LPN Interview: Daniel Dae Kim and Jorge Garcia


A special segment produced for the LOST Podcasting Network. Fan favorites Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim sit down to talk about “LOST” — and plenty of other stuff, too. The hour-long conversation covers Season Two, the summer hiatus, and of course the in-progress production of Season Three… plus their thoughts on character deaths, acting challenges, the spread of spoilers, and fan interaction. There’s even talk of video games, music, sports, and life in Hawaii. It was a real treat to spend time with these two great guys, and I hope you enjoy this exclusive interview for fans, by a fan. To download this segment, click the “Pod” icon below, or cut-and-paste the following URL:


Download 1:11:51/49MB MP3 — Technorati: , , ,

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22 Responses to LPN Interview: Daniel Dae Kim and Jorge Garcia

  1. sayten from the S.A.S. says:

    the link seems to be down (?)

    really excited to hear this!

  2. Ryan says:

    Sorry, sayten! The player link and the straight URL posted were correct, but the ‘POD’ icon was pointing to a non-existent file. It’s been fixed. Enjoy!

  3. scrognes says:

    Thank you, thank you , thank you! This was a great interview. Will the two of you be back doing weekly podcasts during season 3?

  4. paolo says:


  5. Dezdemona says:

    Loved this podcast – very enjoyable!

  6. Great interview, Ryan. How is it you manage to score such great opportunities? I still don’t know why a local radio show or ABC itself hasn’t snapped you up to do this stuff full time.

    Oh, I was thinking that maybe you and Jen could find it in your hearts to do another episode of the Transmission every now and again. Nothing super regular like before. I’m thinking like a review show during the mid-winter hiatus when we’re stuck with reruns… and then maybe again during the summer. No call in stuff, just you guys’ reviews and opinions.

    I know, I know… I’m being too pushy again.

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  8. Hi Ryan, I want to listen to this at work, but my company does not allow streaming feeds. Can I find a version somewhere where I can download it to my iPod, like a podcast? I checked on the Lost podcasting network, and it doesn’t seem to be listed.

    Much thanks,


    p.s. can’t wait to see your commentary again for the new season. I’m going to start a mini-Lost post on my blog on Thursday mornings too (you inspired me!), as many of my readers love the show, and I’ll make sure to send them your way for more in-depth analysis. 🙂

  9. Ryan says:

    Adam: Well, Jen’s all ready to start up again! 🙂 We’ll see. It wouldn’t be the same show, that’s for sure, and really, I think the breadth of voices and styles you can choose from now when it comes to “LOST” podcasts have things pretty well covered!

    Julie: At the bottom of the post are links (and a static URL) to get the MP3 directly. The interview should also show up inside the feed for “The Transmission” in iTunes and other podcast directories. We’ll watch for your “LOST” blog posts. We’re also looking forward to Season 3 like you wouldn’t believe!

  10. Arad says:

    What a great interview. It felt like I was right there beside you guys, laughing and listening alongside.

    Thanks for the great stuff, Ryan and Jen. We know you’re busy (aren’t we all!), so whenever you guys decide to grace us with your sonorous voices and great commentary, we appreciate it!

  11. Thanks for the tip Ryan. I was able to listen to it. I agree with Arad – I felt like I was right there with you guys too! Great stuff. I hope to hear more from you and Jen in the coming season.

  12. Robert Purdum Jr. says:

    I live on the other side of the country from you in Palm City on the east coast of Florida, 34990. I wish we had your scenery! I like to check out the volcano webcams.

    Sledgeweb led me back to your site for the full interview with Daniel and Jorge. Well done. It’s good to see you’re still adding to the Transmission. I look forward to more. Thanks!

  13. Bryan says:

    You know what might be fun is a real-time Lost chat. Someone could probably set one up using iChat or AIM or something. Play by play during the show

  14. jim says:

    Great interview. Am I the only one who caught a potential inadvertent spoiler out of the mouth of Daniel Dae Kim? When he listed the first names of the actors whose characters had been killed in the show, saying what good friends they were, did he not say “Harold”? Is Michael being killed off this season? (Could that oddly generous gift of a boat from The Others have something to do with it?)

  15. stash says:

    hey ryan and jen. just wanted to let you know i heard Lina Girl and Pipi talking about you guys on fm100 (honolulu) dis morning. Though i didnt really catch what they were saying. but it definately were you guys. Great job guys. keep it up.

  16. Hey Ryan & Jen, did you guys go to that premiere party for season 3 on Saturday? I read about it this morning and it sounded like a great time!


  17. Ryan says:

    Sure did, Julie! I posted some video here:


    It was a blast, wouldn’t have missed it for the world, but I still look forward to seeing it again on Wednesday!

  18. TIna says:


  19. patrick says:

    watching a great episode of LOST makes me think of you guys…

    we tried without success to get into other podcasts after u guys went off the air…
    let us know if you guys come back on the air!

  20. tvfreeload says:

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