Near The Bottom

Woo! HawaiiUP warranted a mention in a MarketWatch commentary on iTunes podcasting debut. Frank Barnako notes:

After three days, the Apple Computer iTunes Music Store has found podcasts produced by bloggers and Web publishers are holding their own in competition with those from commercial or public broadcasters. By my count Friday morning, 47 of the most subscribed or downloaded podcasts were produced by independents… Near the bottom of the list of the most popular 100 programs are niche efforts such as… “HawaiiUp,” described as “Podcasting in paradise. News, views, music and food.”

Number 90 today and dropping like a stone. But what a ride it was!

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2 Responses to Near The Bottom

  1. k. says:

    aloha! hey, but while that wave crested, i think you picked up some devoted new listeners — including myself! you are now part of the sunday morning routine around here, and i’m glad of the find and addition to my podcast library. i’m rather picky about what i actually listen to more than once. . . . 😉

  2. Tutu Sue says:

    I just kind of started clicking away on your home page, not knowing what I was clicking on. It was a podcast! What a pleasant surprise, Ryan. Because I’d just made the jump from dialup to broadband I actually got to listen to your show. Hot doggies…I am immmmmmpressed…with a capital M. Love listening to Jen. When does Katie start the kid segment, ‘Katie’s Kidz’?! Now all I have to do is figure out how to call in so I can embarrass you…on air! Never mind…I’d just end up embarrassing myself! Jeez…blogs, video blogs, podcasting, web page design, a real job, helping ol’ tutus navigate technology. Do you sleep? You’re the best!

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