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Archive for September, 2006

HiUP #46 – Vote Makuakane

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Hawaii’s 2006 Primary Election is one for the history books. We review the results of some of the more notable races, including Rep. Ed Case’s high-profile campaign to unseat Sen. Daniel Akaka. Three movies are tackled in the “Pith of Pop,” and for music, a very special sneak-preview of an up-and-coming Hawaiian artist.

  • 00:20 Introduction
  • 01:17 HawaiiUP Headlines:
    Hawaii 2006 Primary Election, Akaka vs. Case, Interisland Airfares Fall to $19, Hawaii’s Great “Brand,” Rolling Stones to Play Aloha Stadium
  • 19:12 “He Lei Nou” from Makuakane by Kenneth Makuakane
  • 23:30 “Pith of Pop: The Podcast Edition”:
    “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Midnight Run,” “Sin City”
  • 34:04 “E Nene’e Mai” from Makuakane by Kenneth Makuakane
  • 37:00 Wrap-Up

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HiUP #45 – Lost ‘Elepani

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

A very special treat for HawaiiUP listeners today, as I sit down with Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim, stars of ABC’s hit filmed-in-Hawaii series “LOST.” Where does Jorge go for poke? Why does Daniel listen to HPR? How are fans and paparazzi different in the Hawaii? Find out in this early excerpt from a very special interview where we talk about life in the islands.

  • 00:20 Introduction
  • 02:05 HawaiiUP Headlines:
    Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested, Waikiki Beach on Monopoly Board, Honolulu’s Worst Traffic Jam Ever, Hawaii Coffee Harvest, Waikiki Crime Down, Hawaii Life Expectancies Longest in Nation, Hawaii Among America’s Favorite States
  • 18:30 “My Sweet Pikake Lei” from Live from Bob’s Ohana by Uncle Henry Kalana Kamae
  • 22:35 “LOST” Stars on Life in Hawaii
  • 36:00 Wrap-Up

To see if copies of “Live from Bob’s Ohana” are still available, call Uncle Henry or Aunty Liz at 562-423-1325 or 562-841-3664. You can also catch him live almost every Friday at Bob’s Okazuya in Gardena, California. Just call (310) 515-2250 to see if he’s in the house.

Technical Note: With this episode, we’re back at 96kbps encoding for a smaller file. The sound quality is lower and noticable on headphones, but so far the improvement at 128kbps isn’t worth the extra space or longer download times. Let me know if you have further thoughts on this obscure issue!

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HiUP #44 – Gone Phishing

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
  • 00:20 Introduction
  • 01:36 HawaiiUP Headlines:
    Akaka v. Case Debate (Transcript), Akaka v. Case on Congress.org, Another Earthquake, Wai’anae Homeless, Super Typhoon Ioke, OCTunes.com
  • 15:15 “World Traveler” from Jroq vs. Dr. Trey by Jenn “Jroq” Wright
  • 19:40 Pith of Pop: The Podcast Edition
    “Hyperballad” by The Twilight Singers, “66” by The Afghan Whigs, “Back of Your Car” by Ryan Starr, “Remember” by “Black Lab,” and “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode
  • 30:47 Phishing in Hawaii
  • 42:58 Wrap-Up

Technical Note: This episode was encoded at 128kbps for better sound quality (shows are usually encoded at 96kbps), in part because of the heavy musical content. This means the file was 39MB instead of 29MB. Did you notice a difference? Is the extra heft worth it? Please comment and let me know what you think.

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