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HiUP #44 – Gone Phishing

00:20 Introduction 01:36 HawaiiUP Headlines:Akaka v. Case Debate (Transcript), Akaka v. Case on, Another Earthquake, Wai’anae Homeless, Super Typhoon Ioke, 15:15 “World Traveler” from Jroq vs. Dr. Trey by Jenn “Jroq” Wright 19:40 Pith of Pop: The Podcast … Continue reading

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HiUP #43 – Culturally Accurate

00:20 Introduction 01:22 HawaiiUP Headlines:Hawaii State Quarter, Hawaii’s Nuclear Sub and Carrier Prospects, Some Sickened by Spam Musubi, Two MTV Reality TV Series Land on Maui, Prostitution on the Rise, Antiques Roadshow in Hawaii 16:42 “February Snow” from When Home … Continue reading

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HiUP #42 – Made in Hawaii

00:20 Introduction 01:38 HawaiiUP Headlines:Hawaii Biopharming Ruling, IZ: Voice of the People, Jetstar Airways in Hawaii, Waikiki Parade Limit, Taking Food Treats on Interisland Flights, Honolulu’s High Inflation Rate, “Snakes on a Plane” from Hawaii 15:00 “A Time to Sail” … Continue reading

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HiUP #41 – Obon Open House

00:20 Introduction 01:08 HawaiiUP Headlines:Air Travel Restrictions, Akaka v. Case,, Fare Wars, Test Drive Unlimited, Really High Tide 19:14 “Speechless” by Eponymous 4 23:36 Pith of Pop: The Podcast EditionThe Bitterest Pill, The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack, … Continue reading

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HiUP #40 – Pali Lava Flow

00:20 Introduction 01:40 HawaiiUP HeadlinesCopper Thefts, Hawaii Race & Sex Demographics, Unknown Graves at Punchbowl, Visitor Numbers, Akaka and Inouye on Minimum Wage, Hawaii Forgiveness Project 17:53 Interview Part I: Pali on Music 19:35 “Ua Lilo I Ko Aloha” from … Continue reading

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HiUP #39 – Haiku Crooner

A summer of family fun, computer classes, and a dead drive kept me pretty busy, but the break just might bring a second wind. Lots of news to cover, from Frank Fasi to Hurricane Daniel, from growing plants to shrinking … Continue reading

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HiUP #38 – Marching On

Better late than never? HawaiiUP marks its first birthday with its first episode in two months. Lots of local news, some personal updates, and for the “Lost” fans out there, a day in the life of an accidental extra. I offer up a couple of beautiful slack key songs to battle back the dark skies and gray clouds that have hung over the islands for the past week, and Jen shares her latest TiVo treats. Continue reading

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HiUP #37 – Dedicated

A long weekend affords another chance to get in front of the mic. Lots of local news to cover, from Michelle Wie to surfing in schools. What percentage of people living in Hawaii do you think were born here? The number certainly surprised me. Two acoustic soloists are behind the music, one a student at my alma mater and the other an Aiea girl whose away for college. Jen joins us to follow-up on some movie talk from last year, now that we’ve finished all three of the “Trois Couleurs” films. The future of HawaiiUP is up to you – let me know what you’d like to hear! Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend. Continue reading

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HiUP #36 – Makahiki Hou

The first show of 2006 once again brings local news, views, and music. The thick smoke and a winter cold play havoc with my voice, but the show must go on! Jen tells us about every concert she’s ever been to (don’t worry, it’s not a long list), and my featured artists range from a sensual rock-and-roller in Kailua to a pop rock band in Canada that adds a Hawaiian twist. As a special treat, listen as the latter band brushes up on its Hawaiian pronunciation. I close with talk of the future of HawaiiUP, and with thanks and warm wishes in the new year. Continue reading

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HiUP #35 – Slack Key Special

A special treat for the holidays, an all-music edition of HawaiiUP. Enjoy over 45 minutes of beautiful slack key tunes celebrating the spirit of Hawaii. If your Christmas is a little crazy, a little crazy, here’s hoping this ki ho`alu showcase soothes your soul and warms your heart. (And yes, these aren’t all strictly “slack key,” but they’re still all worth a listen.) Be sure to learn more about all the featured artists below, and if you’re still looking for that perfect Christmas gift, a CD makes a great stocking stuffer. Mele Kalikimaka, everyone, and mahalo a nui loa, thanks so much, for making HawaiiUP part of your day. Continue reading

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