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HiUP #09 – In-Laws In, Far Out

After a week off, HawaiiUP returns with show number nine. The politics of schools and ships, corrupting young minds, sounds from a store, Hollywood movies and local podcasters. Music by a student who proclaims, “My music is more personal than my underwear,” and a duet of sorts performed by my kids. Continue reading

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No, you didn’t miss anything… there was no HawaiiUP show for the week of April 18-22, on account of illness, in-laws, and a… labor dispute with one of my regular guests. Continue reading

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HiUP #08 – Volcanoes and Guitars

Show number eight dedicated to fellow survivors of tax day. A two-song special, featuring a pair of local girls, and an award-winning virtuoso. A few headlines, a recap of our family trip to the Big Island, a blank audio postcard from atop a volcano, and Jen discloses her love of cheesy music and bad movies. The geek talk promised never materialized, so watch out next time. Continue reading

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HiUP #07 – Heard Not Seen

Show number seven, again starting off looking a little short but ending up a full half hour and change. I cover stupid crimes and follow up on some earlier stories, then both my daughter Katie and my son Zac get into the act. After a relaxing minute or two on the beach, and some great music, Jen and I tackle “Lost” once again. Finally, I ramble about videoblogging, which you’ll be glad to hear I’m not planning on doing very often. Continue reading

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HiUP #06 – Mass and Masses Media

Show number six, pulled together almost entirely during an afternoon commute (a la TheCommute) between Honolulu and Mililani. This episode features an unusually longwinded analysis of local crime, a tale of a strong-stomached good samaritan, a snippet of Easter Mass, a truly local musician, movie talk, and podcasting talk. Continue reading

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