I Do

People whom I love and respect thought last week’s story was great, but it did nothing for me. Those same people were disappointed by “I Do,” and I thought it was a damn good episode. One thing I’m learning? The fact that people still have strong opinions, either way, is testament to the staying power of this show. And while I’m no “shipper,” this semi-season finale is cementing the fact that I’m into “LOST” for the characters. I’m curious about the sci-fi side, the mythology, the clues, the conspiracies. But I’ll take a deep character episode like “I Do” over a voodoo mystery any day. And Jen? She didn’t hate Kate at all this week. In fact, she rather liked her. And that, my friends, is saying a lot.

Let’s get this out of the way first. Kate’s in love with Jack. And Jack’s in love with Kate. Whatever prompted her to jump Sawyer’s bones, it wasn’t love. It may have been pure survival instinct. Or it may have been part of a deal, one she made with Ben on the beach that has yet to be revealed.

Remember, Ben told her in “Tale of Two Cities” that the “next two weeks” were going to be unpleasant. Tonight, soon after Jack tells Ben to get stuffed, Juliet tells Pickett that something was moved up, before “the two weeks” were over. I don’t think Jack’s refusal to do the surgery was what forced their hand… but rather, the revelation that Ben would need surgery immediately. I think they knew they would be able to get Jack into the O.R., they just had to do it sooner than planned. Likely using Sawyer and Kate to do it.

But, oh, these characters. Episodes like “I Do” remind me of what we liked about them, and wondered about them, in Season One. We see that Sawyer has indeed been broken, and his weakness is, of all things, love (be it Kate or Clementine). And that Jack the crying surgeon indeed has a spine. As I mentioned, Kate somehow managed to evade Jen’s ire this week, despite the bad wig and dirty cage sex (“Actually, I liked the dirty cage sex,” she confesses), so they must have done something right with her character as well. The moment she and Jack first see each other in the Hydra was all you needed to see. Evangeline Lilly actually acting. More, please!

And Ben and Juliet? So far, spectacular additions to the cast. We see Ben looking more sinister than ever in one scene, and looking totally impotent and helpless in another. Juliet, meanwhile, is immediately my favorite female character on “LOST.” She’s not a pretty face, she’s not a bitch or badass, she’s not a stereotype at all. She’s nuanced and rich and I cannot wait to learn more about her.

I also love how Alex is being handled. Popping in and out, an insider and an outsider, much like her mother Danielle. Ben asking about her before going into surgery tells us there is something significant between them, likely (yet another) complex father-figure relationship. It would also explain why she can be such a pain in the ass, yet still be allowed to cause mayhem throughout Otherland. I don’t get how she thought she’d be able to talk to Ben about Karl by sneaking back onto Alcatraz with a slingshot, though.

The weakest part of the episode — and the part where I think most fans were expecting much, much more — were the brief scenes with Sayid, Locke, and… those two. I admit, the jungle scenes were lacking, awkward, and may as well have been omitted completely. At least we had our first direct conversation about “the monster,” even if it didn’t give us anything we didn’t already know. That we close with Locke’s fixation on a Jesus Stick message tells us that he’s again finding purpose and direction, even if it’s just his overactive imagination.

Is it the “best episode ever” that the ABC marketing staff promised it would be? Nah. Is it a major cliffhanger? Perhaps not, though we were certainly on the edges of our seats. (The moment where Sawyer is on his knees, Kate pleading, the “LOST Theme” rising to a crescendo? I admit, I was totally sucked in.) But it was a strong serving of what I think “LOST” does best, and definitely makes me think the next 13 weeks will be very, very hard to endure.

Notes & Notions:

  • Did Ben engineer Jack’s escape specifically to let him witness Kate and Sawyer together? We think so. “Nothing happens in that place that Ben doesn’t want to have happen,” says Jen. I did find it odd that Alex was the instrument of Jack’s escape, though.
  • Tampa, Florida is becoming another major “LOST” hub. Hibbs sought out Sawyer in Season One ostensibly to settle up for “the Tampa job.” And now Kevin was a cop in Miami/Dade, filling out paperwork on a Tampa fugitive. And, of course…
  • Who is Jacob? Pickett groused that Ben was putting his life in the hands of one of “them,” and not only that, but someone who “wasn’t even on Jacob’s list.” Jacob apparently drafted the first list of names, and Ben — discovering a spinal surgeon among the survivors — made a little addition. This implies that Jacob is higher on the Others’ totem pole than Ben, and perhaps the “him” we’ve wondered about since Season Two. For what it’s worth, there was a person named Jacob in “The Lost Experience.”
  • So what got Locke so excited? The message on the stick was, “Lift up your eyes and look north,” and below it, “John 3:05.” Except that that line isn’t from John 3:05, but rather Genesis 13:14-17. John 3:05 reads, “Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” Read both scriptures here. What does it mean in the show? Probably that Locke will climb a mountain, look north, and see Alcatraz.
  • Ben gives Jack his word that Jack will get off “this island” after the surgery. Not only is Ben a proven liar, he’s also got an easy out. He can just ship Jack from Alcatraz back to the main island and technically hold up his end of the deal.
  • I love that there’s now another entry in the “Juice Theory” that SamG posted to The Fuselage a while back. Kate laced Jack’s drink to make him sleep in Season One, and helped Sun try and drug Jin (getting Michael instead) to keep him on the island in Season Two. Tie that to the prominent mention of juice by the Marshall on the plane, and we’ve got a heck of a trend going. And so far, Kate has only used this trick with good intentions.
  • Locations: Kate went shopping for “taco day” at the Times Supermarket on Beretania Street. She got married at St. Clement’s Church in Makiki.
  • Music: “Slowly” by Ann-Margret.


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53 Responses to I Do

  1. Blair says:

    That episode, while good, wasn’t as earth-shattering as I had hoped for. So we learn:
    – Kate was married before (to a cop no less) and was very nearly pregnant? (Maybe she WAS pregnant, I’m not 100% sure of that)
    – Alex is an ‘other’, but apparently her boyfriend has been killed? There’s so much more to this story… it would be nice to have a flashback to find out the background information. I do expect, however, that maybe the next ‘new’ episode in the new year will be a Ben flashback? It would certainly make sense given that he’s on death’s door. Plus, it might give some much-needed answers and create a whole new set of questions. 🙂

    OK, so we also found out that:
    – Kate and Sawyer get it on. It seemed so forced to me… it’s one thing for Sawyer to profess his love for Kate, then have them kiss to test the waters and power of the ‘others’ that are holding them captive; it’s another to have them willingly hook up in Sawyer’s cage – watchful cameras and all.

    Obviously there was a plan in place to have Jack conveniently see Kate and Sawyer in each other’s arms. And why did Jack grab only ONE gun when there was a whole closet full of them? That part made no sense since in the past he certainly would have known to do that.

    I loved the expressions of Ben when he was wearing his glasses. Sinister, evil, and certainly much more going on than meets the eye. So Jack wasn’t on the original list – this was made sort of matter-of-fact, like a backhanded comment made in passing.

    Those two ‘new’ characters we met a couple of episodes ago are wearing very thin on me. Three seasons in, I really detest having two new characters introduced and expected to interact with all the other main characters as though they were there the whole time. Where are Rose & Bernard??? Having them be there would be a great improvement and would make those scenes so much easier to watch.

    Jack does the surgery on Ben, but then goes into business for himself while Ben is on the table. On the surface, this seems like a great plan – and a viable route for them to go. With Kate and Sawyer on the run with nearly an hour head start, where will they end up? I thought it was a nice nod to the very first episode with the story Jack told Kate.

    Overall, I liked the episode, but I hated the Kate/Sawyer love scenes and I was more confused about why it was a Kate focussed episode. In the end all we learned about her that we didn’t already know is that she was trying to live the straight and narrow life while on the run, but ultimately she couldn’t do it.

  2. Sharon says:

    Unbelievable episode! Okay, now anyone who thinks that finale was so-so should just stop watching now.

  3. Sharon says:

    Why was Ben wondering if Alex asked about him?
    Did he raise Alex as his own daughter?
    Who is Jacob (and is he the real “him”)?

    Will Locke find what he is looking for North? Is that how to find Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, or something else?

    By reacting as they did to Jack’s threat to terminate Ben, it seems clear where the Others’ alliances stand. Tom and Pickett are on “Ben’s side”, and not “Juliet’s side”.

    I was blown away by this amazing episode. There were more questions raised (and some were answered regarding Kate’s past). The hiatus is going to be rough.

  4. F. Pants McFadden says:

    I didn’t think it was so-so. I thought it was bad, which makes it par for the course over the past year and a half, so I guess I thought it was about average.

    I don’t understand why the writers seem to be so opposed to moving the plot along.

  5. Christine says:

    Just a question if anyone can answer – we were watching the part where Sawyer was making a little speech before he said ”I love you too” and a WEATHER WATCH BEEP drowned out EVERYTHING that he said. Someone please tell me what he said before I shoot myself!

  6. Richard says:

    Jack wants off the island, they will just take him back to the island that they crashed on… she should be more specific

  7. Christine –

    Sawyer asked Kate if she was telling the truth when she said she loved him, or if she really lied just to stop the guy from hitting Sawyer. Then she didn’t answer him, but kissed him. Then he said, “I love you too”. However, I don’t think Kate really truly LOVES him like he wants her to…more like she just kissed him so she didn’t have to say she loved him…

    more of my thoughts here… http://www.flipthisbody.com

  8. Blake says:

    I think by raising questions, the writers have been moving the plot along. They do it in a way that’s not in-your-face, and it’s actually cool just sitting back and enjoying the ride.

    You might also say that lot of lingering questions actually have been answered. Where the Polar Bears came from, what the cable that Sayid found in the ocean was for, where the shark came from, where the Others live and how they live, how did the Others learn of the plane crash, when was Kate married and when did she take a pregancy test, etc…

  9. debbie says:

    During the Kate /sawyer love scenes all I could think was how long they had gone without showers. yuk!

  10. Bryan says:

    Much better episode than last week on a lot of levels, but I still think that they have interns writing the dialogue. It’s just flat and lacks the sincerity of the previous seasons. A lot of the symbolism in their dialogue has left as well. And the pacing of the edits seems a lot more forced than it did in previous seasons and thus making the conversation seem more scripted (i KNOW it IS scripted but the idea is for it not to SOUND scripted.)

    The Kate backstory doesn’t tell us a whole lot, at least I don’t think. maybe it shows us her desire to live a normal live, but factually, it doesn’t do much to move her character along. It was nice to see at least one other regular character (Sayid) get some face time, but where the hell are Jin and Sun? This sort of plot gap makes this season feel a lot more disjointed than the prior two.

    Ok so they gave us a mini cliffhanger to hold us over til Feb, but they really really need to start moving this along a bit better.

    I think in the end, they have only just started to reveal what secrets the Island holds. I think there are more than just Others on the island. Perhaps the others split into two opposing factions. Perhaps eye-patch man is another entity altogether. Perhaps giant 4-toed foot statue people are on the island.

    Still a lot ot be answered.

    I also think I read somewhere that the first ep in the second half is going to be a Penelope episode. That should be interesting.

  11. Larry says:

    I AM SO MAD!!! I wish my computer could display/express my anger! I know they have to do this… but come on!!! This will be the LONGEST 13 weeks of my life!!!! GRRR
    Thanks for a great site!!!!

  12. Blake says:

    Didn’t the Marshall make a reference to orange juice on the plane?

  13. Brad says:

    I think the biggest mystery/hint to come out of tonight may very well be the name “Jacob” that was dropped by Pickett.

    Obviously he is higher up than Ben. He (Jacob) could very well be the GREAT MAN that Ben referred to when he was locked up in the hatch in season 2.

  14. Andy says:

    I thought tonights episode was boring up until the last 10 minutes.

  15. Mike B says:

    Why was this one Kate-Centric? There’s gotta be something going on here. Perhaps ben turned her way back in this season’s premier and the x-rays ruined no such plan, but were, in fact, a part of it. How hard would it be to turn her??? Tell her “we have you prisoner, we can put you on a boat and drop you off with the coast guard”…. there it is, life in prison. As yourself How this incredibly dangerous woman, one that a marshall needed a dozen firearms for, is suddenly unable to even try to defend herself back when sawyer wrestled the ak-47 away earlier this season…. it continues further, too…. she’s never been portrayed as much of a sissy, that is, until she was captured. “Get me a fish biscuit sawyer,” come on… they havent been through that much more than what they’ve already gone through to justify this absolute u-turn in her behavior. Now we’re led to believe she’s this damselle in distress that can’t handle her shi? I’m not buying it… and WHY make this episode kate-centric…. She’s been turned. She’s one of them You’ve got all these men in her past that she “loved” and turned on… get ready for it again. She’s working with the others because she knows she has no future off the island…. the others know it too… she’s their prisoner, she knows damn well that they could just turn her into the police an never have to hear from her again. She can Live in isolation with them and have a life, or she can go to prison. If she doesn’t cooperate, she’s screwed.

  16. Michael B says:

    Why was this one Kate-Centric? There’s gotta be something going on here. Perhaps ben turned her way back in this season’s premier and the x-rays ruined no such plan, but were, in fact, a part of it. How hard would it be to turn her??? Tell her “we have you prisoner, we can put you on a boat and drop you off with the coast guard”…. there it is, life in prison. As yourself How this incredibly dangerous woman, one that a marshall needed a dozen firearms for, is suddenly unable to even try to defend herself back when sawyer wrestled the ak-47 away earlier this season…. it continues further, too…. she’s never been portrayed as much of a sissy, that is, until she was captured. “Get me a fish biscuit sawyer,” come on… they havent been through that much more than what they’ve already gone through to justify this absolute u-turn in her behavior. Now we’re led to believe she’s this damselle in distress that can’t handle her shi? I’m not buying it… and WHY make this episode kate-centric…. She’s been turned. She’s one of them You’ve got all these men in her past that she “loved” and turned on… get ready for it again. She’s working with the others because she knows she has no future off the island…. the others know it too… she’s their prisoner, she knows damn well that they could just turn her into the police an never have to hear from her again. She can Live in isolation with them and have a life, or she can go to prison. If she doesn’t cooperate, she’s screwed.

  17. Fuber says:

    Matt Fox is def the best actor in the mix. I’m loving his story line and totally buying his character. The action with his character is one of the main things that keeps me in the show. My point.. I like what the writers are doing with his character and he deserves awards.

    Strange that my wife, usually not a fan of Kate either, really liked the cage love making last night. She melted when Sawyer told Kate “I love you” in his way.

    Finally, my wife and I thought about what we were doing about 3 months ago and we realized that 3 months is a VERY, VERY long time. The superbowl is Feb 4!

  18. Arrrgh!! I am so frustrated to have to wait 13 weeks for the continuation! I would be frustrated in anticipation with just 1 week of waiting.

    I think the drama aspect of the show has really stepped up for Season 3. I find myself really enjoying it and pulled in.

    It is great to see the true character of the Lostees rise to the surface. We really are seeing what Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Ben, and Locke are made of. It looks (from the previews) like they are going to do the same with Desmond. I hope they can do the same thing with the rest of the characters.

    Last night’s episode did the best job of bringing the tension and drama to a climax. We don’t have a resolution, and we hate to wait, but I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened. I thought the build up was masterful. I just hate to wait!

    I think I am going to skip Daybreak, or just watch a couple of episodes. I am not going to watch a 12 week show just for LOST previews. I think an extra hour of family time will be better than wasting my time trying to get into a new show. I’m shifting to Heroes for a while.

  19. heather says:

    First: I liked the episode too.

    About five minutes into it though, I had a nagging question aboout Ben (that maybe has been answered, dunno, but..) if he has the power to send people home (like Michael and Walt, supposedly and Jack possibly) then why the heck does he need to kidnap and brainwash/blackmail a plane crash survivor who happens to be a spinal surgeon, but also happens to hate him into doing life or death spinal surgery on him? Why doesn’t he just hop on his boat and go back to reality for a while and have surgery?

    Well, the obvious answer (aside from a hole in the plot) is that Ben is not such a big deal after all. Maybe Ben doesn’t really have much power to do much of anything (middle management?). He is as stuck on the island as everyone else. This was perfectly symbolized with the two diparate views of Ben we see in this episode: pure evil in his glasses stepping up behind Jack and then totally prostrate and afraid asking “do you ever get nervous before an operation?” right before he is about to be put under.

    Which raises the intriguing question…Who is Jacob? I’m looking forward to finding out.

    The not so obvious answer is, maybe Ben can’t go back for other reasons. Maybe he is a fugitive too.

    As for Juliet, I agree, I am really enjoying her character and can’t wait to see where they will go with her. She is so cold and impervious, but clearly there is a whole lot going on there.

    Kate and Sawyer…meh. Kate and Jack…meh. I’ll be glad when this love triangle stops playing such a prominent role in the plot and frankly wouldn’t care in the least if Kate suddenly professed her love for Ben. Seriously. Move on. Besides, we all know that Kate doesn’t do Taco night, so can we just go back to Kate being a tomboy?

    Who remembers the story Jack told Kate when she was stitching him up in the very begining? Something to do with being afraid during a surgery and having his patient’s nerves spill out like spaghetti and he had to put them back in….

    Finally, not sure how much I like this new system of no reruns and no new episodes til february. Ugh. As if the winter is not long enough.

  20. heather says:

    Oooh, yeah, I forgot to mention: Jack is back! Oh and I am so glad because he is one of my favorite characters and it’s just been downright sad seeing him stuck in an observation room having his mind played with and eating square meals all these weeks. Now, he is out of his cage and playing Ben and Juliet and maybe, just maybe saving the world again. Good. That is the Jack I know.

  21. Heather –

    I found this on Lostpedia.com, to answer your question. I had to look it up too!

    “After administering aid to the others, Jack takes a sewing kit from a suitcase and slips off into the jungle to examine the wound on his left side. He sees a young woman (who later identifies herself to the unconscious man as Kate Austen) standing nearby and drafts her to sew up his wound, calming her by telling her the story of his first solo surgical procedure, where he conquered his fear during an emergency by “letting the fear” in, but only for five seconds…as the three run from the “Monster”, Charlie is nearly taken by it, after he trips, and Jack leaves Kate to return to fetch him. She calms herself by counting to five as Jack had suggested.”

  22. heather says:

    Oh that’s right!! Thanks Julie.

  23. Aitor says:

    Great episode! Not a lot of new information, but it was very well scripted this time and I found it tremendously thrilling.

    Ryan, I don’t think it’s Alex on the intercom. It doesn’t sound like her. Actually, it sounds more like a computer voice. It sure looks like Ben’s her father-of-sorts.

    I’m not sure if Jacob is *him*. Can’t he just be another Other that still lives with the losties?

    I too love Ben and Juliet. It would sadden me if he died because of the operation.

  24. Ryan,

    You make some very promising arguments for this episode. However, the only one that really strikes a chord with me is that we see JACK ACTUALLY HAS A SPINE!

    The major issue was that I was living Spoiler Free in Season 3. I mean I enjoy hearing about filming scenes and possible issues with a bus incident, etc. But there were TWO AWESOME PARTS to this episode. The first few minutes which Jack tries to slap Juliette in the face with the charts and says “When Ben, at least you wont have to be disappointed very long.” and then at the end when Jack TAKES CONTROL.

    These two scenes would have been enough to make me tolerate the lame jungle scenes, and my new Anna Lucia Horrible Flashback Award winning scenes.

    But the issue is that I watched the official lost video podcast and I saw the opening scene with Jack, Ben, and Juliette. I was totally rocked by it and thought, WOW, if they are sharing this, then the rest of the show is going to KEEP IT PUNCHING like this all the way through. I was SET UP by abc to expect action, adventure, and something that would CHANGE EVERYTHING!

    Yes, Jack is the new sheriff in town! He’s calling the shots and The Others are at his mercy, IT SEEMS. But I was expecting the thrill of the first scene to keep me on the edge of my seat, much like last weeks episode did.

    Last week, I had to remind myself to breath at commercial breaks. This week… Not so much.

    But I’m not a relationship person. And I think that is the clearly evident thing here. Kate seems to be the Lost Poster Children for Relationship Content on the show and well, as I shared in our most recent podcast, “What an Awful Mess” and “That had about as much romance as an autopsy.”

    Overall, I liked 4 of the six first episodes of Season 3. I don’t think Lost has jumped any sharks! What a stupid phrase that is. Lost still has a LOT OF LIFE in it and I’m still a major fan and it will be a long 13 weeks.

    But I hope they either Give Apollo Bar and Nike some lines or kill them off in Episode #7. They are truly tainting any episode they appear in so far.

    Big Deal, the toilette still works!

    I’m done ranting. Everyone has a different opinion and I still think Lost is Awesome. Just didn’t care for this episode. I think I would have been less harsh on the Kate junk if they didn’t make her flashbacks a part of the cliffhanger episode.

    This episode could have TOTALLY ROCKED with some Karl & Alex Flashbacks! Making Alex the centric character! She seemed to play a strong enough role in this episode to make that possible.

    Thanks as always Ryan for all you do for the Lost Community. Oh, and yes, we love you too Jenn!


  25. Linda says:

    in regards to Kate calling Ed the Marshal, my first reaction was that he and Kate had been married and that is why he has been chasing her. Why else would she tell him she wanted to stop running and that she loved Kevin. I mean if he was really after her because she was a real fugitive why would he tell her he would stop but only if she could settle down.

  26. Connie from Alaska says:

    Kate’s flashbacks are a direct parallel to her current predicament. In the flashbacks Kate is really in love with Kevin (the gorgeous Nathan Fillion) and is making a serious effort to settle down and behave. Even to the point of trying to get pregnant. We see her in the bathroom presumably checking a pregnancy test that turns out to be negative (just my speculation), but it shows that she is seriously trying to change her ways.

    After Kevin surprises her with honeymoon tickets to Costa Rica she realizes that keeping her secret from him is going to be too hard. She can’t leave the country or she’s going to be chased and caught by the marshall, and she loves Kevin enough to level with him and give him an out to keep him from being implicated with her. So she runs again. I think she traded in the two Costa Rica tickets for her ticket to Australia.

    How is that relevant to her current situation? Well, it seems she is once again, for whatever reason–coersion, love, dispair, whatever–trying to do the right thing by doing as she is told. And even though she now knows they are on another island, she has refused to run away on several different occaisions. The old Kate would have run in a heartbeat regardless of the threat level or the slim odds of total escape. I’d like to think that she has decided that having once run away from love, she is determined not to do so again…and I agree that it is obvious that she is in love with Jack…sigh…..

  27. Nancy says:

    Great episode. February seems so far away!

    I think that Kate was pregnant and had an abortion before she drugged her husband. She and Jin had a conversation about pregnancy but I don’t remember what actually was said. Anyway, from the test Kate took, I came away thinking she was pregnant and that’s why she was crying. She knew she’d have to have an abortion and run.

    Ryan, when I did a search for “lift up your eyes and look north” in an electronic bible, it didn’t come up with Genesis, but 2 others. Jeremiah 13:20 which says “Lift up your eyes and see those who come from the north.” and Ezk. 8:5 which says “Oh mortal, lift up your eyes now in the direction of the north. So I lifted up my eyes to the north and there, north of the altar gate, in the entrance, was this image of jealousy.” Both interesting passages that can mean many things!

    I’m wondering why Kate didn’t tell Jack that they were all on an island and there was no getting off.

    Anyone else notice the looks that Juliet was giving Jack during the surgery? It seemed obvious to me that she was waiting for Jack to kill Ben. I wondered if the other Others noticed her looks, cause they were so over the top. Also, she certainly didn’t seem to try to stop Jack from letting Ben bleed. Isn’t she a doctor too? Wouldn’t she know how to stitch up a kidney?

    Looking forward to all the comments and observations! Hope someone will watching Daybreak and filling us in on the previews for Lost! I don’t know if I want another commitment show!

  28. Jen says:

    I think the pregnancy test was negative.

    And, guys, if you hate the show so much and think it’s “boring”, just stop watching. “cause if you were bored last night, you just haven’t been paying attention.

    I think something is going on with Kate, too, Michael B. They’ve been so inconsistent with her from the beginning that it’s really hard to figure out what they want to do with her anyway, but I agree, she’s weird. That’s really why I don’t like the character. I think they’ve dropped the ball on her somewhere.

  29. Michael says:

    # Linda Says:
    November 9th, 2006 at 8:13 am

    in regards to Kate calling Ed the Marshal, my first reaction was that he and Kate had been married and that is why he has been chasing her. Why else would she tell him she wanted to stop running and that she loved Kevin. I mean if he was really after her because she was a real fugitive why would he tell her he would stop but only if she could settle down.

    In the scene another ” marshall” is on a computer, I assume tracing the call. I think saying he will stop chasing her, is his only hope of keeping her in one place and tracking her down.

    I think that the bobsie twins are not a plus in the new season and should be put back in the background. She almost seemed stilted at the funeral scene.

    Not much of a cliff hanger when in the previews we see kate and sawyer running away together…….. Surpised nobody has mentioned this yet.

    Still miss your podcast, Jay and Jack are good, but you guys were great!

  30. Chris says:


    If you watch the epidosde again, you can see that the pregnancy test says that a “+” means your pg and a “-” means your not. The test was negative.


    I could help but imagine how dirty they must have been. I hiked Half Dome in Yosemite this summer and I was so dirty, gross and tired (but probably not as dirty and gross as Kate and Sawyer) and the last think on my mind would have been sex.


    I think it would have been sweet if jack, after looking at the X-Ray’s would have said, “It’s not a too-mah.” (it’s from kindergarden cop in case you don’t know). I think i’m on to something! There is surely a Arnold Schwarzennager connection here. (1) The tumor from Kindergarden Cop and (2) in Twins Arnold’s character was raised on an island is the south pacific by a scientist. Hmm.

    Anyway, it’s funny that the island cured Locke and Rose but Ben can’t be cured. Are the others a type of “gate keeper?” Helping humanity to a better tomorrow but destined to be left behind?


    check out the wiki entry for the book childhood’s end:


    The children end up being the future. Is this why the others want the children? Walt obviously had some special gifts. Is the 4 toed statue a foreshadowing of some type of human evolution? Or is the island home to the mythical Springfield of the Simpsons (they only have 4 fingers)?

    Great episode.

  31. Connie from Alaska says:

    Chris–Thanks…my hubby was FFWD’ing the video and he tends to overrun the beginning of each segment a little and hates to rewind so I probably missed the bit about the preg test being positive. It went by in a blur with me yelling “wait, wait, we’re missing it!” Next time (in three months) I”M running the remote!

  32. John F. says:

    I enjoyed “I Do.” I’m not totally sure what the point of Kate’s backstory was, but I admit I enjoy the backstories unlike those who would like to see them eliminated.

    I’m very curious who Jacob is. My bet is the guy with the eye patch. I’m not sure that I agree with those who think Kate still loves Jack. I tend to think that she’s really decided Sawyer’s her man, especially since I understand that Juliet is destined to be Jack’s girl in the second half of the season.

    My overall reaction to the first six episodes though was “great, but enough of The Others for a while.” I want to get back to the losties we’ve come to love and suffer with for 2+ years. I miss Jin and Sun, Charlie and Claire, Rose and Bernard and especially Hurley. Let’s get back to their story. Where has Danielle been all season?

    I was optimistic when the hatch was destroyed, but it was replaced by two cages and an underwater surgery tank and that’s even worse.

    Juliet I like, Ben is just too creapy as are most of his henchmen. No way can I accept that they are “the good guys.”

    I wonder what the heck they are building that requires Kate and Sawyer to break up rocks every day. What do they need to speedup the construction of?

    I assume that the Others plan was to slowly break Jack, Kate and Sawyer. The problem though is that the first six episodes have also been slowly breaking many viewers. We Lost fans need to be let out of our cages and dungeon and freed again to enjoy the main characters.

    I blame ABC for clearly hoping that the show will run 6 years for maximum syndication rights. Lost should be a 4 year story tops with the last season bringing everything to a well thought out conclusion. As long as ABC wants to milk the show for every ratings and ad dollar, we fans will be left starving for answers and starving for resolution of at least some of the story.

  33. Tori says:

    Re Kate: Maybe she just loves two people…. That’s happened before to folks, no?! And perhaps understanding that Sawyer might really be killed, she wanted to show her love for him. She also has a strong and fierce compulsion to nurture or protect her loved ones, it seems–to the point of killing the husband of her pretty beloved mom. To me, Kate has a fierce heart of gold that’s been pretty twisted by circumstances and maybe by elements of her own nature. But she is passionate, and she loves her loved ones. Also, it’s likely on the psychological level that Jack and Sawyer represent two aspects of herself, and that’s why she’s attracted to both of them (plus, they’re hunks! :-).

    Also, what’s with the triangle theme? Kate’s in one, and so was Sun. I was also thinking the island(s) is/are sort of like the Bermuda Triangle. Any thoughts on the triangle theme?



  34. jim says:

    “I Do”, while not a bad episode, definitely see-sawed between a somewhat pointless, or at least oddly timed, flashback, and an edge-of-your-seat thriller as Jack “shows some spine”. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to drop Kate’s marriage story into either Season 1 or 2? Kate certainly is one messed-up chick, which makes her ultimately not so attractive. (But she and James are made for each other…)
    Kudos to Matthew Fox and the eternally creepy Steven Emerson for spectacular performances.
    The producers of Lost are taking a great risk with the coming hiatus, not so much because they will lose the core audience, but that it will be almost impossible to gain a new one. People may even forget the show exists. Just one more curious thing about one of the most curious shows in the history of television.
    And as much as I love the show, am totally devoted, and would never dream of “dropping out”, I still have very little faith that the writers and producers can tie together all the loose ends that are hanging over the show’s structure like crazily draped tinsel on a Christmas tree. Can’t wait to find out if they can, though.

  35. Joop says:

    I read your post on Lost casts & I’m from the ‘The Cost of Living is the best episode ever’ crowd.
    I welcome your criticism, in fact I make it a point to read your post after each episode. Your comments are well thought & insightful.
    I think my love for the episode is skewed by my love for the character & I think Ekos’ was the greatest to come around in a long time. I also think his back story & island story worked together brilliantly. Any artist who can tell a story & make me shed a tear, yes I admit it, is doing something right.
    The fact that we can all have such differing opinions is a testament to Losts greatness & is definitetly worth our criticism, so flame away!

  36. Mr Eko of Lagos says:

    Lost is a great show, but there is one thing I noticed that really bother me!!
    What happen to the black characters in lost?
    -Michael and Walter are now bad people in the eyes of the viewer and just disappear from the island
    -Mr Eko sudden death,
    -Rose Never seen in season 3!
    -Even the black lady that was present the day Jack, Sawyer and Kate was captured she just disappear don’t you guys think this can not jut be a coincidence?

  37. John says:

    @ Mr Eko: nope!

  38. I'm Ben's Father says:

    Quick bit of LOST / Bible Trivia:

    – Jacob is the father of Benjamin (Genesis-Old Testament; also the father of Joseph and the tribes of Israel)

    – Biblically the name “Jacob” means- Supplanter ( to supersede another especially by force or treachery) or Deceiver

    – One of Jacob’s other sons was named “Dan”

    Don’t know if this will connect with the show at all, but thought I’d mention it.

  39. Andrew Bettcher says:

    Am I seeing right? Is this the last episode until February???

    Why are they so cruel????

  40. Brent says:

    Haha, yeah. Season 3 Lost: racist?

    – Mr. Eko dies
    – Michael leaves the island after becoming a villain of sorts
    – Walt is kidnapped and has been MIA since season 1
    – Rose is nowhere to be seen
    – Klugh is nowhere to be seen
    – Nikki and Paulo: more white trash added to the show?

    It’s not just against blacks, either. Who killed one of the others? Why, the evil Korean lady of course. Who was sent home by the others? Hurley, the only Mexican; and the 3 whites got to stay with the others. As if that weren’t enough, Sayid is probably gonna get eaten by the smoke monster or the one-eyed man.

  41. Mr Eko of Lagos says:

    The only main black charector left is the smoke 🙂

  42. Alicelostinwonderland says:

    I’m Ben’s father,

    Thank you for finally posting something on the rash of biblical allusions we’ve been pounded with in this past episode. But I think you meant James is the supplanter not Jaccob….in the Bible, James was supposed to take over for Jesus but was replaced by Paul. Intestringly enough, James is Sawyer’s real name….

    Also take note that Kate means “virginal or pure”….Despite the fact that she is clearly not a virgin there is something going on with the love triangle between Jack, Kate and Sawyer in relation to the Bible….possibly some sort of modern day trinity theme?

    Not to mention:

    Alex fultily challenging the Others with a SLINGSHOT????
    Hello, David and Golith allusion.

    And finally, after reading more about Jacob and his ladder I discovered some relation between his story and Natural Selection. Some poeple have even gone as far as to associate the ladder with DNA. With the emphasis on fertility and pregnancy going on in this show it’s worth looking up…perhaps Kate and Sawyer we’re on that list for bloodline reasons…Maybe Clemetine will have a sibling to play with in nine months…

  43. Connie from Alaska says:

    “Jacob” means deceiver and in reference to the biblical Jacob, he decieved his twin brother Esau out of his birhright and blessing from their father Isaac by first coercing a promise from a very hungry Esau to trade the birthright for a bowl of soup and then disguising himself as hairy Esau (Jacob was more of a Mama’s boy type) and falsely presenting himself to a nearly blind Isaac and getting away with Esau’s blessing.

  44. redsix says:

    People keep saying that Ben told Jack he’d get him off “this island” and maybe he’s just gonna take him back to the other island. THIS IS NOT WHAT WAS SAID. Ben specifically said “HOME” and inferred “home” is what was being shown on TV. Here is the exact transcript if you don’t believe me:

    “[Ben turns toward the cart that was rolled in the turns on a TV. It shows the Red Sox winning the World Series. Jack moves toward the TV in disbelief and watches the end of the game. Ben turns the TV off.]

    BEN: That’s home, Jack. Right there, on the other side of that glass. And if you listen to me — if you trust me — if you do what I tell you when the time comes — I’ll take you there. I will take you home.”

  45. Tawl says:

    Redsix, even though you are correct about Ben telling Jack he would take him “home,” we also know that Ben is a blatant liar. Didn’t Ben tell the Losties that his name was “Henry Gale?” Can we trust Ben this time? (I know your point was what Ben actually said.. I’m just taking this a step further).

    Another question. Did Ben say he had grown up on the island, or that he had also never been off of the island? If it is the latter, then Ben will be going back with Jack to the real world for the first time if he keeps this promise (Ben to Jack: “I’ll take you there. I will take you home.” )

  46. Ana says:

    Some of you may not know that the original uncut scene where Jack speaks with Kate on the Walkie Talkie he tells her to TAKE Sawyer with her when she runs. The uncut audio aired on teh official podcast right after 306 aired and I made a small video editing the audio that aired on the episode and the part that was cut out. I put the two together the way I think it was before they cut it.
    Pay attention and notice Jack saying to Kate:
    “Take a walkie, take Sawyer and go!”


    Don’t know why it was cut out though. It shouldn’t have been. Many viewers think Jack told Kate to run so she would be separated from Sawyer and he would end up being killed by Picket. The uncut scene shows clearly that Jack was preocupied with both friends and is a pretty noble person, wanting to save Sawyer after seeing what he saw on Ben’s monitor.

  47. Siege says:

    They shouldn’t have killed off Boone and Shannon only to bring them back to life as Paolo and Nikki. Right, guys?

  48. Justin says:


    IGN discusses the 50 Top Lost Loose Ends.

    It is a very good read, and discusses many things talked about here.

  49. Frank says:

    Hey Guys, Sorry I have not been able to talk but on Mr Ekos stick after it says “Lift your eyes and look north, John ?:??” maybe the message is for John and not reffering to the Book of John. The numbers could mean something else; could be anything.
    Also has anyone been watching Day Breack to see the previews of Lost I really want to know what showed. It seems that from the Spoilers I have been reading the next following episodes are going to be very good.
    If possible Ryan can you make more availible more info on what is going to happen next. Thanks.

  50. Brian says:

    I’m not sure if this is the correct forum… but this week’s Lost Moment (which I caught completely by accident) was very very exciting. Jack in the bear cage with Cindy (stewardess and former tailie) walking towards his cage telling him that she and all of the others were there to “watch”. Not sure of the context, but I am sure it scratched a “Lost” itch that won’t be completely satisfied until February.
    I guess Jack’s little Operating Room escape strategy didn’t work too well. Anyone else see it?

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