Benies” or during the rescue.

    Finally, maybe Sawyer is still alive in the future and he may have taken another identity (he is used to it). That will be great for season 5 and 6 to still have is character!

    Well, sorry for this first long text… And thanks for your amazing podcast! I love the fact that you are able to see part of the filming, it is amazing!

    Bye from Paris.


  14. Chloe says:

    Hey guys. I’m a new fan of yours and a recent fan of LOST. Like they say, “It’s never to late to get lost.” I have seen every episode and I am dedicated. I have read Juliet’s favorite book, Carrie, just to feel more connected.

    So, in my english class we are doin a project on famous poets; mine is Robert Frost, you may have heard of him. I’m not really into poetry, but somehow when I was reading his biography something about The Tale of Two Cities came up. Now something immediately cliched inside. I thought to myself, “Hm, wasn’t that the title of an episode from season 3 on LOST?” Yes it was. So then i typed into Google, really curious now and guess what came up? “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. “How cool,” I thought.

    Since I was already sitting in my school library, I got up and looked for the book, and sure enough they had it (well duh, it’s a classic). I was literally jumping for joy.

    Over the next few days, I started reading the novel. Here’s a little of what I know about it: The setting is in 1775 in the countries of England and France. (This was amazing to me because in Global we are studying this part of history.) Now I don’t know what you know about history, but this was around the time of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. People are begining to question the individual and the government too, which causes tension between the social classes. England has already gone through their own revolution and now have a limited monarchy, while France is just beginning to enter their own.

    How this conects to Lost: Well, we all know that the two major groups on the island are Jack’s camp or the Oceanic 815 survivors and Ben’s group. (Remember, this is about seaon 3, so their aren’t any freighter people or Locke’s camp yet.) I look at it this way, that Ben and his people represent France, while Jack and his are England. Now I will explain why and also, their is the reverse way of looking at this.

    Ben and the Others represent France because they have not yet revolted. During this time, France was still under absolutism and Catholicism was the prodominant religion and prefered as well. With Ben, they all look to him as their monarch and controls every move that is made, thus making their situation simialr to France. Also, the mysterious Jacob is like Catholicism because there is only some proof of Jacob, but everyone is forced to believe he is real. Ben holds it against people if they question Jacob which is like people who were not Catholics were persecuted in France.

    Jack and the other survivors are like England because even though they have not revolted, they have a “limited monarch” and a “republic”. Jack does make most of the decisions, but people like Sayid and Locke question and take athority in his power. Also, just like in England, there are more diversities in Jack’s camp. In season 4, Jack and Locke have separated, which could symbolize the English Revolution, the Parliamentaries and the Royalists or even the two politcal parties that emerge later on, the Whigs and the Torries. The latter makes a lot of sense because they are both radicals; Jack wants to leave and Locke wants to stay. We all know they would both do anything to get to their goal.

    Well this is just what I was thinking. I wonder if this was the purpose of the entitled episode and if this was what the writers were thinking. I’d sure like to know.

    xoxoxo LOST 4 ever!

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