Tricia Tanaka is Dead

No big answers, no real mysteries, and more clever lines and chuckles than you can shake a skeletal arm at. It was just a fun episode… and that’s probably exactly what we needed. You know that brief moment in “Flashes Before Your Eyes,” when your heart soared just seeing Sayid and Locke and Sun? Well, “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead” was all about that feeling. Sawyer cracking wise while sabotaging his own happiness, Hurley on a mission with Charlie riding shotgun. And just enough exposition to prove that these people sometimes talk to each other, and ask reasonable questions. It was nice to be back with our old friends (Danielle included), and for this week at least, the answers and mysteries can wait.

Really, how much can be said in the way of analysis for “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”? If “Stranger in a Strange Land” was a segue from the Alcatraz miniseries (bringing us back to the beach), then this week’s episode brought us back to basics. Characters interacting with each other, and refreshingly, having a good time. Did it feel weird to have Sawyer, coming out of the ordeal he had, to suddenly obsess about his stuff and teach Jin ways to impress women in English? Sure. But I didn’t really mind.

Indeed, the one serious moment of the episode, Kate’s “and her name was Alex” line to Danielle, seemed a bit flat. After all, it’s a mystery fans figured out months ago. But Danielle’s return is significant, because she remains one of the primary untapped sources of answers on the island.

Hurley’s flashback was great, too. Given the title of the episode, it was good that they got the whole meteorite business out of the way early. And Cheech Marin? I dare say he was well cast. He played it close to the vest, and let Jorge Garcia’s comedic talents shine. Even on the island, lines that could have been (and perhaps were) incredibly corny were delivered perfectly. Halfway through the episode, I stopped writing them down, and just enjoyed them.

The more I realize how much I miss our “old friends” (including Danielle), the more I wonder if the Alcatraz miniseries that started off this season might have fit better somewhere else… no matter how great Ben and Juliet have turned out to be. “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead” seems to have grounded the series again, from which we’ll no doubt push off into the next big adventure.

Notes and Notions:

  • The song that opened the episode, which later turned up on the van’s eight-track player, was “Shambala,” by Three Dog Night. And Michael Giacchino’s orchestral take on it for the warm and fuzzy musical montage was a nice touch. Note that Shambala is a mystical kingdom in Tibetian Buddhism said to be hidden in the Himalayas, with which parallels to our island could be made.
  • Speaking of old friends, Vincent returns. Jen’s convinced that pooch means bad news. “Yeah, chase the dog with the skeletal arm into the creepy jungle. You be my guest!”
  • Another map turns up, this one with a road with some serious switchbacks. A road to a radio transmission tower, perhaps?
  • We’re having a hard time figuring out the timeline, especially given where and how Randy has turned up between Hurley and Locke’s flashbacks. I don’t think anything’s contradicted, but it sure seems tight.
  • So, anyone else warming up to Nikki and Paolo yet? Thought not. “Have you checked behind the powdered milk?” Gah.
  • Hurley’s visit to Libby’s grave was sweet. As was his reaction to seeing Sawyer again. Jorge is one awesome dude.
  • The wacky scene with the pushing and the yelling and the uncooperative Volkswagen van reminded us of “Little Miss Sunshine.” Though apparently scenes like that are pretty common with that particular model.
  • I loved that Randy’s last name was Nations. As in, Gregg Nations?
  • Jen loves that Sawyer had mono as a kid and watched too much TV. Would explain “Little House” and “The Brady Bunch,” and perhaps the next several TV references.
  • The eagle-eyed folks at Sledgeweb’s LOST Stuff spotted a scrap of paper among the junk in Hurley’s van bearing what appears to be the letterhead for “Ho’oulu Lahui,” which translates to “nation building” and seems to be connected to a Native Hawaiian program. Either way, it seems an odd find on The Island!
  • “NO! NO! NO!”
  • Interesting how Jorge’s food and weight issues were tied to his father walking out when he was a kid. Seems a reasonable but not overplayed explanation for something the show hasn’t always handled well.
  • Lynn Karnoff, the fake psychic, was Suzanne Krull, who probably looks familiar because she’s been in… well, plenty of things.
  • “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” discussions at,, and Pop Candy.
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45 Responses to Tricia Tanaka is Dead

  1. jake/yvon says:

    Decent, low-key episode–would have been nice to see last week instead of the tattoo one!

    Interesting that Sawyer could teach Jin how to apologize in English (and say the “three things that women like to hear”), but that Sawyer couldn’t apologize to Kate himself.

    Hurly’s humor adds a good note to the show. It’s been very grim recently…

  2. jake/yvon says:

    A few more questions–we sent the last comment too quickly…

    – Why didn’t the old Dharma organization rescue “Roger”–why leave him in the van? Judging from the VW-ish van and the 8-track and the music–whatever killed Roger happened in the 1970s. (Wikipedia lists “Shambala” as being on Three Dog Night’s 1973 “Cyan” album.)

    – Why doesn’t Danielle appear to know about the Dharma/others housing compound on the same island, given her extensive knowledge about it over 16 years? Does the security system (of which we’ve seen evidence with the monster) prevent access to the other side of the island?

    – The Alex-as-daughter reveal was an odd moment to end the episode on, because it’s so obvious from past episodes. Ending a minute or two earlier–during the happy-end-of-day music video moment back on the beach–would have been typical of the first season episodes. Why not have a more interesting ending?


  3. Brian says:

    I loved this episode! It was nice to have a light-hearted show before they gear up the intensity in the second half of the season.

  4. Crissy says:

    Fun episode! It was nice to have that humor (which seems to have been missing after Season 1) back. Sawyer and Jin were awesome. Locke was there, but didn’t mess anything up for once . . . yet. I was almost (ALMOST) having too much fun to miss Jack.

    Hurley’s flashback wasn’t particularly revealing except for the thing about his dad (really not surprising), but Jorge is great. Cheech wasn’t too bad, either!

  5. Chuck says:

    Is it me, or has the chemistry of the main characters gone down a notch or two? The 3 years of aging Clair and Charlie show in their faces doesn’t go with the timeline that it’s still 2004. I need the smoke monster back, send Locke out on a hunting expedition, and lets resurrect Echo. Or better yet, have Locke wake up on the plane next to Larry Hagman and make the whole show a dream sequence… =-)

  6. John Fischer says:

    This was a really nice episode. It was great to see all of the regulars back. Why they bothered to put Nikki and Paulo on the show, though, I can’t figure out. My guess is they’ll play an important role in an upcoming episode and then die heroically.

    Kate looked wonderful in this episode. She didn’t have that tortured look on her face. Sun was equally as beautiful.

    It was really fun to see Hurley, Sayid, Charlie and Sawyer interacting over the car. I’ve ridden horseback in the valley where they filmed the scenes with the car moving. It’s on windward O’ahu in a valley called Ka’a’a’wa.

    It was also nice to see Mira Furlan back as Danielle. I think she’ll play an important role in upcoming episodes. I remember her fondly as Delenn on Babylon 5 for so many years.

    The more I hear references to the man falling of the roof of Hurley’s accountant’s office, the more I am convinced that this is Locke and explains how he lost the use of his legs. He was probably trying to commit suicide after being screwed by his father and losing his girlfriend.

    It was actually a relief not to see Jack for an episode. This show is more than one actor and we were really getting Jack heavy in season 3.

  7. Konkijkav says:

    ‘If you miss this episode, you won’t know what everyone is talking about!’

    I am starting to feel that Seinfeld episodes had more content then what Lost is serving up lately. It seems that the writers of the show are trying to give us their version of a show about nothing. What happened last night… how much further along are we…. if you had missed the episode, would you have missed anything?

    This great concept, that started fresh and captivating, has turning into an everyday, run-of-the-mill, regular show. Comments are changing from, ‘That was awesome’ and ‘did you notice…’ to ‘It was nice’ and ‘It was a fun’. Is this what happens when a show gets popular? My guess is that it was intended to last 2 or 3 seasons and now, due to it’s popularity, has to be stretched out as long as possible. It’s no wonder that 30 million viewers has turned to 13 million, and dropping.

    Horrible episode. Funny lines, good acting by great actors, a return to the beach, but absolutely no substance, no progression, no revelations. No answers, and no real questions.

    Please tell me that there is still someone out there who turned the TV off and thought, ‘Damn…. how can I live six days and 23 hours till the next episode’.

  8. Nadia says:

    ok i just have to say it……
    redneck man! I loved hugos “comeback” for sawyer….

    And quick question….nikki and paulo….were they those random people we haven’t met yet in the scene when kate and sawyer came back. When did they come in..I must of missed it.
    But yeah this episode made me laugh. I had fun 🙂

  9. Fernando says:

    Just like Hugo’s father said it twice last night, “THERE IS HOPE”.
    That is all to learn from last night’s episode. Great, fun, relaxing episode. And the previews for next week looked awesome!!

  10. Dan says:

    It’s weird. I am a fan of the show. I’m on here. Proof enough. But, I wasn’t a fan of this episode at all. Besides obvious reasons why. The things that really got me had to do with the direction and production qualities of the show. The new music was really annoying and hokey. And I felt like the camera was shoved in everyone’s face everytime they spoke.

    P.S. Sawyer’s character has been completely reduced to one line, name calling. Way overdone. There’s nothing else there. All in all this show sucked, seriously. Stop kidding yourself.

  11. debbie says:

    The guys riding around in the van with an 8 track playing made me smile. that has to be some seriously OLD beer. The kate/ Sawyer thing is a snooze fest (sorry Skaters, but I want sawyer for myself:))
    what was kate on about, that Sawyer had to appologize to her. For what? the sex? She was a willing participant.

  12. Lee says:

    I agree about the general trend of the show. We used to count the moments until the next episode. There was tension, suspense and surprises galore! Now what? Tatoos we don’t care about? Funny cars? The Desmond episode was substantial, but this past one was fluff. Like the beer Sawyer was drinking, great taste, but not filling enough. I miss the old Lost!

  13. Bill says:

    Enjoyed the episode for the light-hearted stuff. FINALLY someone has told Danelle about Alex! Maybe Danelle will now put on a jersey. She’s bad – she’s mad. The intense lack of communication among the castaways sometimes seems so unrealistic and soap opera-ish. And could 30-year old gas in a Volkswagen still fire? Could 30-year old warm Dharma beer be drinkable? Not unless kept on an island with incredible electromagnetic properties and time portals. I think the next episode will have Sawyer and Jin suffering from the green apple dirties. I’m betting the dog Vincent is a major player, being that he was the first thing we ever saw on this show.

  14. Annie says:

    I think the “her name is Alex” moment was not meant for us, the audience, it was meant for Danielle. What WILL be for us is Danielle’s reaction and integration into the story line. So I don’t think the moment fell flat because it was anticlimatic – I think it fell flat because it was a little over-acted (sorry Evangeline).

  15. frank says:

    Ryan, I think that you’re dead-on with your analysis. It was enjoyable because we’re finally getting back to the core group (the meat and potatoes, as Jack likes to say). And I thought that the ending fell flat too … that scene shouldn’t have been about the reveal, because we all knew who Alex was already. It should have been about Danielle’s reaction to the news, because she doesn’t. I think if they had ended with the camera on Danielle as Kate says, “Her name was Alex”, that would have been a little bit stronger finish then Kate giving that extra line saying that, “I think that’s your daughter”. I know that it’s done for the more casual fans, but still…

    I also understand some of the complaints people have had. I really enjoyed this episode, but coming after “Stranger in a Strange Land” (which I intensely disliked), it’s back to back episodes with no real content. Still, it was a good character episode, and, I hope, the calm before the tension ratchets up next week. And I agree with Dan, too, they really are turning Sawyer into a one-note character, “The Guy with the Funny Nicknames”. I think that they realized that last year when he stole the guns … it was a way to bring back the ‘edgier’ Sawyer. But that really didn’t go anywhere, and he’s now the goofy, lovable redneck again…

  16. Bill says:

    Since the VW van was never an all-terrain vehicle, we can assume there is a road (maybe yellow brick) somewhere near. And I’d be angry if I were a cast regular and realized they were giving Nikki and Paolo screen time, let alone actual lines.

  17. MotherFury says:

    Hugo’s Mom: (while covering the ears of of the hand-carved, golden Jesus with her thumb and forefinger)
    “I’m a woman with needs.”

    That priceless three seconds redeemed every bad episode or scene, past, present, and future for me. LOL my sides still hurt.

  18. MontaukJimbo says:

    AWESOME Episode.
    -We know why Harley’s …large (Cheech’s fault)
    -We Know that Sawyer(James) Really Loves Kate
    he wanted to share the BEER with her , maybe the Camp as well…but when she was gone he went for a good school-boy sulk.
    -Vincent gained weight.
    -All FlashBacks w/Harley/Mom/Cheech/Tricia Tanaka, felt like a “Cheech and Chong Movie”Island of Lost Trees”
    -Marx Brothers Banter was A W E S O M E,throughout
    “Harley’s Hug being greated with ‘Good to see you Snuffy”
    or Snafaluffagus from Seasame Street.
    -Sayer(James) was practicing HIS Lines to Kate.
    -Skeletor,Jimminy Cricket, JumboTron,Hooked on Phonics,Red NeckMan,Hippie Car, Beer,Older than Rocky 3..maybe Rocky 2.
    Those Pants don’t make you look bad.
    All in all An Incredible F U N, Different,refreshing “Lost Episode”
    These characters are COMFORTABLE with each other, It shows.
    the Actors are having F U N. Except Jack…he a downer.
    But, we had no Jack this week accounting for the Light/Happy Feeling we shared, My Family Enjoyed this epoisode
    —-Harley May have Broken his Curse—-
    “”You Make Your Own Luck””,
    “”There is No Curse””….VVVRRROOOMMM!!!!!!” On the Road to Shambalaa….oooooo-ooooo-ooooola-la-la-la-la……………..

    ………………Chill you nahsayers

  19. Connie from Alaska says:

    Something that bugged be throughout the episode was where did that dog come from? Wasn’t there a bit of discussion after Season 2’s finale about whether or not Vincent went with Walt and Michael when they left the island? Didn’t the producers on the Official Lost Podcast even address that issue by saying that Vincent got on the boat? Am I just imagining it? Someone please help me…I need a Dharma Lite Beer!

  20. Julie says:

    I don’t remember Vincent being on the boat in the episode that aired. I know they shot a scene with Vincent on the boat and never actually aired it.

    I was excited to see Vincent though — he’s like Lost’s “Norm” — whenever the pooch jumps out of the jungle, you can hear a resounding, “VINCENT!” from my living room. 🙂

  21. frank says:

    I don’t think that they said that Vincent got off on the boat, but I don’t remember for sure … but either way, I wouldn’t take anything said on the official podcast too too seriously … I know that one of them said at the beginning that there was NO time travel, and now they say that Desmond DID travel through time.

  22. sodadood says:

    I loved this episode… ok, so it wasn’t the most revealing episode we’ve had, but come on – this show is all about pacing the story! You can’t rush through every story and thought at full speed – it would be too exhausting for us, the patient audience. Having said that, I certainly appreciated seeing my favorite characters interact again (but does anyone know what has become of Rose & Bernard?).

    The VW bus… if it has really been sitting there in the jungle all that time (at least from the early 1980s I’m guessing), how would those tires STILL be in perfect working order – filled with magic air, I suppose. And magic gasoline. The eight-track playing inside, on the otherhand, I can reason with no problem – lots of people still driving these things around really DO have eight-track players still in perfect working order.

    I loved that the bus has the Dharma logo on it…. and the Dharma ‘light’ beer, and Sawyer’s nicknames were hilarious this time around (when Hurley hugged Sawyer and we got the ‘Snuffy’ [Sesame Street] nickname, I couldn’t stop laughing). Easily an hour of Lost I would gladly watch over and over again.

  23. jim says:

    While a lighter touch with the Sawyer nicknames might be desired, you have to admit that we are actually seeing a new side of Redneck Man. In two episodes, he has given two different guys advice about women! The irony is obvious, but this is the only way Sawyer can deal with the fact that he truly loves Kate.
    The problem with Lost is that, at its best, it achieves literary depth, and at its worst, it becomes a really ordinary Soap Opera. And the pendulum keeps swinging.

  24. Celtix says:

    I was OK with this episode. I like the fact we are back to the beach. I liked the back and forth of Kate and Locke about why did you not come looking for us. I Love Hurley. DUDE! Give Hurley some Love.
    One thing though dont people die once they have come to terms with whatever their characters flaw or sin or conflict is. Does that mean since Hurley broke the curse he is about to Die. Say it aint so Joe.

  25. The Climaxan says:

    I didn’t think that I would like this episode at all when I was reading about it before hand. I’m not a big Hurley fan. After this episode I appreciate his character a lot more, and despite some plot holes and parts that didn’t exactly make sense (Sawyer got over the Island escape pretty quickly), I found this eppy to be really solid. It felt more like something out of Season 1, which is a good thing.

  26. Steve says:

    How could they kill off Sung Hi Lee ( 이승희) that quick? Too bad she isn’t on the island. I would kill to see several cat fights on the beach between she and Sun. : )

  27. Okay ,As said Before we loved this episode(My family dad/Mom/16yr-old Son)
    But some other little things that……mildly irritate Us::
    Danialle ,when she fired on Kate Sayid and locke…
    BangBangBang..SemiAutomatic Assault style Gunfire…..She has a bolt action Rifle.. Should be MUCH slower:
    BANG…clickboltback and forth..BANG…..Boltback andforth..BANG!!!
    similar to Oswald’s JFK Weapon
    Next There is NO such thing as a “Kidney Sac”…that is so vascular that it will kill you in an hour if Nicked….[I am an OperatingRoom Nurse}
    Dharma BEER cans were at least mid 80’s cans…and I think someone said this Before RoyalScots recruiting Poster were all USA issue equipment and American HONOR printing, and not only does Vincent look fatter he looks shorter.
    But Those and other little Gigs….. This show is most original in Years…We are in for the Ride…”On the Road to Shambalaaaahhh!!!,..HOW does your Life Shine on the Road to Shambalaaahhh!!!”???

  28. Tawl says:

    The fact that the VW bus engine still ran, gas was still in the tank, air still in the tires, the beer was still drinkable, and the 8-track tape still worked suggests only two logical reasons:

    1. there is a wrinkle in Time (and maybe Space) centered around the island or
    2. the bus was recently setup to be found by Hurley

    or wait.. a third possibility
    3. This was Lost’s “Fonzie jumping the shark” episode

  29. John Fischer says:


    Where are your Lost location comments for this episode?

  30. Looking For Lost says:

    Contrary to many of the fan postings, this show does answer a few of the smaller questions. For instance:

    1) Question: What does Kate want Sawyer to say sorry for?
    Answer: Sawyer had made Kate perform some lewd/freaky/taboo sexual acts while they were in his cage together. Real Deliverance style “Squeal like a pig” stuff! This is why she didnt tell him that she loved him afterwards (who would?!).

    On top of that, Sawyer also failed to mentioned that they are being watched (possibly taped) on camera. I think he planned to get the recordings from the Hydra Station watchroom, and sell the movie rights when they got off the island (not knowing that the Paris Hilton sex video fiasco has already been done in the real world).

    2) Question: Why did Kate have to do the whole “and her name was Alex” line to Danielle?
    Answer: When you are faced with a crazy lady, with a gun, pointing at you at point blank range, with a look in her eye like she’s gonna go crazy again….. you *want* to be as specific as possible to get past all the craziness!

    Enough said…..

  31. MontaukJimbo says:

    If the Van was on it’s side,there would be no weight on tires.
    Why wouldn’t 8-Track work… Mine still does I have had it in a 1947 Army jeep.. and besides cleaning every 1-2 years it’s still running.
    the gas maybe a “Special Dharma Blend”,
    And no this was not “Fonzie & the Shark” This was a unique episode that was what it was…Fun.
    And Kate wants “James” to say “Sorry, for disagreeing you about going back for Jack, I should have yelled and gone all Macho-Male-Bossy,…
    I don’t think the CageMatchSex left anything to be Sorry For…Kate is a Big Girl and Way more Intense than James….
    James IS a lot of Bluff…….
    He does want to be Loved… and Liked…. I thought He was Gunna share the Beer…..
    Speaking of Beer.. It would be Fine…..
    Jacques Cousteau… pulled up some 800 year old Wine from the Meditaranian Ocean and it was Drinkable….but he was French…

  32. says:


    “BEER cans were at least mid 80’s cans” More like the 70’s. They look, as does all the Dharma-brand stuff, just like the Generic products that were popular in the 70’s. The only thing worse than Generic beer was Billy Carter’s “Billy Beer” that was usuallly found on the same shelf.

    “American HONOR printing” Yes, this is a spelling error that Damon and Carlton confessed to on the podcast.

    Dog was definately fatter, perhaps he found a big supply of Dharam Dog Chow.

  33. Gretchen says:

    I’m extremely disappointed in the whole Rodrigo Santoro thing. They’ve put a perfectly gorgeous man on the show for what seems to be no reason whatsoever and made him into an annoying character that you’d rather not see at all. What’s THAT about?

    LOVED this episode! First good one all season!!

  34. Tawl says:

    I know I’m knit-picking a very superb creative TV show, but until the next episode rolls around, how about these additional comments concerning why the Darhma-mobile shouldn’t have been anything more than Roger the Workman’s final parking spot.

    1. Balloons deflate on their own, so tell me again why wouldnt the van’s tires be flat?
    2. The 8-tape tape was subjected to high-humidity (I bet there’s a lotta rain on that island), heat, and oodles of temperature changes from morning to night. I doubt that 8-track tapes are made to to handle this kind of climatic abuse without shredding-up when run thru the player
    3. The gas would have evaporated. Lots of heat on the island.. remember?
    4. The beer.. well.. I admit, maybe it wouldn’t taste good, but you could still pop-open a luke-warm one.

    I suspect that Desmond and some of the Others (both on and off the Island) realize that there is a time-loop (as the universe tries to correct itself for a reason we’ll find out in the finale), and that’s why some of the utterly remarkable things that happen are actually “setups” by Others who are trying to help the Universe out a bit.

    Why else would Ben walk into the Losties’ camp (last season) and subject himself to life-threatening abuse? Because he already knew what would/could happen, and he went in to tweak things up abit to get another outcome in the “loop.”

    And why else would Ben’s group have a list of the Losties? And files, etc. etc.

    If you can imagine a time-loop repeating itself over and over again (like Groundhog day, like Desmond’s flashbacks), a lot of strange events actually start to make sense.

  35. Steve says:

    Interesting your idea Tawl.. maybe they’re all in a loop-time.. and they just dont know… expect Desmond and some of the Others.. and soon or later they will all know.. and together find a exit..

  36. MontaukJimbo says:

    Hate to say this but …
    I kinda said that a long time ago.
    GroungHog Day..

    But I like your take, and Logic about Ben…
    He was taunting Jack and Locke in the hatch with the whole …”what I would do.’……and the chosen yack yack

    …..So much of TV and Movies storylines and action scenes are UnRealistic in that Shootouts are ridiculous when ..”ouch I got Grazed” “handguns Never run outta Bullets, or Robin Hood or the Good Guy saves his friend from Hanging By shooting the rope,
    Car Chases Never Kill innocent bystanders, All these Lost people have great skin and hair, and except for Hurley,Rose and Bernard are ..Pretty…,Heck,even they are attractive.

    If we Pick and tear at everything ….
    Like Digital Watches in BraveHeart and Lord 0f theRings,
    Or Vaccination scars on CaveMen and American Indians,
    clocks in the Background that jump twenty minutes in a one minute scene, Drinks that magically refill during that same scene.
    I F we pick everything apart we are doomed to be, Old Warped Frustrated Men and women….”Thanks George Bailey”

    I let Lord of the Rings be Ruined by spotting a watch and The Character…The Brother of the HorsePeople…Anyway when he got shot by THREE Huge Arrows and was D E A D, and Our Hero…Aragron leans over him to lament his death .. a strand of his Long Black hair falls into the Dead Guys Face ..and the DEAD Guy Blinks/twitches…..!!! AAArrrrgggghhhh!should have been cut out.
    BUT, That just goes to show ..even Huge Films are not immune to “Glitches” and Leaps of Faith…..

    I will try not to be to cynical from here on out…. I want to Enjoy this Show and not be pessimistic.

  37. Steve says:

    MontaukJimbo … wine and beer are not made with the same product,,,I dont know how to call it in english but the beer it made with ‘hublon’… a kinf of cereal… you cannot compare it with the wine..made with grape…getting old it good for wine but not for beer….

  38. MontaukJimbo says:

    Steve I know I know
    In fact some one gave me their “Beer / Bottle Can Collection” from the Billy Beer, PBR, Primo, Generic Beer, Red,White and Blue, Loenbrau days and …..only thing they were unopened.. Bottles Were about 85%-90% okay
    but the Cans
    yucko…… It was Hit and Miss We cooled them Down and drank what we could about 1/4 of them had congealed, half were drinkable… but you are right….
    ,However I read a Story of a Military Concrete Warehouse in Marshall Islands that had twenty cases of Bud and Miller from WW 2 and Korea that was OKAY, but that is just a story I can’t confirm But I talked to the Guy that was with Unit that Found it…He was a Morman and could attest to Palatability of Amber Nectar… but said it was almost all drunk by his buddies in

  39. Fernando says:

    I’m rather surprised that there has been so very little (for not saying none) discussion of the TWO most interesting issues in this episode, namely: the road map that Sawyer found in the van, and the skeleton of Roger “work man” wearing a uniform with the Swan station logo.

    First, the map. It is obviously a map of a road throughout a mountain region (part of the island?). Why does Sawyer (and everyone else around the van) disregard its importance? If I was stranded on an island, had been attacked, captured and enslaved by a mysteryous group of people, and then find a map, I would immediately keep it and try to figure out what it is all about, where it leads, etc. Of course, my reasoning is too realistic and logical for the typical Lost characters anyway. But we are left with another mysterey: does the road actually exist or was the map just a plan to build it? Is the road on this island or is it in the Alcatraz (Hydra station) island? If it is in the other island, was that what they were working on while moving rocks and stuff? Hmmm

    Secondly, Inman never said anything to Desmond about Roger, which does confirm that Roger’s work at the Swan station occured long before Inman (or even Radsinzki). But most interestingly is to wonder why “nobody” ever looked for (or found) Roger; I mean, when he died or went missing (under obviously obscure circumstances, since there is no road where the van was found) apparently nobody recovered his body.

    Finding Roger’s body is the third occurrence of this kind on the show. First, Jack and Kate found “Adam and Eve” in the caves. Then, Locke found another skeleton in the cave where he rescued Mr. Eko from the bear. All these dead bodies have been wearing some sort of Dharma initiative clothing. But why are they all dispersed throughout the island? Why, when and how did they die in the first place?

    These, and not why the beer was still drinkable, are the issues we need to focus on. Please do not hate me for saying it. I do not mean any disrespect to anyone. Just trying to direct our discussion in the direction of the more significant issues… which leads me to the TV Guide. I already read the one for next week (March 12-18) and they have a very nice article about Lost with LOTS of spoilers for upcoming episodes. After reading the article, I am much more excited about what is in storage for the coming weeks. There will be much to talk about.


  40. MontaukJimbo says:

    My bet is that Roger, work man, was dying and was out for an Aging Indian -thing (Wander off and die)..with a few Brews.
    Fernando, I spent some time stopping tape and reading map.

    Facinating, also that Rogers uniform was not decayed BUT worn.

    The Others that Can Not effect the future,but are ,just along for the ride on the Eye-Patch dude and poor estranged and strange Danielle, are truly “Lost”
    Jack,Hurley,Kate,James, Aaron,Sun,and Jin will Change the Real Future.

    Oh, My Wife Rieko, believes that Sawyer, didn’t
    “Pull Out”,
    and Now KATE has a ‘bun in the oven”.


  41. Tawl says:

    An excellent thought, MontaukJimbo, that Kate could be pregnant. Given the super-properties of the Island, it’s not far-fetched to think she could be. (And adding more material for the writers to work with, as if they need more). If so, it’s a good guess that she wouldn’t know yet because of her desire to rescue Jack. If she knew she was pregnant (and she wouldn’t know for weeks, anyway), she might not be risking her life.

    Fernando, I agree that there are larger issues at stake about the true meaning of Lost, rather than wondering if the beer could really be drinkable or not. I’ve only brought it up to support a theory that most of the unusual events on the island point to events being “staged” for a reason, rather than by random chance.

    If the truck crash was staged, no one ever cared that Roger the Workman went missing. The map was meant to point the Losties to a location. Everything discovered in the crash was put there for a reason.. maybe slightly changed over and over again during repeated time-loops. Just maybe the crash setup’s sole purpose was to have the map discovered in an “authentic” situation.

    I think the actions of Ben point to a Time-Loop answer for Lost, which we started to learn about with Desmond’s flashbacks. Desmond’s flashbacks were real, because he could predict the future when he returned back to the island.

    Ben always seems to know what’s going to happen before it does. You could even say he knew Jack would betray his trust in the operating room. Sure, Jack believed it was his idea on how to free Sawyer and Kate, but I believe Ben was prepared for what was going to happen.

    I believe Ben knows about the time-loop, which would have significantly helped him to become the grand leader of the Others.

    My challenge for anyone reading this post is to give an example of a situation of where Ben was truly suprised by something that happened on the Island. A situation in which Ben seemed totally confused by the outcome of an event. (Even during the hatch blowup, Ben was calmly looking at the sky, with his creepy, sly smile).

    Anyone up for a challenge?

  42. MontaukJimbo says:

    One last “Theory”
    The Two”UnAccompanied” Young Kids are about same age …Right?
    They look alot alike..Right?
    Blond/Blue eyed..Right?
    COULD THEY BE Juliet’s Sister’s Kids??
    Juliet’s Sister Died in Childbirth??
    And being Kids they are Blank Slates……..


  43. Connie from Alaska says:

    If the theory of all our Losties being in a time loop is true, then perhaps there are some parts of the island (the Others’ Village, certain hatches) that are protected from the time loop effect…perhaps by inputting the Numbers. The “good people” and kids are taken to these protected areas to keep them out of the time loop effect. But now that the Swan Hatch is kaput, they are all being sucked in to the time loop.

    All will be made known in the end…keep the faith!

  44. Steve says:

    Someone have an idea of what happens to Roger ?? why nobody of the Darma people find him before ? Why Desmond dont know him if he was on the Swan station ? Is he the guy Kelvin waiting for ? (Kelvin ask Desmond the first time ”Are you him ”?) maybe he waiting for Roger…and why the key was in his hand.. and not in the ignition ?

  45. skate says:

    o sayer you sou phut

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