HiUP #41 – Obon Open House

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4 Responses to HiUP #41 – Obon Open House

  1. Maggie says:

    Yay for HawaiiUP!! Love the show.

    I love Jay and Jack and Filmspotting. You should try a Filmspotting marathon, I am doing the screwball comedies marathon right now. Its good. It can be hard to get the movies sometimes.

    I am going to try the other podcasts. Always need more podcasts to listen to

  2. Jay says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys, no matter what other Lost Podcast comes around your show will always be the best 🙂

    Its great to have so much HawaiiUp goodness lately, and hope you guys can make it to next years Comic Con 😀


  3. Akihiro says:

    Thanks for letting me remember Obon ceremony.
    I am working hard in the office every day. I almost forget the Obon.

    Thanks! and Mahalo
    Akihiro from Japan

  4. Wow guys, thanks for the kind words about the show. Really enjoyed listening to you. Your voices are great and you sound good together.

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