HiUP #09 – In-Laws In, Far Out

After a week off, HawaiiUP returns with show number nine. The politics of schools and ships, corrupting young minds, sounds from a store, Hollywood movies and local podcasters. Music by a student who proclaims, “My music is more personal than my underwear,” and a duet of sorts performed by my kids.

In this show:

Here’s the Coral cache link, and here’s the local file.

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2 Responses to HiUP #09 – In-Laws In, Far Out

  1. Peter Kay says:


    I’ve got some bad news for you. While you may think you’re a pinko commie bleeding heart liberal and that may have been the truth 20 years ago, you need to look around and see that the neo-libs look like today. (here’s a great article in The Weekly Standard that will help you: http://www.theweeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/005/457nyben.asp?pg=1)

    Your positions on UH and the Superferry are CONSERVATIVE in today’s culture.

    Bad news dude! Your ’80s Lib positions are today’s conservatives!

    Oh yeah, won mo ting: Great show!

  2. Oh man. That Kristin Nakasone is awesome–get some more of her stuff if you can. Creative, deceptively spare, interesting, and sexy as heck. Did you say nineteen? Dang. Oh, and what happened to her credit in your index? It’s totally missing.

    Oh. And what do you mean, “Who would leave Natalie Portman for Julia Roberts?” Are you kidding? Natalie’s beautiful, but she’s vanilla compared to Julia. Good show.

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