HiUP #45 – Lost ‘Elepani

A very special treat for HawaiiUP listeners today, as I sit down with Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim, stars of ABC’s hit filmed-in-Hawaii series “LOST.” Where does Jorge go for poke? Why does Daniel listen to HPR? How are fans and paparazzi different in the Hawaii? Find out in this early excerpt from a very special interview where we talk about life in the islands.

  • 00:20 Introduction
  • 02:05 HawaiiUP Headlines:
    Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested, Waikiki Beach on Monopoly Board, Honolulu’s Worst Traffic Jam Ever, Hawaii Coffee Harvest, Waikiki Crime Down, Hawaii Life Expectancies Longest in Nation, Hawaii Among America’s Favorite States
  • 18:30 “My Sweet Pikake Lei” from Live from Bob’s Ohana by Uncle Henry Kalana Kamae
  • 22:35 “LOST” Stars on Life in Hawaii
  • 36:00 Wrap-Up

To see if copies of “Live from Bob’s Ohana” are still available, call Uncle Henry or Aunty Liz at 562-423-1325 or 562-841-3664. You can also catch him live almost every Friday at Bob’s Okazuya in Gardena, California. Just call (310) 515-2250 to see if he’s in the house.

Technical Note: With this episode, we’re back at 96kbps encoding for a smaller file. The sound quality is lower and noticable on headphones, but so far the improvement at 128kbps isn’t worth the extra space or longer download times. Let me know if you have further thoughts on this obscure issue!

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10 Responses to HiUP #45 – Lost ‘Elepani

  1. Piko says:

    Aloha braddah!

    As for encoding, I also use 96kbps and for the same reasons. It still sounds good and keeps the show size down. Plus, I still want people to go out and actually purchase a CD themselves rather than rely on what’s on my show. 🙂

    Mahalo for playing Uncle Henry’s music and passing his info on in your show. In addition to performing at Bob’s Okazuya he is also performing with a new band: Hawaii Sons of LA, Wednesday nights in Huntington Beach, CA.

    Here’s the details:

    “Hawaii Sons of LA”
    Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 8:30 pm at
    The “Catalina Fish Kitchen”
    19171 Magnolia St
    (just South of Garfield)
    Huntington Beach, Ca 92646
    (714) 963-9921

    The “Hawaii Sons of L.A.” are a group of been-around-done-that Hawaiian musicians composed of Uncle Henry Kamae and Pat ‘Palika’ Enos on ukulele, Roger Waialae on guitar, Joe Aki on Bass, and Pete Kahele on steel guitar.

    Email Pat Enos for more information: mailto:Palika@socal.rr.com

    No Reservations required and the food is ono and affordable

    Malama pono,

  2. Dorothy says:

    Great interviews with Jorge and Daniel — they already sound like homeboys; they seemed really relax with you Ryan.

  3. Bill in Moorestown says:


    I just got caught up on your last three shows back to back. They were all great as usual. Have a good week!

  4. Stacey says:

    Wow, what a treat for you and Jen! Great interview. Can’t wait to hear all of it.

  5. Kevin says:

    hey Ryan, I wanted to say thanks for turnin’ me on to Amanda Frazier (her music, her musc!) in a previous epoisode of this podcast. Patience pays off, and I finally got her permission to play a track on my podcast.

    I love the way your show gives me an inside view of one of the most diverse and international places in USA. But the Pithe of Pop discussions with your wife are my faves of all.

    cheers for the great show,

  6. Wonderful show as always! Great interviewing, but of course I enjoyed the rest of the episode just as much. Just want you to know that I still don’t have pictures of our Katie in the gift you sent… as she still needs to grow into it a bit more.

    Also… I think you do yourself and Jen (mostly Jen) a disservice by referring to yourselves as dorks. I think you’re more of a geek like moi. So before you go throwing the term around again, you better take this test too be certain.


  7. Dreama says:

    Okay, I’m not even a fan of Lost (oooh, blasphemy!) but this was exciting to listen to just the same. How did you manage to get the hook up with two of the most sought after celebrities in the world? Oh wait. I nearly forgot who I was talking about. You’re the man! (Even Amethyst dug this and she had to ask “Is Lost a TV show?”) Keep rockin’!

  8. ai says:

    I’ve been taking uke classes with Uncle Henry since you introduced him on your show last December. Thank you so much for introducing him. His strumming methods are incredible. I had to put the uke class on hold since school has started again and I miss it so much.

    The Lost interview was spectacular!!! I agree you’re no Baba Wawa and thank goodness. I liked your style and you delved deep into what I, and I’m sure what the “others”, wanted to know. When you posted the photos first on flickr I couldnt wait to hear the interview! I was rolling with laughter when you guys were talking about the Hawaiian word of the day and why anyone would want to know the word for elephant.

    A hui hou!

  9. Steve says:

    Lost episode 7 – Not in Portland
    Brainwashing Scene with Karl strapped to the chair in Room 23.
    Seperated with surround sound and played backwards you can hear a creepy woman saying “Only fools are enslaved by time and space”


  10. Aloha and Howdy from San ANtonio TX . I’m a belated “Lost” fan (appx 7yrs later 🙂 i’m watching the complete series (2 episodes a night) on netflix.com now (currently on Season 3 ep 9-11)

    Since becoming a rabid fan, i started seeking discussion groups to listen to while at work. I searched for podcasts that coincide with episodes i happen to be on (thus how i found yours 😉

    Ironically, I used to live and work in Oahu from 2004 -2006 but at the time was not interested in Lost, alas, 7yrs later just now getting into the series, how bittersweet knowing how close in proximity to me the filmings were!

    Its surreal, because although its no longer on air, the Lost experience is present time for me, and what a treat it was to not only listen to this interview, but to mentally time travel back to this particular day of your podcast you made back in Sept 2006 –

    I was there during that major bridge collapse you mentioned, and in fact was stuck in Nimitz Hwy traffic till 2am!

    I appreciate all your efforts making this not just for the fans that you had previously but for the future fans like me searching for like minded “others” –

    Mahalo ya’ll from San Antonio TX

    Jane Kathleen aka Leydeejay

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