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HiUP #34 – Uncle Henry

This week we cover the latest Grammy nominees, Don Ho’s heart, orangutan love and peacocks in the park. For music, two songs from a featured artist via the Hawaii Association of Podcasters. And Jen joins me once again for some movie talk. Continue reading

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HiUP #33 – HAP and Hip-Hop

A sizable serving of local news in this week’s show, from sloshed survivors to political potshots. Enjoy two very different songs, one a catchy hip-hop number and the other a `ukulele tribute to the heart of Waikiki. Jen jumps in with a double feature: movies she could do without and revisiting “try see” TV. Continue reading

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HiUP #32 – Back from the Big Island

After a two week hiatus, I’m back, stuffed with turkey and still daydreaming about Hilo. Matters of free speech, expression, and advertising permeate the news, served with a dash of stats. Jen and I share our favorite Big Island spots, and two great songs are on the menu: slick tropical pop and sweet, solo acoustic guitar. Continue reading

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HiUP #31 – Hawaiian Ryan

It’s my birthday, but show number thirty-one is my present to you. Jen’s back, with a big dose of TV talk (and it’s not that show), and two songs are on tap to get you in the island groove. In the news, shenanigans in local politics, bird flu precautions at the airport, the meaning of the word “Hawaiian,” and weird habits of tourists. Continue reading

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HiUP #30 – Food Faves

Show number thirty comes in a bit late, and lacking the sweet sound of Jen’s voice. Still, I soldier on, sharing some great rock music and giving away prizes. Hear what HawaiiUP listeners like to eat, and what the “Lost” cast prefer as well. In the news: Maui man accused of espionage, car crashes baggage claim, Lingle backs bill on leaving kids in cars, Abercrombie mulls run for governor, and another gas price update. Continue reading

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HiUP #29 – Rainy Day

Show number twenty-nine starts off soggy but brightens up soon enough. In the news, another car-and-kid theft, school funding, the “Lost” robber, Michelle Wie, and $3-a-gallon gas. Two music selections this week, one slack-key and one something completely different. The wife tackles New York movies. Finally, another HawaiiUP podcast giveaway. Continue reading

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HiUP #28 – Grand Plans

Show number twenty eight covers Michelle Wie’s pro golf debut, a $632 million state surplus, interisland airfare wars, “Lost” star troubles, and the Underpants Run. Local girl Misty Pang sounds a dark note, and Jen reviews three very different movies. Finally, Gail joins me again for lunch at a Chinatown restaurant. Continue reading

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HiUP #27 – Big Kahuna Burger

Show number twenty seven features a slack key standout from a pretty, great state. Jen checks in with some movie picks, and I meet up with a friend who weighs in on Honolulu’s best hamburger. In the news, Michelle Wie goes pro, Beverly Harbin goes off the deep end, Iz goes platinum, and Ray Bumatai leaves us. Continue reading

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HiUP #26 – Lost Off

Show number twenty-six brings another double-dose of music, with Monica “Kika” Backman and Jamie “J-Dub” Winpenny. Big storms are in the news, of both the meteorological and political variety, as are local airlines, and of course gas prices. Jen and I delve once again into “Lost,” but Jen makes an announcement that should please both fans and non-fans alike. Continue reading

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HiUP #25 – Sweet Sounds

Show number twenty-five is a double music feature, with artists from Canada and California sharing their unique sounds. Local news touches again on gas prices, as well as hurricanes brewing in the Eastern Pacific, Hawaii unemployment figures, the Akaka Bill, and the Eagles. Jen and I recall the special advance screening of the season premiere of “Lost” in Waikiki, then recap some favorite movies. A familiar voice shares her favorite Hawaii memory, and a couple of local podcasters get major props. Continue reading

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