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HiUP #24 – Rock and Rain

Show twenty-four gets straight to the news, tackling Honolulu disaster preparedness, gas prices, and public toilets. A Big Island band rocks the podcast, and Jen and I dive into a DVD box set. And we get our first remote “blank audio postcard” from Down Under. Don’t forget your Mr. Cluck’s T-Shirt! Continue reading

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HiUP #23 – Brothers

Show twenty-three opens with a reminder of how the world can change in an instant, and an invitation to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina by visiting or calling 1-800-HELP-NOW. The news round-up touches on the local link to the disaster, the amplified effects it will have on local gas prices, the supposed boost in the size of local paychecks, and a belated congratulations to the Ewa Beach boys and their big Little League win. Jen returns with more movie talk, and I tell you about two great new local podcasts. A listener comment wraps things up. Continue reading

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HiUP #22 – Tax Hacks

Show twenty-two tackles teachers, taxes, and TV DVDs. A lush Hawaiian tune is featured, as is movie talk with the wife. We hear a few more island memories from HawaiiUP listeners, and give away another prize. Finally some upcoming podcasting events are previewed. Much to my surprise, it’s another 40-minute monster! Continue reading

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HiUP #21 – Na Makana

Show twenty-one features the return of the birthday girl, with a special, especially loud “Top Five” countdown. We revisit with the talented trio that gives HawaiiUP its signature sound. Finally, we hear some island stories from Hawaii fans all over the world, and give away a few HawaiiUP prizes – listen up, though, as one last prize is still up for grabs! This one’s runs ten minutes long, but I think it’s worth it. Continue reading

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HiUP #20 – Pithless

Show twenty is sadly lacking the usual appearance by Jen, but there’s still a lot to love. After the news comes a local girl band from Aliamanu. We then join a foodie friend for lunch at a great Italian place downtown. Next stop, Waipahu, where we check out a bon dance. Finally, I mark an arbitrary podcast milestone with another giveaway, this one seeking out your stories, in your own voice. Yes, I mean you! Give me a ring and you could win a T-shirt, some local candy, or maybe even both! Continue reading

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HiUP #19 – John Juan Keoki

Show nineteen brings a double-bill in the music department. In addition to an update on the boys, my wife confesses her love of cheesy 80s movies, and I dig into the HawaiiUP mailbag (or inbox). In this show: 00:50 HawaiiUP … Continue reading

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HiUP #18 – Obachan

Show eighteen documents an unforgettable couple of weeks in the HawaiiUP household. I talk about the passing of my grandmother and share the scene at her Buddhist funeral on Tuesday. Then I try to lighten the mood with a playful … Continue reading

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HiUP #17 – Fires and Fifty States

Technical difficulties bump show seventeen back a day, but the wait is worth it. This week’s headlines range from golf to gubernatorial shenanigans, and I share my little link to the London bombings. A tropical tune leads into my weekly wife chat (complete with baby blooper), and then I introduce you to a man on an amazing musical mission. More podcasting notes close out the show. Continue reading

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HiUP #16 – Baghdad Bento

After a week off, show number sixteen starts as another “car cast,” with a staggering twenty minutes of yammering by yours truly. Of course I touch on iTunes, and I also tackle the tangled mess that is our state’s transit tax debate. Once again, only one song makes it into the mix, and I close with some shout-outs and plugs for local podcasting events. Have a great holiday weekend, everyone! Continue reading

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HiUP #15 – Doc in a Box

Show number fifteen carries me into Father’s Day weekend. Only had time for one of two planned songs, but it’s a good one. Finally, another food feature, this one at Nick’s Cafe in Mapunapuna. And Jen reviews the boob tube. A few podcasting updates and shout-outs round out the episode. Continue reading

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