HiUP #42 – Made in Hawaii

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3 Responses to HiUP #42 – Made in Hawaii

  1. Maggie says:

    Hi. Love the podcast as always and I like that I am one of the first commenters each week. This feeds my podcast addition. ;~)

    So Before Sunset and After Sunrise were on my Blockbuster Queue and after hearing you both talking about it, I have moved it up. Can’t wait to get the next podcast.

    Maggie in Peoria

  2. ai says:

    I love Before Sunset. It’s one of the few movies that I own on vhs and dvd. Surprisingly, Before Sunrise did not disappoint as most sequels do. I loved the ending.

    After hearing your reviews, I kept singing Celine’s song all day long.

    Let me sing you a waltz.

    ….Mahalo for a great podcast!

  3. ai says:

    oops. i meant to say that i love before sunrise. i always get the two title mixed up. before sunset is good but not as great as the original and classic sunrise…when all was innocent and before the bitterness =)

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