HiUP #33 – HAP and Hip-Hop

A sizable serving of local news in this week’s show, from sloshed survivors to political potshots. Enjoy two very different songs, one a catchy hip-hop number and the other a `ukulele tribute to the heart of Waikiki. Jen jumps in with a double feature: movies she could do without and revisiting “try see” TV.

In this show:

  • 00:45 HawaiiUP Menu
  • 01:11 HawaiiUP Headlines
  • 21:08 “Where Did You Go” from Jroq vs. Dr. Trey by Doctor Trey
  • 25:36 Pith of Pop: The Podcast Edition
    Bottom Five Movies
  • 39:44 “Kalakaua Avenue” from The `Ukulele Experiment by Kaimoku Kahuku

Special thanks to Akamai Brain Collective for providing our theme song. To download this episode, click the “Pod” icon below or cut-and-paste the following URL:


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