Theme song is “Bananas and Rice” by Akamai Brain Collective. Thanks to Eric (also of Quiet Storm Records), Abe, and Randy for giving the show a distinctly island sound. (Original intro music for the first eleven episodes graciously provided by my good friend Greg Bueno.)

Home segments recorded on an Apple iMac G5 (17″/2.0GHz/1.5GB RAM) using a Shure SM48 microphone (3-pin XLR model with switch) plugged into a GarageBand Microphone Cable and an iMic, both from Griffin. (While the iMac G5 sports a standard 1/8″ audio-in jack, I found it to be noticably noisy.) Shows are edited in GarageBand, exported as AIFF files and compressed/encoded in iTunes.

Note: Episodes 1-17 were created on an old 1.2GHz Dell PC running Windows XP, with a AA battery operated Sony ECM-MS907 microphone plugged straight into the stock soundcard, and edited using Audacity, a free, open-source sound editor. I exported finished shows as WAV files and compressed and encoded them with RazorLAME.

Remote segments recorded on an Olympus DM-10 digital voice recorder, usually using a small, ME-51S stereo microphone.

Flash-based MP3 audio streaming powered by Wimpy.

Sharp podcast “FEED” and “POD” buttons by Tim Madden.

HawaiiUP hula dancer with iPod (a parody of Apple’s iPod “shadow dancer” ads) based on a photo from the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau. (and all my other sites) are hosted by Dreamhost, a quirky company that has taken good care of me for almost nine years. I highly recommend them… and would love it if you told them I sent you if you choose them for your webhosting needs.

Still have questions? Just drop me a line. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’ll be happy to share what I know.

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