HiUP #15 – Doc in a Box

Show number fifteen carries me into Father’s Day weekend. Only had time for one of two planned songs, but it’s a good one. Finally, another food feature, this one at Nick’s Cafe in Mapunapuna. And Jen reviews the boob tube. A few podcasting updates and shout-outs round out the episode.

In this show:

Special thanks to Akamai Brain Collective for providing our theme song. To download this episode, click the “Pod” icon below to get it via Coral cache, or cut-and-paste the following URL to grab the local file:


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3 Responses to HiUP #15 – Doc in a Box

  1. Shamu says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I just discovered this podcast and was surprised to hear Jen mention the Craft Corner Deathmatch. One of their first Grand Prize sponsors was the company my daughter owns! She was born in Honolulu but now lives in Seattle, small world, yeah?

    from the old days

  2. Adam Eakins says:


    Love the podcast… can’t really say why I like yours so much more than any of the others, but there you go. Just caught up to this episode and noticed Jen’s mention of “Dancing with the Stars”. I was wondering what she thought of the final where it became apparent (at least to me and the wife) that the whole show was rigged.

    Keep making those great shows!

    Adam from Grapevine, TX

  3. Jen says:

    I’ve heard the accusations about the show being rigged before, and I don’t understand why people think that. I could see it if the contestants were actually winning something, but as far as I could tell, Kelly got a five-minute spot on “Good Morning America” the next day and an ugly trophy. Rigging the show gained everybody exactly bubkes. Soap fans are notoriously rabid, so I think she might have had a lot of power voting behind her.

    Besides, I liked Kelly. I thought Charlotte and John were boring. But I think I might be the only one.

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