The Mobisodes

Long promised as a way to fill the horrific chasm between seasons of “LOST,” we finally got twelve weekly “mobisodes” — mobile phone-sized episodes — leading up to the Season 4 Premiere on Jan. 31, 2008. Initially released exclusively to Verizon customers, ABC later posted them online. (DarkUFO has also collected them into one convenient player.) The series was dubbed “Missing Pieces,” and each piece is an original scene written by “LOST” writers who used the opportunity to fill in some gaps in the last few months on the island.

Some were interesting, some less so, and few gave fans anything they hadn’t already known or surmised. The “LOST” team saved the best for last, though, with the final “Missing Pieces” entry taking on a mystery we’ve pondered since day one.

What did you think of the mobisodes? Any favorite moments? Anything that’s fleshed out or changed a theory you’ve been developing?

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  2. The last Mobisode….#13 was really interesting Jen and Ryan (hi again, I have been logging in from time to time, but I guess we all needed a break).

    A few of my theories (repeated by others in some of the other fan sites) are :

    Christian (Jack’s father) is not dead
    Christian is Jacob (don’t know how or why yet!)
    Christian is the person in the coffin – Jack goes to the funeral home back in what we thought was a flashback episode, but I think now is a flash forward epi.

    Maybe others would like to elaborate on these or dismiss them.
    Jen in Ireland

  3. Okay, should have written that on the island Christian is not dead. He was not the person Jack identified as being his father in Sydney. Also the coffin on the island supposedly containing Christian’s body was empty. Also Jack thought his father was appearing to him on the island.

    As for the Christian = Jacob theory. I just have a hunch on this one. Father theme continuing etc, but no real flesh to this one yet….sorry…

    Then the name of the funeral home changes to FLASH FORWARD which I think has been discussed by fans. We didn’t know about flash forwards into the future until the season 3 finale when Jack is sporting that same beard. The newspaper has the first couple of letters…. “Ja…..”. I know that could be anything from Jack to James (Ford) but Jacob seems likely also.

    I would appreciate other comments. Feel free to chastise me if you like!

  4. Speedmaster says:

    Loved last night’s replay, can’t wait for the new season!! 😉


  5. Speedmaster says:

    Loved last night’s replay, can’t wait for the new season!! 😉

  6. Josh says:

    Jen and Ryan-

    Looking forward to your thoughts tomorrow morning. Missed the site!

  7. cat says:

    Jen and Ryan, I’ve been checking for weeks to see if you were back! Thrilled to see that you are – missed the commentary. Loved #13 – rest were ok although interested to see what Juliet has in the evelope. I’ m thinking that Christian is jacob too but that it is one of the Oceanic survivors in the casket. Hurley or Syid?

  8. Ryan says:

    Thanks, Cat! We missed you and everyone, too. So glad the show is back, even if for just eight weeks. The casket remains a mystery, but… “The Envelope” contained Ben’s X-rays, right? Apparently, “The Envelope” actually was a deleted scene from Season 3 (unlike the other mobisodes, which were all original).

  9. Fernando says:

    We all MISSED you guys, Ryan and Jen. And I missed being in touch with everyone else who posts here as well.
    I have a question regarding Lost Piece 13, and Jacob. If Christian Shephard is Jacob, how did he become the “spiritual” leader of the Others; and equally important: WHEN did this happen? Even if Locke is Jacob, the same questions apply…. and the only possible answers will have to deal with Time Travel, different dimensions, or something really weird like that. But I still believe inthe producers when they say that everythingin LOst can be explained scientifically, and that there is NO time travel involved. Should I not trust these things they say? Please, advise me.

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  11. paintergirl says:

    I looked through lostpedia, and found an interesting article about Adam and Eve. Cuse and Lindelhof both commented that when the whole series was said and done, fans would look back at Adam and Eve in the caves and say “See, they knew they were going to end things this way back in season one.” Can anyone think of a way to tie the two skeletons in the caves to Christian and Vincent in the mobisode? Another clue they alluded to was the name Mittlelos being an anagram for “lost time,” and that it was a clue to Adam and Eve as well. If there is no time travel, and everything is scientifically explained, this puzzle is just way too big for me! Help! Theories! Can anyone tie all this together??

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