Trans 2005-09-29: “Adrift” – Episode 2-2

Reposted to correct audio problems. Our first full, standalone edition of “The Transmission,” following the Sept. 29 episode, “Adrift.” We catch up with the survivors on the raft, and view the encounter in the hatch from another perspective. This episode’s flashbacks focuses on Michael and how he gave up his legal claim to his son Walt. To download this LostCast, click the “Pod” icon below, or cut-and-paste the following URL:

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7 Responses to Trans 2005-09-29: “Adrift” – Episode 2-2

  1. Burt says:

    Great Lost podcast. I appreciate your thorough recap of the episode. I suppose this is going to force me to get a Tivo to check up on all the details. I am still bothered by this trivial matter of Locke taking off his shoes in the bunker. What possessed him to do that? It’s not at though he was any quieter. Obviously the director wanted us to see it. We first saw the shoes, then later on saw Locke take them off. What’s the significance there? Maybe there is none, but they spent time making sure we noticed.

    I’m looking forward to your next podcast.


  2. Robert says:

    Hey how you both,

    Thanks for making this site.I’ve only just recently come come by it, and i like the funky music music you play in between segments..

    I actually like this this second episode better then the first.It had more involvement with the island.I cant wait till next episode, meeting the others and ANna Lucia will be great..

    anyway thats all from me..

  3. Devon says:

    Great Podcast! There is also the theory that the timer may have something do with keeping Desmond’s life support up, since he is quarantined, as it is written on the inside of the hatch door. But, I thought it was a good episode and do agree that it was sad watching Michael having to give up his son. Can’t wait until next week.


  4. Philip says:

    Marseille Rousseau does not exist, according to google and a whole other bunch of people. the Rousseau character is a reference to the philosopher Jean-Jacques R. as Locke is to John L. You can read more at: – And the codeword on generates this:

    Other than that I’d like to thank you for a great pod/lostcast and I too appreciate the rundown – because sometimes you know, you miss something and it’s easier to listen for it than to rewatch the eppy. You covered more in 20 minutes than I got when I surfed for 4 hours just reading.

  5. dill says:

    Thank you for a great podcast. The hosts are very well spoken and entertaining. LOST is a great show & I’m glad you share your thoughts. Please keep it up!

    I download the MP3 onto a USB stick, and play it during my commute via cigarette-lighter FM transceiver ($40 at WalMart). Sounds great.

    I am now a dedicated follower of The Transmission. So many questions on this darn show. 🙂

  6. d.k. says:

    about the whole twin theory anyone think that Danille Rousseau could be twins with kate?

  7. J&R says:

    the Marseille Reasseau theory is bogus… notice how only lost related pages are found when the name is googled… the theory is so basic, has no matematical grounds furthermore there is no equation to support the theory. The Producers probably randomly picked these numbers and are lauging at how easily we are fooled.. people just because it is on the internet, does not mean its true. There are behaviorism theories however, just no Maseille Reasseau or Genetic Mirror Theory…we are still addicted though!!

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