• What does ‘HawaiiUP’ mean?

    Absolutely nothing. I have a compulsive need to collect Internet domain names, and hawaiiup.com was one of many I grabbed while in the throes of this madness. When I decided to try my hand at podcasting, I figured I might as well use it for that. As it turns out, it may be the perfect name, as it’s simple and short, includes Hawaii, but is otherwise ambiguous and somewhat lacking in character.

  • What’s with the intro music?

    That’s a song composed by a good friend of mine, Greg Bueno, who is at once a newsroom survivor, programmer, retail slave and musician. It just happened to be what I borrowed when I made my first test podcast. I ended up sticking with it, over his mild protestations, given that it’s still a work in progress.

  • What do you use to make your shows?

    A voice recorder I had already bought for work, an AA battery-powered microphone, the stock soundcard that came with my three-year-old Dell Dimension 4600 PC, and free sound editing software. “Made on the cheap, and sounds like it” might be my motto. A little more detail can be found on the “Credits” page.

  • What do you do for a living?

    I’m a regional collections manager for a box company. Okay, not really. I’ve just been waiting to say that.

  • Where are you from? You don’t sound local.

    I get that a lot. I can’t speak pidgin (Hawaiian creole) to save my life. My parents were very strict, and insisted on flawless English. Believe it or not, I was born and raised here, went to a local-to-the-max elementary school (Lunalilo) and a public high school (Mililani… though that’s pretty suburban). I just happen to sound like I live in Portland.

  • Are you really part Hawaiian?

    Although I’m sure it would make Haunani Kay-Trask cringe to hear me say it, yes. My Hawaiian comes from my mother’s side, which has its roots in Kapa`au/Hawi on the Big Island (birthplace of King Kamehameha). I’m either 1/16th or 1/8th Hawaiian (depending on whether you believe two half-Hawaiian parents make a half Hawaiian kid), which isn’t much, but it was enough to apply for admission to Kamehameha Schools… a plan that I subsequently torpedoed on purpose. The rest of me is primarily Japanese, with some Chinese, Korean, undetermined Spanish, even Norwegian. I’m a poi dog.

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