Trans 2005-10-05: “Orientation” – Episode 2-3

This edition of “The Transmission” follows the Oct. 5 episode, “Orientation.” Michael, Sawyer and Jin learn a little more about their captors, Jack and Locke find both new answers and new questions in the hatch, and flashbacks for Locke give us a picture of his life in the wake of his ultimate betrayal. We share our first batch of listener feedback, and peer into the future. To download this LostCast, click the “Pod” icon below, or cut-and-paste the following URL to grab the local file:


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13 Responses to Trans 2005-10-05: “Orientation” – Episode 2-3

  1. Lovena says:

    Enjoy your podcast Transmission very much. Just thought I’d add my two cents on last night’s ep! Last night’s ep brought to mind a message on the the Lost Yahoo group posted on 9/2 that I thought was very interesting:


    I thought that the film on the Dharma Initiative was very helpful! They are in the middle of a social experiment…..the Dharma Initiative where scientist and free thinkers from around the globe can pursue research in Meterology, Psychology, Parapsychology, Zoology, Electromagnetisim and Eutopian Social Inclusive….cutoff.

    That the Hanso Foundation has made the Multi Purpose Social Science Reseach Facility a reality.

    I didn’t get the names of those two doctors from the University of Michigan who were the brainchild of the Dharma Initiative.

    But I wonder what “the incident” was that plugging in the numbers makes it proper protocol! Maybe the shipwreak and plane crash or something onboard both that made them crash and its passengers accidental experiment participants? Or perhaps the ‘proper protocol’ is set in place to prevent rescues?

  2. Burt says:

    Hi Jenn and Ryan,
    Love the Transmission. Keep up the good work. As I watched the episode, Orientation, it seemed to generate more questions for me than answers. One perplexing point, which I hope you will shed some light on, or at least share your thoughts, is what is the story behind the drug that Desmond is taking? If he was shipwrecked on the island how did they (they being the Dharma Initiative) know what drug he needed and are there periodic supply runs. When Desmond takes off from the bunker, he makes sure he takes a handful of drugs, not the entire supply, just a handful. If his life depended on it, wouldn’t he have taken more? Maybe it is not a life dependence and just recreational. And the fact that the producers made sure we saw those drug vials on a number of occasions makes me think there is something more to it. If anything, Desmond will have to come back just to replenish is supply. Perhaps drugs may play a bigger role in the show. I know where there is a whole stash of heroin and so does Charlie.

  3. Alvin says:

    I just discovered your podcast and think it’s great! Keep it up. BTW, I can’t believe I didn’t notice Jin speaking perfect English in the preview for next week. I guess I’ve never gotten passed the fact that the actor playing him is more of an English speaker than Korean, it just seemed like something normal. Thanks for pointing it out. Now I’m dying for next ep.

    Anyway, though ep. 3 was wonderfully chock full of information (and I appreciate that) I have been anxiously searching for a place to rant about how annoyed I was with the episode as well. A lot of the dramatic aspects were very off-putting. (sorry. This rant is going to be long.)

    1) This really started ep. 2, but Michael is becoming my most hated character (it used to be Shannon) because he is unrealistically obsessed with Walt. I get that he loves his son (and lost him in the past) so he should be frantic about finding him, but unless the writers are saying that he has gone insane, it’s really over the top how he was more obsessed with moaning about Walt than even surviving when they were still not out of danger on the raft, plus he didn’t even care if Jin was alive or not. I said to myself, the first words out of his mouth to Ana Lucia better not be “Have you seen my son?” because at that point there were so many other things of more immediate concern. Thankfully it wasn’t the first thing he said (though it was pretty close).

    2) Doesn’t Jack seem more like a jerk now (maybe ever since he lost Boone)? When Locke had a gun pointed to his head, Jack basically ignores Desmond and grills Locke about where’s Kate? I know he loves her and all, but obsess much? All he seems to do now is yell and wave his gun around. With regard to the final shoutdown with Locke over pressing Execute (I know it’s all thematic and symbolic regarding faith, etc.), but seriously, why is it so important for Jack that everyone NOT believe that something bad’s about to happen. Who cares if everyone else wants to press the button? If they want you to press it, humour them. Everyone’s reaction to that was unrealistic. Come on… When it gets down to under 10 seconds before imminent danger, screw Jack, I’ll press the button myself!

    3) Ana Lucia the mole. Are The Others insane? Why are they so savage? Why don’t they even want to talk to the survivors? If they are also survivors of the crash, wouldn’t they at least want to talk to them when they’re safely imprisoned in the pit? They have no evidence that Jin, Sawyer, and Michael want to deceive them, so why would they need to send in a mole to get the “real scoop”? They just met. Why make the immediate leap to mind games?

    I know I probably sound like a Lost hater, but I DO LOVE this show. I promise to make positive comments in the future.

    It’s just that the dramatization in this episode seemed very out of character and incongruous. These castaways have been on an island full of baffling mysteries, and they have basically put off the investigations in favour of survival and escape (which makes complete sense to me). But now it seems like all these other things are more important. Are they so satisfied by fish and wild boar that they don’t all want to bring food back to the rest of the group? What about electricity and meds (shouldn’t Jack have been interested in that)?

    Maybe it will all be justified. I wouldn’t put it passed the inspired creators of this show. I just think that in such a pitch-perfect show, this episode was way off-key.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  4. JAke says:

    Hello and thank you for your excellent podcast! Even though I watch the show with my eyes glued to every second of each episode, your review and analysis is lots of fun. Thank you too for the excellent Hanso-website find! It was really interesting that it lists a whole range of different projects, and I wonder if all of them will play a role on the island at some point?
    Did you notice that theres a secret button at the bottom of the list of active projects!? the Dharma Initiative! and it lets you re-watch the Orientation movie!
    Also I’m wondering if as the show progresses, if they’ll slowly put up more information on the website?
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Ryan says:

    The Hanso Co. website is definately fabricated because of the video (that is the exact one in the episode) and also the “terms” link right under the last link in very light coloring that links to a disney terms and services page.

    Thanks for the great work!

  6. George says:

    Hey guys,

    Just recently started listening to your Transimission podcasts… great stuff and keep up the good work. My comment is in regard to the longitude and latitude destinations using the numbers.

    The location at Lat. 4.815, Lon. 162.342 is somewhere in the Pacific near the Federated States of Micronesia. Now in the very first couple of episodes of Season 1 the co-pilot/pilot says that they were turning back to Fiji and that they were “1000 miles off course” by the time they hit turbulence. Now the distance between the “numbers” co-ordinates and Fiji is a little over 3000km or roughly 1900 miles. Considering that in between these two destinations somewhere is the flight path from Sydney to LA, it gives credence to the theory that the numbers co-ordinates are in fact where The Island is located.

    The co-pilot/pilot also said they lost radio. Now this might be a bit of a stretch but stay with me. One of the initiatives of the Hanso Foundation is the Electromagnetic Research Initiative due to presumably the island having some weird magnet thing going on. Could it be possible that the island caused the radio to drop out, in turn causing the plane to attempt to return to Fiji etc etc? Anyway, this – or something along those lines – is my current theory regarding the numbers as latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

  7. George says:

    Also, why on the Hanso website is the Electromagnetic Reseach Initiative the only one that is preceded with “The Hanso Foundation”, rather than just “The Hanso”??? I thouht this to be quite odd!

  8. Deb says:

    Thanks to the Top 100 at iTunes I found your podcast! Love it!! Got my subscription and snagged all previous “Transmission”s as well. Keep up the good work. I JUST LOVE good conspriacy theories and hope to learn more abut lost in the upcoming episodes.

  9. Simon says:

    Just thought id tell u if u didnt know i was at the site and notcie under they copy right there is the terms of use click on that and it goes to
    so obviously this is just planted by the lost producers

  10. robert says:

    Obviously this is all part of the fun of the show. In addition to the disney link, a reverse lookup of the domain name returns the following. I am not sure why I even did this lookup, maybe I want to believe?

    Completewhois.Com Whois Server, Version 0.91a28, compiled on Sep 03, 2005
    Please see for command-line options
    Use of this server and any information obtained here is allowed only
    if you follow our policies at

    [DOMAIN whois information for http://WWW.THEHANSOFOUNDATION.ORG ]
    Namespace: ICANN Unsponsored Generic TLD –
    TLD Info: See IANA Whois –
    Registry: Public Interest Registry –
    Registrar: Tucows Inc. –
    Whois Server:
    Name Server[whois+dns with ip] SENS01.DIG.COM
    Name Server[whois+dns with ip] SENS02.DIG.COM
    Name Server[whois+dns with ip] ORNS01.DIG.COM
    Name Server[whois+dns with ip] ORNS02.DIG.COM
    Creation Date: 18-Jul-2005 19:25:55 UTC
    Updated Date: 17-Sep-2005 04:05:12 UTC
    Expiration Date: 18-Jul-2007 19:25:55 UTC
    Domain ID: D106939446-LROR
    Created On: 18-Jul-2005 19:25:55 UTC
    Last Updated On: 17-Sep-2005 04:05:12 UTC
    Expiration Date: 18-Jul-2007 19:25:55 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar: Tucows Inc. (R11-LROR)
    Registrant ID: tu8XYzBd1Q9n6Trn
    Registrant Name: ABC, Inc.
    Registrant Organization: ABC, Inc.
    Registrant Street1: 77 West 66th Street
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City: New York
    Registrant State/Province: NY
    Registrant Postal Code: 10023
    Registrant Country: US
    Registrant Phone: +1.8186233200
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Registrant Email:
    Admin ID: tu2a7BJevHccITRa
    Admin Name: .
    Admin Organization:
    Admin Street1: 500 S. Buena Vista Street
    Admin Street2:
    Admin Street3:
    Admin City: Burbank
    Admin State/Province: CA
    Admin Postal Code: 91521
    Admin Country: US
    Admin Phone: +1.8186233200
    Admin Phone Ext.:
    Admin FAX:
    Admin FAX Ext.:
    Admin Email:
    Tech ID: tuOpQDhFDNAbPuqa
    Tech Name: .
    Tech Organization:
    Tech Street1: 506 2ND AVE STE 2100
    Tech Street2:
    Tech Street3:
    Tech City: SEATTLE
    Tech State/Province: WA
    Tech Postal Code: 98104-2300
    Tech Country: US
    Tech Phone: +1.2066644000
    Tech Phone Ext.:
    Tech FAX: +1.2066644009
    Tech FAX Ext.:
    Tech Email: dns-ops@DIG.COM
    Name Server: SENS01.DIG.COM

  11. Piecar says:

    While watching the Mr. Eko episode, I realized that we are one priest heavy on the plane count. Eko’s gold toothed buddy is dead in the woods, near the parachute. Eko’s brother is dead in the plane….But when we first go looking for the plane in season one, doesn’t somebody find a body of a priest with a gun? That makes three priests! From what I can see, there were only two who got on that plane. The real one, and the gold toothed fake one!
    The thing that bugs me about this ep, is the moment where Michael decides not to tell Jack he is talking to someone who he thinks is Walt on the computer…Jack is a well known skeptic, if ever there was someone who would be sympathetic to this contact, it would be him.


  12. Mary says:

    Hey, I was watching the first episode and something Rose said puzzled me. When they heard the monster for the first time in the jungle, Rose said “this sounds familiar”. Any thoughts?

  13. Maryjo says:

    Dharma resembles the English word ‘thing’, while having a wider and more inclusive meaning than physical objects. 3) dharma: A special use of definition 2) is that dharma is often used as the object of the sixth sense faculty: the conceptual mind. In this specific use, dharma represents any mental object (thought, image, memory, sensation) which is recognized by the conscious mind. Dharma is the teaching of the Buddha. Though the general meaning of dharma is phenomenon, the term most frequently refers to the Holy Dharma, profound manifestation, and the path that leads all beings to liberation from suffering-to enlightenment.

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