HiUP #13 – From Crosswalks to Highways

Show number thirteen kicks off the long Memorial Day weekend. Featured music includes a Hawaiian band in California, and a local artist who’s returned to the islands. The season finale of ABC’s “Lost” brings us our last “LostCast” for a while, and I have a quick chat with the biggest road geek I know.

In this show:

  • 01:00 HawaiiUP Menu
  • 01:40 HawaiiUP Headlines:
    Pedestrians and Crosswalks, Grafitti on Kauai, Dr. Beach
  • 14:40 “Brand New Day” from The New Voyage by Island Riddim
  • 19:03 The Pith of Pop – The Podcast Edition:
    Season Finale of ABC’s “Lost”
  • 25:36 Oscar Voss of HawaiiHighways.com
  • 33:25 “Palimony” by Stubborn Boogie

Special thanks to Akamai Brain Collective for providing our theme song. To download this episode, click the “Pod” icon below to get it via Coral cache, or cut-and-paste the following URL to grab the local file:


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One Response to HiUP #13 – From Crosswalks to Highways

  1. Andrew says:

    Its raining in Dallas and your talking about the 3 weekend on the beach…You suck!!

    Another Great Snap Shot of Ohana! Keep up the good work for us poor basterds in the mainland.


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