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After an agonizingly long summer break, “LOST” Season 3 is almost upon us. Of course, the final stretch is often the hardest part. Fortunately, there is some fresh “LOST” stuff out there to help quench our cravings.

  • LOST Season 2 DVD – The Extended Experience: Holding the #1 sales rank at Amazon.com for a while now, chances are you’ve ordered this. But if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? The episodes are worth owning already, but it’s the extras that’ll really knock you out. Check out the latest episode of The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack to get the early scoops on the seven-disc set.
  • Finding Lost – The Unofficial Guide: This new book from Nikki Stafford is due out later this month. Jen and I got an early preview, and she says it’s her favorite “unofficial” book yet (and there have been several). And no, her praise has nothing to do with the fact that some of the photographs featured in the book were taken by from some dork she knows.
  • Getting Lost – Survival, Baggage, and Starting Over in J. J. Abrams’ Lost: Renowned author Orson Scott Card opens with the proposition that “LOST” is the best television series of all time, and several writers then share their take on various aspects of the show. This collection of essays is a quick read, with a hint of snark that will make any forum lurker feel right of home.
  • Lost Podcasting Network: If you’re not subscribed to the LPN and haven’t checked in for a while, be sure to give a listen to some of the new “LOST” podcasts that have surfaced over the summer. When Season 3 gets going, there’ll probably be a week’s worth of stuff to listen to for each new episode… the perfect way to pass the time until the next one!

“LOST” returns on Oct. 4… at least for most people. Of course, we in Hawaii will get a few days’ jump on Season 3 with a sneak-preview on Sept. 30. I know, we suck.

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  1. Dom says:

    I’m a long time listener of The Transmission and it amazes me that you guys still have the time to let us know all the latest Lost info! Still missing the podcast loads by the way. Tried a few of the others on the LPN but none comes close to the Transmission. Any chance of a comeback?!

  2. Bryan says:

    Howdy Losties. Just finished watching Season One of Lost again in preparation for the S2 DVD release. Wow, season one was SO good. Now that Im already several episodes into season two, i think I can make a few comments on why people think S1 was better than S2.

    Obviously the newness and mystery of S1 was superior to S2. That goes without saying. But there were a few smaller elements to S1 that I liked a lot that seem to be missing or dulled in S2.

    One of the elements is the background music. S1 was so much better. They carried over some of the elements into S2 but it doesn’t have the same atmospheric quality as the S1 music. It really added a mysterious supernatural quality to S1.

    Another thing is that S1 seems to be far more cinematic in the way the scenes were shot. Broader sweeping views characterize season one that I think adds to the setting and bringing the viewer into the story, especially in the box sets where they are widescreen.

    The pacing of the episodes is more forced in S2. They are obviously trying to cram more into S2 to keep interest, and the pacing lacks some of the dramatic pause of season one.

    The eye. Where oh where did the eyeball go? The scene opening shot closeup of the eye was a neat little intro to the episode that I wish they would bring back. OK maybe its not that important, but it helped set a certain look and feel for season one that season two just forgot about. Then again there’s always the notion that they did it on purpose and that its part of the story.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on the differences between S1 and S2?

  3. James says:

    Thanks for the update. Hope your summer is going great out there in Hawaii. Can’t wait for Season Three; I just finished re-watching Season Two, finished Season One two weeks ago. It is amazing how much stuff one can miss during first pass, thankfully there’s always the DVD 🙂

    I’ve been reading up on the tidbits that came out of Comic Con and what has been said in interviews from Carlton and Damon and I have to say that the third season sounds like it will be the best thus far. I, personally, was really disappointed with how slow the season season went. It had some great stories and it did have a lot of information, but information that only really raised more questions and answered few in my opinion. The biggest question, to me, that was answered was how the plane crashed. Other than that, what was really answered? Now I’m not saying that Season Two was a total bust, it had great stories; I personally love the flashbacks for more of the characters (Michael & Charlie are two characters that I wouldn’t have a problem being killed off the show–sorry, but I just can’t stand those characters).

    Take, for example, the Sawyer being the new sheriff in town bit. Why did they even do that when it really didn’t make a difference? Was it just to make us hate him and Charlie’s character even more? The Staff station, where Kate found the fake beard and costumes: why did they wait until the season finale to have Kate say anything about that? I think, if I was stranded on an island with nothing to do, I would have gotten Jake, Sawyer, Locke, Sayid, etc. and brought them back to search through the entire station for more clues as to who the ‘Others’ are. Maybe I’m putting to much thought into that, but there’s things like that throughout the entire second season that just get forgotten or little attention is paid to. Hopefully that won’t happen in the third season. I don’t have a problem with the show raising questions and not answering them for a while, but obvious stuff that would get paid more attention to in real life needs more attention on the show (i.e. the costumes, the Sawyer bit, etc.). While I’m on the subject–what about Libby and Ana Lucia’s death. Seems to me that once they saw the boat, they forgot that two people had just been murdered. Of course only a handful knew who actually did it and none of them were around, but you’d think more people would be outraged by this. I’ve heard that there will be more romance on the island; personally, I think we need more action, more interaction with the ‘Others’, more drama (meaning more pull for ‘every man for himself’) between the castaways and less romance.

    Take Jack and Locke’s relationship. Jack is clearly the ‘alpha male’ in the group and its very clear that Locke doesn’t like that, doesn’t like being told what to do. He has a problem with authority in my view. But he always seems to give into Jack when it comes down to it. I would like to see Locke take more of an authoritative role. Like what he did when he decided he was ‘tired of waiting’, so he went down inside the hatch, disobeying Jack and I loved it. I would like to see more of what he did to Charlie, would be nice if it was to Charlie but I won’t press that 😛 (Grrr… I hate Charlie–I hate the fact that he’s a no good for nothing junkie and still some how is able to get back into Claire’s good graces). I could see Charlie working his way back into Claire’s good graces over a long period of time, but it wasn’t but just a couple of days or weeks since he had been caught with the Mary statute. The timeline for Lost is usually really realistic, but this is one of the things that I think the writers moved to quickly on.

    Just my two cents…

  4. Haikuu says:

    The “agonizing” wait goes on longer in Finland where we have only just last week seen the 1st episode of the 2nd series. Our only salvation are the occasional taped episodes that travellers bring us from outside. Problems start to arise though when we get the sequence mixed up. In London you can buy the full series that we have not seen broadcast yet in Helsinki. So in many ways we can empathize with the frustrations and deja-vus experienced by those on the island.

    I found your blog when looking for “the transmission” on Google where you rank#1 because my spiritual teacher, Dave Oshana, who co-incidentally makes references to “Lost”, talks about “Transmission”. What a mysterious concept the screen-writers wrote.

    I am happy to see your banner showing the words “the transmission” and would love to see the concept explored.

    “Lost” must attract quite a few mystics. My favourite character is Locke.

  5. Emilia says:

    oh, and i thought we had it bad here in england where we havent finished the second series, and america is getting the third series really soon. but, good things come to those who wait, and theres not much else we can do.

  6. Bryan says:

    After watching the first season right before the S2 DVD’s came out, I think there are two things regarding Libby and Ana Lucia that seem to be dead ends.

    One is the Libby story arc. We see her in the mental institution with Hurley, but now that she’s dead, we done’t get to have any sort of closure on the specifics of how she got there, how she got out what her story was. On top of the fact that she is now involved in the Desmond story arc as well.

    Also, we now don’t get closure on the Ana Lucia arc where she meets Jack’s father. What happened between them. Did she know he was dead. Why did she decide to go back to the US. We also don’t get to see any sort of realization between her and Jack that they are connected in teh same way we did with jack and Sawyer when he revealed that he had been in teh bar with Jack’s dad before he died.

    Would have liked to seen those two things played out more.

  7. James says:

    @Bryan– the executive producers have said that it doesn’t matter if those two characters are dead on the island, we can still find out more about their stories through flashbacks of living characters. So in Libby’s case, we’ll find out more about her through Hurley and Desmond flashbacks. The only connection I can remember Ana Lucia having is to Jake through his father, but that doesn’t mean we won’t find out more connections through other survivors.

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  9. Barbie says:

    I want to find the Season Three for my husband’s b.d. Does anyone have it to borrow or buy?
    We watched it in Kotzebue, AK this cold, snowy, windy spring and it kept us from going stir crazy.

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