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No show this week, folks. No bad stuff, just taking a break. As I think I’ve mentioned in previous shows, while sometimes it’s fate that has other plans for me, I plan on pausing every fourth week or so just … Continue reading

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HiUP #22 – Tax Hacks

Show twenty-two tackles teachers, taxes, and TV DVDs. A lush Hawaiian tune is featured, as is movie talk with the wife. We hear a few more island memories from HawaiiUP listeners, and give away another prize. Finally some upcoming podcasting events are previewed. Much to my surprise, it’s another 40-minute monster! Continue reading

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HiUP #21 – Na Makana

Show twenty-one features the return of the birthday girl, with a special, especially loud “Top Five” countdown. We revisit with the talented trio that gives HawaiiUP its signature sound. Finally, we hear some island stories from Hawaii fans all over the world, and give away a few HawaiiUP prizes – listen up, though, as one last prize is still up for grabs! This one’s runs ten minutes long, but I think it’s worth it. Continue reading

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HiUP #20 – Pithless

Show twenty is sadly lacking the usual appearance by Jen, but there’s still a lot to love. After the news comes a local girl band from Aliamanu. We then join a foodie friend for lunch at a great Italian place downtown. Next stop, Waipahu, where we check out a bon dance. Finally, I mark an arbitrary podcast milestone with another giveaway, this one seeking out your stories, in your own voice. Yes, I mean you! Give me a ring and you could win a T-shirt, some local candy, or maybe even both! Continue reading

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