The iTunes Effect

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The release of Apple’s iTunes 4.9 has shaken things up in Podcastland. HawaiiUP was fortunate enough to nab a listing in their Podcast Directory. Traffic hit an all-time high for HawaiiUP, and for hundreds of other podcasters.

There are a few things that iTunes does that annoys me, but for a first effort by Apple and as a program for people completely new to podcasting, it isn’t half bad. And suddenly having one’s potential audience grow by several million is amazing. Even if established media and Adam Curry’s network dominate most of the iTunes gateway, a rising tide lifts all boats, as they say.

And while I sincerely doubt this can possibly be true, HawaiiUP has even appeared in iTunes “Top Podcasts” list of the top 100 shows, at #81 as of this post (#65 on July 2). I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

If you haven’t tried iTunes, now’s the perfect time. And if you’ve already got it installed, click here to go straight to the HawaiiUP page, and subscribe today!

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  1. matty says:

    your podcast is cool!

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