HiUP #02 – Segmented

Show number two, this one including our first podcast-savvy local musician. More great artists to come, too. This one’s got everything, from music to news, from kids to food, the wife returns with more on movies, and I take you to the beach.

Actually, the wind was pretty bad, so the beach is almost indistinguishable from static, but if you close your eyes and imagine real hard, I’m sure you can still feel the sand at your feet and the seaspray in your hair.

In this show:

  • 00:15 HawaiiUP Aloha
  • 01:25 HawaiiUP Headlines: Around Hawaii, Around The House
  • 07:25 Hawaiian Music and Podcasting
  • 10:00 “Island Days” by Pali from In Harmony
  • 14:12 Dim Sum at Good Luck Chinese Restaurant
  • 20:00 Pith of Pop: Podcast Edition
  • 23:40 Blank Audio Postcard: Magic Island
  • 26:00 Inevitable Podcasting Talk

Here’s the Coral cache link, and here’s the local file.

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6 Responses to HiUP #02 – Segmented

  1. Roxanne says:

    Aloha Ryan,

    Thanks for your podcast, the plug, and the diversity of guests you “cast!” I think you are among the more extroverted geeks I know, but not surprising to learn about “the phone thing.” I think it’s one of the more subtle aspects to the digital divide – those who prefer to communicate via phone or via email. People are definitely developing preferences, though some are also “application specific.” I.e., I think it’s fun talking to a friend on the phone, but really prefer to do business transactions via email. Until that is, there is an issue that can be resolved so much easier and faster and clearer, by a phone call! You captured a lot of that nuance really well.

  2. Lee says:


    Can’t find the podcast of your second show? Where does it reside?

  3. E kala mai, sorry about that, Lee. I linked it in the copy, but didn’t provide the nifty buttons. They’re up now. Thanks for looking… and hopefully for listening!

  4. Lee says:

    Thanks, Ryan. I’m a listener from show one! I’m also a Brudda Iz fan. I’d enjoy hearing more local artists and learning more about what’s happening in Hawaii, a place I truly love.

    Thanks for the links…and for the work you put into the show. It’s great!

  5. Voice Two says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Just wanted to give my thoughts on our recorder. We used to use a Sony mini disc + Sony mic which produced great sounding recordings, but meant that the audio had to be captured again in post-production taking to long. The Olympus DM-10 works very well as it mounts as a volume on the computer and the .wma file can be copied off. On the downside the batteries don’t last very long and when they run below half the recording quality drops.

    Kind Regards

    Voice Two

  6. Hey, thanks for the note! I appreciate especially the warning on the DM-10’s battery quirk. Other than that, though, I’ve liked using it a lot. WMA isn’t a great native format, but iTunes makes short work of ’em anyway. Did yours come with a stereo mic? I noticed you mention using a Sony mic. My DM-10 came with a little ‘T’ stereo mic, which works but sure doesn’t sound as good as your recordings. It’s just hard to carry my studio Sony mic around. Keep up the good work, Voice Two!

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