HiUP #28 – Grand Plans

Show number twenty eight covers Michelle Wie’s pro golf debut, a $632 million state surplus, interisland airfare wars, “Lost” star troubles, and the Underpants Run. Local girl Misty Pang sounds a dark note, and Jen reviews three very different movies. Finally, Gail joins me again for lunch at a Chinatown restaurant.

In this show:

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3 Responses to HiUP #28 – Grand Plans

  1. aTom says:

    Hi Ryan, big thank you for the lost updates, they premiered season 1 on Belgian television a few weeks ago and I’m as hooked on the tv-show as on your podcast.

    oh and a small detail, i’m currently typing this message from Kona enjoying 2 weeks of Hawaii paradise!! 🙂

  2. Todd says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen, Has anyone had theory about the Island containing the fountain of youth. The others remind me of the old people in the movie Cacoon protecting the fountain of youth. Makes me wonder. That’s all.

  3. what is the meaning of the movie cacoon, thier are cacoon that turn into butter flys,
    so what is the pupose of this movie cacoon?

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