HiUP #05 – Family Fun

Show number five, in which we hear from two beautiful ladies (as they talk about kids TV and a new kids movie), and hear two great songs (one a sweet and lilting Hawaiian tune, the other not). We take a stroll through a store you’ll only find in Hawaii (or, maybe, Tokyo). All this after I rag on a few local politicians for fun, and ramble a bit about my daughter. Interestingly, while I expected this to be a short one, it still filled a full half hour.

In this show:

  • 00:45 HawaiiUP Menu
  • 01:20 HawaiiUP Headlines: Fat Teachers, Gravity
  • 09:40 “Ain’t It The Truth” by The Crud
  • 12:50 Blank Audio Postcard: Ukulele House
  • 15:40 Pith of Pop: Podcast Edition
  • 19:00 Katie on “Robots”
  • 22:20 “Kihoalu Music” by Island Riddim
  • 27:30 Podcasting on HPR’s Town Square
  • 28:35 Thank You!

Here’s the Coral cache link, and here’s the local file.

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