Hunting for Podsafe Hawaii Music

Navigating the world of music licensing is a nightmare. I’ve wanted to feature music by local artists since day one, but as podcasters everywhere know, filing this and signing that with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and assorted other acronyms is both time and cost prohibitive.

Even though I’m just a hobbyist, family-den podcaster, I have to prove it… and I’m not ready to file incorporation papers and seek out 501(c)3 status for this. At least not yet.

Fortunately, like any town, Hawaii is full of independent artists and small, agile “labels” (though “labels” might be an overstatement of their scope), and they just might be as hungry for exposure as I am for great material. So I’m starting to put the word out to try and reach that solo guitarist who strums away at that corner bistro, or that high school band that plays weddings.

I might end up featuring “the next Green Day” from Hawaii instead of “the next Iz,” but I’m open to all flavors of music, and I’m pretty sure my handful of listeners would be too.

If you know anyone with an MP3 just itching to hit the podwaves (or whatever they’re calling it), drop me a line.

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