Trans 2008-02-04: “The Beginning of the End” – Episode 4-01


This episode of “The Transmission” follows the Jan. 31 episode, “The Beginning of the End,” the Season 4 premiere of “LOST.” Since we obviously can’t stop thinking and talking about “LOST,” Jen suggested we give podcasting another shot. But for better or worse, we’ve thrown the script out the window. Obviously we’re a bit rusty, but we still had fun, and hopefully you will too. Is this a leaner, meaner “Transmission”? Is this a one-off fluke? Is this a horrible mistake? Only time will tell. For the precious few that are still subscribed, enjoy!

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:10 Recap: LOST in 8 Minutes
  • 10:35 Discussion
  • 27:30 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 38:30 News & Spoilers: The Forward Cabin
  • 43:38 Closing

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56 Responses to Trans 2008-02-04: “The Beginning of the End” – Episode 4-01

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much for coming back I loved your podcast and was so sad to see it go, but much happier to have you back. thanks so much for your effort on this great podcast.

  2. Andrew says:

    Awesome to have you guys back! You were the best LOST poscast, so it was sad to see you go… but now its all back, and good as ever! Keep it up, thanks for coming back!

  3. Julie says:

    OMG!!! Ryan and Jen I have been a listener since the pilot podcast of the Transmission and I am so so so happy to hear you guys are back in business!!! Can’t wait to download and listen!

  4. Arad says:

    Wow. You two deserve to be on the top of the Lost Podcast world. Despite the long hiatus, I think it’s great you guys are willing to give it another shot. If there are 53 comments here after two years of not podding, then you know you still have a solid fan base. Keep up the fantastic work.

  5. Benny says:

    hi ryan and jen
    i was so bummed when you guys had to stop. i tried listening to other lost podcast but nothing filled the lost transmission void. seriously, i would’ve paid to listen to you guys. that’s saying a lot since i’m a cheap bastard. i’m so so glad you guys are back podcasting. i can’t tell you enough how much i love this show. this has made my day!

  6. Jonpaul says:

    Welcome back, we missed you dearly!

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