HiUP #03 – Breakthrough

Show number three, this one including our first podcast-savvy local musician. More great artists to come, too. This one’s got everything, from music to news, from kids to food, the wife returns with more on movies, and I take you to the beach.

Actually, the wind was pretty bad, so the beach is almost indistinguishable from static, but if you close your eyes and imagine real hard, I’m sure you can still feel the sand at your feet and the seaspray in your hair.

In this show:

  • 00:15 HawaiiUP Aloha
  • 01:25 HawaiiUP Headlines: Around Hawaii, Around The House
  • 07:25 Hawaiian Music and Podcasting
  • 10:00 “Island Days” by Pali from In Harmony
  • 14:12 Dim Sum at Good Luck Chinese Restaurant
  • 20:00 Pith of Pop: Podcast Edition
  • 23:40 Blank Audio Postcard: Magic Island
  • 26:00 Inevitable Podcasting Talk

Here’s the Coral cache link, and here’s the local file.

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3 Responses to HiUP #03 – Breakthrough

  1. Ed Wong says:

    I really enjoy your podcast, especially the restaurant/food review. Keep spreading the local flavor for those of us who aren’t living in Hawaii.

  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks, Ed, for the feedback. Sounds like HawaiiUP will lead to a bit of weight gain for me! There might not be a restaurant visit in every show, but there’ll always be a little piece of Hawaii.

  3. ET says:

    Listening to your show now! Sounding good!! Oh yeah, thanks for the
    link on your site. As soon as i get a little more organized i will link you
    on my site. But until then i will just plug your site in my podcasts.

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