HiUP #14 – Peacocks and Blogs

Show number fourteen brings me back with an extra large dose of local news. An incredible singer songwriter is featured this week, the wife checks in with some movie talk, and some local geeks talk blogs.

In this show:

  • 01:00 HawaiiUP Menu
  • 01:35 HawaiiUP Headlines:
    Home Prices, Peter-Boy, Maui Cliff Lawsuit, Peacocks, Mass Transit Stalled, Hoku Awards
  • 17:00 “Not The One” from She by Kika
  • 22:30 The Pith of Pop – The Podcast Edition:
    “Shaun of the Dead,” “Napoleon Dynamite”
  • 29:15 Blogging and Podcasting with the IABC
    Peter Kay, Burt Lum, Roxanne Darling, Videoblog

Special thanks to Akamai Brain Collective for providing our theme song. To download this episode, click the “Pod” icon below to get it via Coral cache, or cut-and-paste the following URL to grab the local file:


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2 Responses to HiUP #14 – Peacocks and Blogs

  1. Kevin says:

    Hello, I found your site after you posted on the Yahoo Podcasters group about microphones & mixers. Enjoyed my first listen to your show. Especially liked your wife talking about her favourite female singers. Great stuff.

    I’d like to download the hawaiiup20050610.mp3 show, but I’m getting an error that seems to mean that the server isn’t there, or the file isn’t on the server

    Is this an intermittent problem?

    ( I can’t go back to “hawaiiup20050610.mp3” via your Wimpy front-end

    “celebrating the uncelebrated”

  2. Ryan says:

    Aloha e Kevin, thanks for your message! I’m glad you enjoyed my show, which generally is more fun to make than to listen to. Sorry about the error. I think the files linked in the feed are intermittently available because of my attempt at using CoralCDN to minimize server load. Fortunately, you should be able to grab the file with the (un-hyperlinked) URL in the podcast post:


    Or even off the Ourmedia server (where I try to back up my shows):


    Mahalo for hunting down back episodes… you’re probably the first to do that! Have a great day, and keep on podcasting!

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