No show this week, though I’ve been busy hunting for more great local music to showcase. Watch the music page for updates. It was a short week, anyway, and I think three shows a month — that is, taking a periodic break — feels like a good pace to keep for this podcast. For those who are hungry for any little byte of the islands, be sure to check out my videoblog. Like HawaiiUP, it’s as much personal as it is local, and I’ve enjoyed playing with video when my audio mojo fizzles.

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3 Responses to Break

  1. Keoni says:


    If I may ask, what kind of microphone are you using for your home/studio portion of your podcasts? It sounds like a really high-quality microphone as if you were broadcasting from a radio station studio. There are some podcasts out with not-so-great microphone audio. Kudos to the great work that you do! 😉


  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks for visiting HawaiiUP, and for listening! My microphone is a Sony ECM-MS907. You can find the other details of my setup on the “Credits” page. Can I look forward to hearing another local podcast soon?

  3. Keoni says:

    I hope so. Thanks, bro.

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