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HiUP #37 – Dedicated

A long weekend affords another chance to get in front of the mic. Lots of local news to cover, from Michelle Wie to surfing in schools. What percentage of people living in Hawaii do you think were born here? The number certainly surprised me. Two acoustic soloists are behind the music, one a student at my alma mater and the other an Aiea girl whose away for college. Jen joins us to follow-up on some movie talk from last year, now that we’ve finished all three of the “Trois Couleurs” films. The future of HawaiiUP is up to you – let me know what you’d like to hear! Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend. Continue reading

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HiUP #36 – Makahiki Hou

The first show of 2006 once again brings local news, views, and music. The thick smoke and a winter cold play havoc with my voice, but the show must go on! Jen tells us about every concert she’s ever been to (don’t worry, it’s not a long list), and my featured artists range from a sensual rock-and-roller in Kailua to a pop rock band in Canada that adds a Hawaiian twist. As a special treat, listen as the latter band brushes up on its Hawaiian pronunciation. I close with talk of the future of HawaiiUP, and with thanks and warm wishes in the new year. Continue reading

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