No show this week, folks. No bad stuff, just taking a break. As I think I’ve mentioned in previous shows, while sometimes it’s fate that has other plans for me, I plan on pausing every fourth week or so just to recharge, and to tinker with other things (like my videoblog). Oh, and yeah, there’s that whole “family” thing, too.

Maybe I’ll work on the all-important “podcast promo” instead, or hunt down a few more local musicians to feature. If you’ve any thoughts on either count, speak up!

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3 Responses to Rest

  1. digital.poi says:

    i listen to your podcast occaisionally (i’m in San Francisco) & I espcially like your commentaries on local news and politics since I no longer live there.
    I have one thing I find myself looking for when i go to itunes to download the podcast, which is the date of the original podcast.
    On iTunes, is there a way to include the date of the podcasts? I see it’s here on your site but it would be helpful to have the date, perhaps in the description/info line?

  2. Jon says:

    Howzit Ryan! I’m a “local” listener transplanted to SoCal from Kailua/Kaneohe. Been listening since the beginning of July, and just wanted to tell you keep up the great work with the show! I love hearing about the news, happenings, and music from Hawaii. It makes me miss home that much more!
    One thing you’ve got to report on is the new Little League World Champions… Hawaii! Those boys did great this series and especially today! What a come back!



  3. Manuel says:

    Gruezi or Aloha

    Thank you for doing such a great job! It’s always great fun to listen to the newest stories from your islands.

    Merci or mahalo


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