Site Tweaks

CardMade a new logo banner, riffing on Apple’s iPod ads. Too cheesy? If so, then it’s perfect! Then, I made some simple business cards, for when I run into that inebriated venture capitalist. (Seriously, though, they helped in approaching people for interviews or to talk music licensing.)

In addition, I posted an overly long “About” page, a geek-focused “Credits” page, and a misleadingly named “Frequently Asked Questions” page (unless once counts as “frequently”). Finally, I added the requisite “Link Me!” 80×15 GIF buttons, picking up the habit that podcasters picked up from bloggers.

What do you think? Er, apart from, “Get a life!”

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3 Responses to Site Tweaks

  1. Beware the huge iPod! That is the largest iPod ever made. Or, perhaps, a teeny hula dancer? 😉 I’ll check for myself – I’ll be in Honolulu in June for the NMC conference…

  2. Lee says:

    Awesome graphic, Ryan! Is that the new 300 gig photo model?

  3. Ryan says:

    Hey, you know us Hawaiians. We do everything big!

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